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Laura Glitsos formed Purrvert with drummer Nicholas Jonsson (End of Fashion, The Panda Band, Eskimo Joe), Roderick Tompkins (The Deaf Jefferies), and Troy “Spud” Anthony, in late 1999.

Purrvert gigged the Perth local circuit from 2000 to 2004, until Glitsos moved to Paris to work on the first English speaking radio station in the city, Paris Live Radio. Purrvert released two EPs entitled Tale Spinners  and Weapons of Mass ProductionPurrvert toured regionally, in Bunbury and Margaret River, and nationally, playing at St. Kilda’s Espy Hotel with Dylan Lewis’ alternative funk band Brown Hornet. Purrvert is remembered for playing in Perth with a diverse range of bands, such as The Panda BandRollerskates, Karnivool, and Spiderbait. In a 2002 Xpress Magazine review article, Brett Ladhams wrote,

The stunning Laura G anchors Purrvert to the hearts of men and the minds of girls with her strong, confident stage presence and inimitable hip hop style. While the band may be sick of hearing it, Purrvert sound unmistakably like the late, great Rage Against The Machine, which is a good thing. A little overbearing at time, Laura’s vocals combine with the often-brilliant Purrvert band to create a stage show all its own in Perth.
This is their 2005 release ‘Take Spinners’. Click the artwork to download it.
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