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Sodastream were an Australian duo consisting of Karl Smith (vocals, guitar) and Pete Cohen (double bass, backing vocals).They have toured widely in Australia, US, Europe and Japanand have had national rotation on Triple J.

The band began in Perth in 1997,recording and releasing their debut EP Enjoy. In 1998 the band relocated to Melbournewhere they recorded and released their second EP Practical Footwear.

In 1999 Sodastream undertook their first tour of Europe including shows in Holland and England. The band then signed with UK label Tugboat Records. Later that year they returned to Europe to play the Crossing Border Festival.

The following year they recorded and released their first album, Looks Like a Russian, toured Europe again and had their first shows in Australia outside Perth and Melbourne.

In 2001 Sodastream recorded and released their follow-up album, The Hill For Company, undertook two national Australian tours and another tour of Europe.

This was then followed by another two tours of Europe in 2002 and 2003 including a live performance on Italian MTV, two national tours of Australia and the band’s first tour of Japan. 2003 also saw the recording and release of the band’s third album A Minor Revival.

In 2004 Sodastream undertook their first tour of the United States,with further tours of Europe and Australia. The following year saw the recording and the release of the EP Take Me With You When You Go and in 2006 the release of the album Reservations. This was followed by an extensive European tour.

The band announced their break-up on 18 February 2007. Their final show was at Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club on 2 March 2007.

Born from the ashes of  Thermos Cardy came Sodastream. A little too lo-fi and jangly for my own personal tastes at the time they achieved quite a lot

of notoriety outside the bleak confines of the Perth scene and attracted small yet passionate audiences  on their frequent international tours.

You can still buy their music in both cd and mp3 (via iTunes) from their official site here. A very in depth discography of their career exists here.

I’ve decided to put up 2 things from them, their first and their last releases. I guess it shows quite clearly their evolution as a group and Karl Smith even demonstrates

a rare exercise in distortion pedal on their 1997 debut ‘Enjoy’.


The EP ‘Practical Footwear’ from 1998 contains some awesome extra content including a video and some photos. These are below.

Sodastream – Neon

Their Youtube channel has some other videos here

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