Rosemary Beads

Unfortunately the Rosemary Beads (specifically Gretta Little) do not want their music archived here.

It’s taken 10 years of running this site for anyone to take such offence at their art being remembered on this little pocket of the internet. Even though I had removed their music many months ago and replaced it with links to Citadel Records online shop where you could purchase 2 of their EP’s, this was not enough. I received this today from Gretta and have now taken down the flyers, pictures and bio that was on this post originally. The threats at the end really hit a nerve.

At the end of the day however, it is their art and how they choose for it to be consumed is up to them … to a point. If you want music to be ‘yours’ and nobody else’s – don’t release it. And don’t be a dick.







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  1. i wish i got the 3rd ep. i remeber going to buy it and it sold out, then unfortunately the drummer died and that was that 🙁

  2. If it was called something like “I’ll Come When I’m Good And Ready” then I may have it here somewhere, or mp3s at least.

    How did the drummer die?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks so much for putting this music up here. Wonderful stuff!

    I recently started a project to rescue obscure Australian music from obscurity by (among other things) getting as much information as possible into open repositories and encyclopedias, including Wikipedia. Right now I’m trying to find more information about the Rosemary Beads, to support a claim of “notability” on Wikipedia.

    I was wondering if you knew any of the following:

    * The dates of their three EPs and what labels they were on
    * The date of their Triple J interview
    * Which issue of Rolling Stone they were in
    * The dates of their tours and/or performances supporting the artists listed above
    * Which year’s Big Day Out were they in?
    * The year/category of their WAMI awards

    If you have any leads, you can email me at Thanks in advance!

  4. Fur’ther was 1993 on Salmonberry Records the only contact listed is a P.O box in Subiaco. The cat number is SAL 001.
    I don’t have physical copies of the others.

    Thats all I got. You might have more luck over at

  5. I remember seeing them at the ‘Ice Room’ (Grosvenor Hotel) and they always had a dog up on stage with them. I have a physical CD copy of all 3 EPs somewhere

  6. The Rosemary Beads are doing a 20 year reunion gig in Perth, coming soon. You can like their facebook page – Rosemary Beads – for details

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