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Members: Luke Marinavich – Vocals and Guitar, Jamie Hamilton – Drums, and Conor Cairns – Bass.

This is 8 songs recorded in 1998 at Dream Rehearsal Rooms by me when Bergerk! was a mobile studio. These guys played dirty distorted rock and I’m pretty sure these songs were never released. Connor left the band pretty soon after this recording and I’m not sure if they found another bass player or not. Luke went on to form Jed Whitey and Jamie went on to drum with Outstation, two amazing rock bands.

I’ve given these songs a good re-mastering so check them out.


Get it here.

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  1. you don’t have that Outstation album by any chance? thanks for the Panelbeater stuff as well, these tunes are all sorts of awesome!

  2. thanks for these tracks, awesome! you don’t have that Outstation cd floating around by chance do you?

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