I was sent this by Dr. AL at Begerk, who I assume recorded this band.

4 songs of instrumental metal from Retaliator. These songs may have been released in 92 or 93 on cassette, I’m not 100% sure. I did see them live a few times and they were awesome muso’s, one of those rare bands that could really pull off intrumentals. Again, the studio notes are lost so I can’t remember their names but these songs were recorded by me at SAE in 92. I’ve given the songs some re-mastering and they scrub up alright.

Retaliator December 1992

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  1. Fucking awesome remix! Thanks for putting this online. I’d lost this recording somehow. Awesome engineering! Im in a new band now, called Inside Neon….in Japan. Feel free to check us out. Again, LOVE the remix, its boss!

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