Plutonic Girl

If I remember rightly this was what happened  after Apartment 25/99. Simone Hageman and Lily Sumich featured in both bands.


This is the 1998 release ‘Use Your X-Ray Vision’. I loved Simone Hageman from afar as a teenager. Where is she now?

Lily Sumich is now in Benedict Moleta and was also in The Spinsters.

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  1. Apartment 99 was Simone, Lily, and Todd.
    Todd left and joined Turnstyle, leaving them with Apartment 25.
    Carla joined and became Plutonic Girl.
    Paul from Red Jezebel joined then left to go on tour with Jebediah instead.

    I do have Apartment 99/25 stuff, but sadly on tape with no current way to digitise.

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