Totally amazing thrash band from the late 80s and early 90’s.

The band consisted of Tom Scutt (vocals), Lachlan Gurr (guitar & vocals), Paul Sloan (drums, vocals), Anthony Isaacs (bass).

Almost before my time to be honest. I do remember seeing a hilarious Xmas gig poster titled ‘Turd In My Stocking’ while being dragged to a restaurant in Northbridge by my parents around 1991.

I am aware of 3 recordings. 2 tapes entitled ‘Shopping with Mum’ and another called ‘Blind Spasm’ and a CD EP called ‘Snort’ which was released by Dada Records.

If you go down to Dadas you may find that incredibly they have some of the Snort CD’s left in the basement. The tapes however, I have not been able to find but thanks to a contributor we have digital copies of them.


Here is the ‘Shopping With Mum’ tape from 1989. Click the cover to download.




And here is the ‘Blind Spasm’ tape from 1990. Click the cover to download.




Here we have the Snort EP from 1993. Click the cover to download.



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  1. Great Music….

    Some songs seem to be missing from Blind Spasm and Shopping with Mum?

    If my memory is correct there was also a double 7″ Vinyl release.

    • Amazing time. I was at the Turd in my Stocking gig. Santa came in on a Harley. I’m in Vancouver BC now but every Christmas I think of Thrombus The Best

    • Nunchuckers was the 7″ split. Beserkus Maximus and the Cure cover Primary were on there.

  2. So many memories of Thrombus, crankin’ up the Scabies on my ol’ stereo so the neighbours could hear it…good times, good times. Cheers for the downloads 🙂

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