Team Jedi

A mainstay of the Perth indie pop scene through the 90’s and 00’s was Team Jedi.  They released several EP’s and one LP through their 9 year lifespan before calling it quits in 2004,  strangely not long after the release of their debut LP , ‘Good Morning Last Night’.

Whats left of their offical website is here, and a super cute and very 90’s angelfire/geocities fan page is left here.

Here is three of their releases.

Good Morning Last Night ultrakeen

You can hear drummer Kris Dimitrof singing backing vocals on the new Umpire single.  He also fronts the band Russian Winters who have a record due in September 2011.

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  1. Thanks very much. I only have Ultrakeen on cd, great to hear their other stuff.

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