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Thermos Cardy was a band from Perth, Western Australia, which formed in 1995. The band consisted of Karl Smith(vocals, guitar), Harry Kneen (six-string bass) and Adam Johnson (drums). Their music was regularly played on RTR-FM, and they appeared on RTR’s Live at the Cornflakes. Thermos Cardy made the WA final of the National Campus Band Competition in 1995, and in 1996, they released the EP Come To Where The Flavour Is and the album Kimberley Street Retirement Village. They disbanded in 1996, and Karl Smith went on to form Sodastream.

I remember watching this band reherase in a scout hall in Doubleview shortly after I finished high school in 1993. Karl was a year above me in high school. He studied hard and was a nice guy and went to church.

During the peak of Thermos Cardy I was at the Planet for a WAMI show watching hordes of Pavement tshirt clad indie chicks swooning as Karl entered the building, resplendent in jesus sandals and neutral attire. It may have been a light khaki ensemble. Perhaps even cargo shorts. He may have had flowers in his hair.

Coincidentally the Kimberly Street retirement village that their album is named after is where my great grandmother died, aged 99.

Moving right along this is their EP ‘Come To Where The Flavour Is’.

And here is a vinyl rip of their 1996 LP ‘Kimberly Street Retirement Village’.

backfront pretty! vinyl

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