I hated this band. HATED. I hated people who liked them. Especially those two rather large girls who did the side to side swivel dance to them and Team Jedi.

Now I’m 35 and wear the occasional cardigan on a chilly night I quite enjoy them. The fact it took me 15 years longer to enjoy argyle knitwear than these guys may mean I’ve aged well…..more appropriately perhaps. Whatever. They have a nice amount of videos on their youtube. And a helpful wiki entry. And a myspace and a facebook and a website than links them all together.


Here is the ‘Itcheekneesonchee’ EP from 1997. I need the other stuff too if anyone has it.


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  1. Sadly, this zip file fails to extract.
    Shame, since I only have this on tape, and haven’t got a working tape player.

  2. That’s no good (for me). Have tried on multiple PCs and a Mac with no luck. Oh well, thanks anyway 🙁

    Also Chromium seems to be defeated by your spam protection, get the ‘Slow down cowboy’ message even if I’ve done nothing for minutes.

    Hope you don’t take the whinges the wrong way, am hugely appreciative of all this, many memories coming back.

  3. Fantastic, rar version works a treat.

    So how on earth did you get such good quality from what I thought was only a tape release?

  4. Pretty sure it was a cd too, as I’ve been sent this by 2 people now and the quality was the same.

  5. This is not the original cassette – these are the Geek Party (2000 Compilation) versions. The band has the original on their SoundCloud and are apparently selling some original cassettes at their acoustic show at the Astor Lounge on July 5th. Cheers, JE.

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