The Pimps

I must admit that I don’t know a terribly great deal about The Pimps. I shared a stage with them a couple of times but

I wasn’t into the older style punk as much as I was the 90’s stuff so the memory of their years of existence is hazy.

Anyway Sam from the band uploaded a torrent of their material about a year ago. It took me about a year to actually complete the download and rather than rely on

someone seeding it, I’m posting it here.

All material (C) The Pimps, who were:

Mark “Beardo” Colaizzi – Vocals
Sam “Pizza Hendrix” Murray – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Zane Jeffries – Bass
Corky – Drums (A night at the hydie)
Glen Bogan – Drums (Self Titled)
Steve Steamtrain – Drums (Tafe Demo)

This file contains their Self Titled release as well as 2 live recordings, one from the Hydey and one from Tafe.

Someone has also put a chunk of their music on youtube, with some amazing Perth punk photos to go with it.

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