Yummy Fur – Fur’ther

Due to there being a Glaswegian band of the same name existing at almost the same time period its quite hard to find much online about Yummy Fur.

However, if you were going to shows in Perth in the 90’s I probably don’t need to write much about them as they were pretty

much unavoidable during that decade.

Here is their 1993 EP called ”Fur’ther”.


Whilst on a google loop I ran into this project which appears to include one of the previous members Jerome Maz : http://www.thesixtyone.com/sushalini/#/sushalini/

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  1. Hi There. Nice to see someone who remembers us still 😀

    Actually I lost my own copy of further a long time ago so thanks for the ripped copy lol

    Travis Calley
    Keyboards for Yummy Fur

  2. Yummy Fur were awesome… worked briefly with Jerome in the 90,s when he worked for Trax and they shared a shop with us (I was working in a bookshop that shared a shop with Trax)…

    Yummy Fur should have gone a lot further! Great band!

  3. Yummy Fur seemed to have the King Midas touch as far as I was concerned. Everything they did was great and I always wished they could’ve gone on to bigger things. I think I managed to purchase copies of all their recorded output (including the Six Mile High singles) – unfortunately it’s all sitting in America (I lived there for a little while) until I can afford to ship my stuff back to Perth again.

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