I probably don’t need to write anything here other than my copy of Supercharger still has the $15.95 sticker on it from Trax. It’s been to at least 15 countries with me and looks like I spilt a cup of sick on it at some point.

Valvolux – Chopper Squad

Valvolux – Supercharger

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  1. Just to let you know – it appears that Supercharger is missing the third track, “Pounder”…

  2. Have re-ripped Supercharger as 320’s rather than 192kbps mp3’s, it now has Pounder in it.

  3. I gave you chopper squad a few years back. So happy that your site is still up cause i lost my CD and my rip. If your site ever goes down please contact me. I havent even started to download the rest of your library again. Such a legend for keeping records of this stuff!

    • Hi Justin,
      The site is registered and paid up for a good few years so no worries about that. Cheers for stopping in.

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