First post from this band. From their wiki :

Schvendes are a band of brothers and sisters from Perth, Western Australia. They write stories about murder, mayhem, love and loss upon a background of gentle Rhodes piano, pounding drums, screaming guitar, soaring cello and vocals, which have been described as both sweet and terrifying. With an emphasis on lyrics depicting small disasters and celebration of everyday existence, their music is a blend of country, dirty blues and rock.

Members :

  • Rachael Dease – vocals, bass
  • Tristen Parr – cello
  • Matt Maguire – drums
  • Tara John – rhodes piano
  • Ant Gray – guitar

The record I’ve uploaded is their LP ‘Sweet Talk Your Enemies.’ Breaking my own rules somewhat as they are still listed as being active, but this record just nudged 7 years old so I thought it would be nice to share it. There is a fantastic review of it by Dom Allessio here.

Click the cover artwork to download it.




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