This was actually the first post on Perth Music Blog in about 2007. Storytime are a massive reason why I started this site in the first place. I’ve edited this post many times through the years and the most recent edit is below, from June 2016.

THEY’RE BACK!! New music, remasters of their records, new video, gigs in the diary supporting Shihad!

They have remastered versions of their records on their bandcamp HERE.

Their facebook page is HERE.

Welcome back Storytime.


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  1. Dude, thanks so much for anyone and everyone who had anything to do with getting these albums up on here for download…. Sadly I was way too young to ever have the opportunity to see these guys live. Even today Storytime are above and beyond what is the essence of epic stoner instrumental rock. Such a tight, unique sounding group!! Cheers!!

  2. Man you are a lord, i’ve been looking for this stuff for ages and i’m usually pretty good at picking up OOP stuff but never found any Storytime stuff, thanks very much.

  3. This was a fantastic band, and still great to listen to now. I have all three CD’s and play them regularly. Possibly slightly biased as Ben Frichot is actually my cousin, but even so definitely one of the best bands to have come out of Perth. If you want to fill in the gaps to see how he went from the Storytime sound to Day Of The Dead try and find an album called “Sinnin’ 4 A Livin'” by The Hotrod Sinners. Features Ben on lead guitar with Eddie Fury (Fireballs) on drums/vocals. Released independantly around 1998 or 99.

  4. wow. I orked at Phantom when they put out the “Sonic Adventures…” EP, my copy which I loved is long long long lost. anyone who can put them up as MP3’s?

  5. Mr Sumo was the soundtrack to me and my mate’s 97 summer. Awesome band, awesome album. Still have a copy on CD. This was the best stoner music hands down!

  6. These guys were sensational!
    I remember seeing them open for Faith No More at the Ent Cent in 93. Sadly I was too young to have any decent money to buy the stuff back then.
    Big ups for their stuff!

  7. There’s a rumour that the original Storytime lineup are reforming for a string of reunion shows this June! FAARK YEAH!!!

  8. Yep – 25th June at Rosemount, 26th June at Newport, supporting Shihad. I’d go just for Storytime

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