Their wikipedia entry is here.

Current members:

  • Matt Franklin — drums (2000 to )
  • Travis Franklin — bass (2000 to )
  • Joe Sivak — guitar (2002 to )
  • Russell Smith — guitars, vocals (1997 to )

Former members:

  • Chris Webber — drums (1997 to 2000)
  • Daniel Bowles — bass, keys, guitar, vocals (1997 to 2000)

This is their 1999 LP ‘Motion’. Click the cover to get it.


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The Hedonists

Thanks to Falcon Randwick we have a LP from the Hedonists to share.

A truly great, though criminally overlooked, band from Perth, Western Australia. The tracks here are from their album “40 Erotic Watercolors” which was released in 1998. the band also released an EP called “Gyroscopic”.

The band featured Steve Collett on guitar and vocals, Linden Sentance on drums, and Ben, who played bass on the album but was replaced by Janine Wells before the album was released.

Click HERE to get it.

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Eat More Perth Homegrown

Was given this by the mighty Righteous at Dadas Records a while ago. It’s a compilation put out in 1999 by Gavin Tempany, sound engineer extraordinare!

Featuring tracks from some of the best bands on the Perth circuit in ’99, this is a pretty nice collection of music containing numbers from Eskimo Joe, Anodyne 500, Team Jedi, Penelope, Turnstyle, Beaverloop, Adam Said Galore, Red Jezebel, Jebediah, Avid Grey, Flanders and The Tigers. Click the cover to get down’.

scan0082 scan0083


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Header formed out of the remnants of The Rainyard and The Mars Bastards
in November ’93 and signed a recording contract with a Mushroom Records
label, Bark, in November ’94, on the strength of their self-titled debut
ep.  The band moved to Melbourne in early 1995 and over the following 18
months recorded an album (On High Street), three singles and two eps, and
did five Australian tours.  At the conclusion of the original contract in
July ’97, the band’s management made the decision to call Mushroom’s bluff
over what it considered to be a less-than-generous three album contract,
and asked for more money. Mushroom responded by giving the contract to
someone else.
Personnel: Brad Bolton – guitars; Dave Chadwick – guitars; Liam Coffey –
bass, vocals; Ian Freeman – vocals; Dean Willoughby – drums.

Here is their 1996 EP ‘Sugafix‘.


This is their 1996 single ‘Restoration‘.


Here is their 1996 LP ‘On High St’.


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I stole this whole bio. It’s spot on though.

Rock band The Externals were formed in the Perth suburb of Swanbourne in 1991 by vocalist/ guitarist Anthony Moffitt, Bass player Matt Stevens and Drummer Shane Toppin, all soldiers in the Australian Regular Army.

The band played a raw guitar driven rock’n’roll style heavily influenced by other Australian rock acts, in particular The Celibate Rifles and Midnight Oil. The Externals had an affinity with surfing and the Australian beach culture, this being evident in the raw guitar melody and surfing themes of their music. The Externals also found inspiration in the ‘Seattle’ sound in their formative years, influenced by bands such as Mudhoney, Pearl Jam and Greenriver. The band’s later material did include more political themes and influences.
The core members of The Externals, being Anthony Moffitt and Matt Stevens remained throughout the bands tenure. Shane Toppin departed in 1992 after moving to Melbourne. Adam Hodges played drums in the period 1992-1994. It was in 1995 that the band evolved into its current five piece format (like that of its inspirational Australian counterparts) with Andy Leopardi on rhythm guitar, Tony King on Lead Guitar and Kev the Head on Drums. It was at this time that The Externals signed with Sydney Independent record label “Phantom Records”, distributed through Mushroom Records.
The Externals home venue was the now demolished Swanbourne Hotel. The band played regularly at the Hotel with many sold out performances to manic crowds of beer and sweat drenched surfers and soldiers in search of the ‘four on the floor’ style guitar charged rock music the band passionately played. The Externals still hold the record attendance numbers for a local Perth Band record release to this date (release of CD Anastasia’s Hand in 1994). The band toured the East Coast with this line up in 1996 playing at ‘Homebake’ and supporting other bands such as The Cosmic Psychos, The Celibate Rifles, Hellmenn and Front End Loader from Brisbane through to Melbourne. 1997 saw another line up change with Tony King departing and Killian Albrecht, a WA conservatorium trained musician, joining the band on lead guitar. Kev the Head also departed with another Perth conservatorium trained musician Shane Bolton joining on drums. The Externals toured extensively that year both on the East and West Coast’s of Australia, culminating in playing at the ‘Big Day Out’ in 1997. Andy Leopardi, Killian Albrecht and Shane Bolton would later leave the band and Nic Frichot (rhythm guitar), Damien Jimbazi (lead guitar) and Dave Leach would later join to continue the band’s line up until 2000. Damien and Dave both from Perth rock band “Dystonia’.
The Externals have four releases all soon to be available online via the website. (note – no longer exists)
• Dog Beach — 1993 (4 track EP)
• Anastasia’s Hand — 1994 (4 track EP)
• Toolshed — 1996 (album produced by The Celibate Rifles’ Kent Steedman)
• Sale — 1999 (album)
The Externals stopped playing regularly in 2000 due to conflicting work schedules and the overseas relocation of some band members. Most recently, The Externals played a show on Australia Day 2009 in Swanbourne, Western Australia to a large packed crowd of loyal surf loving and beer guzzling followers on the beach at Sunset. It is highly likely that the band will play further shows in Perth during 2010 and 2011.

So there you have it. I really don’t need to say much more other than I loved watching these guys down at the Lookout or Swanbourne Hotel back in the day. Those classic lineups of Storytime, Mutt, Botticellis Angels, Externals etc. It was a great time of my life as a Scarborough surf grom and I am sure glad I had a panel van to sleep in.

Heres their record ‘Sale’ and the EP ‘Anastasias Hand’. Click either cover to download.




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Three Second Memory – Datura

Recorded in 1999 at ‘The Upper Room’ in Vic Park , this is a 5 track EP kind of in the 90s STP/Tool vein.

I don’t know a thing about this band. It’s quite a good record though.

Personnel for the recording :

Darren Brandli : Bass

Colby Leaman : Guitar

Kane Sarich : Vocals

Matt Yovich : Drums

Click the cover to get downloadin’.


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Live At Mojos

This is a compilation released by Mojos Bar in conjunction with the Artists For Old Growth Forest.

Recorded in the year 2000, it features live recordings from a wide range of artists including Prawns With Horns, Spank, Delicatessen, John Butler, The Automasters, Proton and Rhibosome. Apparently its quite hard to find this particular John Butler song anywhere.

All proceeds for this CD were donated to those waging the war against the felling of old grown forest in the South West.

Click the cover to download.





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Spin Compilation

This is a 2001 Music WA compilation called ‘Spin’.

Featuring music from Jebediah / Downsyde / Karnivool / John Butler Trio / The Automasters / Alice Haines / Stephen Pilgram / The Waifs / Ziggy Bey Jan Group / Butch Manning / Jodie Ties / Sleepy Jackson.

A small insight into what was going on in some of Perths scenes in 2001.

Click the cover to download.

scan0078 (2)

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Live at the Cornflakes

This is a 1997 compilation released by RTRFM featuring recordings from the Live At The Cornflakes breakfast show.

Click the cover to get downloadin’.


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Fluid Time Carnival

Fluid Time Carnival were a funk-rock band formed in 1998 in Perth Western Australia. Members of the band were Scott Archibald, vocals, Adrian Zorzi on drums, Nick Roberts on Bass, backup vocals and decks and Chris Archibald, guitars and vocals. After releasing the Billy Was My Idol E.P. and their self titled début through Hit ‘n’ Run Records they disbanded on September 10, 2001.

This features some of my least favourite things on earth such as endless funk chops and bass slaps, vocals such as ‘funk it up’ and a whole track devoted to a ‘funk jam’.

That said they were quite competent musicans and my least favourite things may be your absolute favourites. I don’t recall seeing them play live.

Click the cover for the download.


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No information on this other than the cover, which has pretty much no information on it!

Recorded in 1994 at Pet Rock. Band members name are all ‘wacky’ aliases so no idea if any of them played with anyone else.

Someone else might know more?

Click the cover for the download.


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Waste Of Space

Debut release from ska/punk band Waste of Space. Recorded in 2001, this recording is pretty much indicative of their live shows. Just tighter! They played around the Perth punkrock scene for a good long time and had a great crew of friends who seemed to accompany them to most of their shows.

Band : JJ, Spencer, Rhys, Paul, TA, Claire and Yancey.

Grab it here.



And thanks to Benny Mayhem here is 4 tracks from their ‘Place Your Bets‘ demo.

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Anodyne 500

Stole this from :

Anodyne 500 were a guitar rock pop band that sounded a little like The Posies and The Pixies. Formed in Perth in the mid-’90s by former Rosemary Beads singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Fuller, the lineup included Gary Matthews (Drums), Darren Maloney (Bass) and (much later) ex-Wooden Fische guitarist Chris Hann.

Releasing two EPs, “Treasureway” and “Built for Speed, Not Comfort”, Anodyne gigged regularly for about five years from 1995 to 2000, touring Australia once in 1999.

This band was great! ‘TourDe Couch’ is one of my favourite songs of all time. Try finding anything about them online, its as if it never happened. The Perth Syndrome as I call it. Chris Fuller went on to form Ikey Mo who are/were equally as awesome. This was recorded at Jewel Studio by Tim Jewel who was in my year at school. Can anyone remember the name of the band he was in because I have been trying to for ages and can’t.


Anodyne 500 – Treasureway (1998)

And here is their 1999 EP ‘Built For Speed, Not Comfort’. Thanks to Dave Fallon and Mark Stewart for this.

scan0055 scan0054


Anodyne 500 – Built For Speed, Not Comfort.

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They have a myspace and I’m stealing the bio from there as they’ve not logged in for 3 years.

Rothgar was formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1988 when the founding members Andrew Day, Michael Berry-Porter and Hywel Stoakes (all only 13 years old at the time) met each other in in their first year of high school and bonded over their common interest in metal. After a few drummer changes early in the year of 1988 they settled on Lawrence Stock. Michael recorded and produced their first album length cassette at the beginning of 1989 under the name Dark Skies. It featured songs such as ‘On the Run’ and ‘Midnight Exodus’. A second session that year was unfortunately unfinished due to analogue tape problems. A name change followed again and their second (this time a concept) album length tape emerged under the band name Insania in 1989. After this they finally settled on the name Rothgar and in 1990 finished “Where Chaos Reigns” with new drummer Adam ‘Pedro’ Pedretti taking up the drummer role. This cassettte showed a marked improvement as the songs were getting more mature and complex. It was nominated for a WAMI award and the band, still in their mid teens were starting to get attention on local metal shows leading to their first gig. They soon became regulars on the Perth scene, playing with bands such as Allegiance, Infected, Downer, SFD, Fury. In 1991 another cassette “Sea of Fire” was released to the public. 1992 saw the release of “Inside the Glass Confines” the band’s last completed recording. They continued to gig and write new material into 1993 but unfortunately the new songs were lost in history after a studio session was stolen and the band broke up shortly afterwards. ..

All these recordings have been ripped from 20 year old cassette tapes, so as you can imagine the quality is not outstanding. The music however is remarkable and shows the skill of these musicians who were all very young at the time.

Here is the tape ‘Where Chaos Reigns’, recorded April 1991. (Click cover to download).


And here is ‘Inside The Glass Confines’ and the ‘Sea Of Fire’ demo tape.

Also HERE is an unreleased Rothgar track called ‘Unsaid’ that was recorded in 1994 and did not surface until 2013.


And HERE is a great review of one of these tapes on the Perth Metal blog. Truly great.


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Perth Mix Tapes

This post goes out to those of you who enjoy the more electronic sounds the fine city of Perth has had to offer throughout the years.

An incredible archival blog has appeared on tumblr. I believe DJ Rousa is behind this one. Featuring a selection of recordings from a variety of sources including some classic RTRFM sets by the likes  of Ben Stinga , Kev and Hutcho to studio mixes by legends such as Greg Packer. There is also some live recordings from raves such as Twisted, Blackout, clubs such as Gravity and and some very rare audio from the Monday Madness parties way back when at the Infirmary.

Check the mixes here.

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Intricut – Not Over On Amber

I picked this up at Dadas earlier this year. Price sticker says November 2005.

Not much info to be found online at all. It’s a fairly decent EP best described as rock/metal/funk fusion. I quite like it! I know nothing about the band themselves. Perhaps someone can shed some light.

Click the cover to download.


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I should have their record ‘Time Bomb’ at some point in January.

For now, someone has uploaded a lovely home made clip to youtube, set to their track ‘DADF#AD’.


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Times Up – Last To Nowhere

Times Up were a pop/emo/rock band who played in the Perth scene in the early 2000’s.

I do not recall the details of their demise but they released this 6 track EP on Roundhouse Records. Get it!

timesup3 timesup4 timesup1 timesup2


A fairly long interview still exists on the Auspunk page from 15 years ago. I’m stealing it before it disappears.

This interview was conducted with Tim and Sean (Homesy), the two guitarists from Perth emo/pop punkers TIMES UP. This is how it went down…

Adam – So give the readers a brief history of Times Up?
Tim TU – We are an emo/ pop punk band. Basically we properly started as a 3 piece in October 2000 with Ben vocals/bass, me – guitar and Justin – drums, then we added Sega to bass and Homsey to 2nd guitar in early 2001.
Todd – jerk in background Is it true Homsey whacks off at rehearsals?
Adam laughs
Sean TU – How the fuck does he do that?
Adam – Well he is talking about you isn’t he??
Adam – So what bands are your influences?
Tim TU – Umm New Found Glory, Saves The Day, Fairweather, Boy Sets Fire, AFI and heaps others we like everything.
Adam – Yeah you guys have a bit of a mixture in your tunes, slower stuff, faster tracks, is diversity the key??
Tim TU – Yeah we don’t do it on purpose, it comes out that way, we never try to write a particular type of song just whatever we come up with.
Adam – Well it seems to be working well for you guys, as you have scored some very nice support slots lately, are you happy with what the band has achieved so far?
Tim TU – We are pretty happy with how its been going the supports are awesome, we can’t wait to get our cd out now which should be in a couple of months.

Adam – So you just finished recording for that, how has that been going?

Sean TU – Recording was good, a few late nights but its sounding really good and should be ready in a few months.
Tim TU – We are going to mix it this weekend, so hopefully it will turn out good and people will buy it.
Adam – I’m sure they will as you guys have gained a very loyal and large following pretty damn quick.
Adam – Your live shows are quite entertaining and energetic, do you try to play as much as possible?
Tim TU – Everyone in the scene in Perth is heaps cool, its good going to a show and hanging with people who have the same interests.
Adam – Definitely, that is a good thing about the Perth scene, everyone seems to be mates and it is a pretty close knit scene which seems to be lacking somewhat in other states.
Sean TU – Its awesome to see people coming out to watch us and yeah giving us the support, energetic shows are the best and it’s fun to get into it.
Tim TU – We are trying to play as much as possible at the mo’ so we can try and get our name out there but maybe cut down in awhile before everyone gets sick of us.


Adam – And you have got your own fan club haven’t you Homsey?
Adam – I noticed at the Throwdown licensed show you had a few supporters chanting your name, is it those kicks and jumps you do?
Sean TU – laughs I dunno where those guys came from but it was cool to see em getting into it and having a good time
Adam laughs
Adam – exactly right
Sean TU – laughs I’m not sure but he seems to enjoy the kicks!!
Sean TU – I hope its nothing personal.
Adam – So getting back to the recording, how many tracks on the ep?
Tim TU – 6 tracks
Adam – When exactly should it be in the shops by?
Tim TU – Hopefully in a couple of months, we are getting everything together now like artwork and stuff.
Adam – Cool, who is it gonna be released by and is their distro on the East Coast??
Tim TU – Umm it’s on Roudhouse records run by Dion from Boredumb and I’m pretty sure you will be able to get it on the East Coast.
Adam – Well if they can’t who is best to contact to grab a copy?
Tim TU – Go to our website and order one, but we will make sure we get some copies over to the East Coast.
Adam – Yeah good idea
Sean TU – Yeah it’d also be cool to tour over there later in the year or something.
Adam – Speaking of touring you guys are on the Kittysmack roster? How did that come about?
Tim TU – We sent our demo over to him (Nathan) just by chance and he asked us to join which was cool, we wanted to go to Sydney this winter but we had no money, but hopefully we will do an East Coast tour at the end of this year or early next year, Homsey tell your Mum to expect company!!
Adam laughs
Adam – She will be thrilled no doubt, especially with Sega.
Sean TU – laughs She wont be there anymore
Sean TU laughs
Adam – Oh no action for Sega then
Sean TU – Nah Sega will miss out!!
Tim TU – Dammit
Adam laughs
Adam – Were you looking for some action aswell Tim?
Tim TU laughs

Adam – So with the East Coast tour where would you be taking in? Or where would you like to play?
Tim TU – We will see how it goes, definately Melbourne and probably Sydney as well just whoever wants to give us a show.
Adam – Yeah well I’m sure you guys will do Sydney as Secondbest would be keen for shows no doubt and Crank for that matter!!
Tim TU – Yeah Crank are the best bunch of guys and I’m sure Secondbest are also so it will be cool to do some shows over there.
Sean TU – Yeah it’d be awesome to go over and play with Crank they are great dudes and are a really good band.
Adam – Too true, it will be good to have them back in Perth soon.
Adam – So what is in the pipeline for you guys over next few months?
Tim TU – Just to get our cd out and do more shows, we’ve got good shows coming up, and them save up to tour.
Adam – What shows have you got coming up?
Tim TU – We are playing with Mindsnare next week, that band is awesome even though they are a different style to us I can’t wait to play with them and then Sommerset are coming here in August and we will be doing a show with them.
Adam – You sure will be, the next month or so should be a great time for the people of Perth.
Tim TU – Yeah all thanks to Eightysix music run by Dion, Adam and Toddy in Perth any bands thinking of touring to Perth should get in touch with these guys, Eightysix is rad!!
Adam laughs
Adam – Nice shoutout there, cheers!!
Tim TU – No worries

Adam – So what bands in Perth do you think East Coast people should check out?

Sean TU – Definately Boredumb who are touring soon, PC Thug and also The Critics they are all really good bands, definately worth checking out.
Adam – Definitely, any others Tim?
Tim TU – Yeah there are heaps of bands definately Boredumb, PC, the Critics, Waste of Space and so many more I think we have pretty good scene in Perth and its getting better.
Adam – Yeah well it is heaps better than say a few years ago, some people like Dion, Todd (to name a couple) have done very good things for the Perth scene.
Tim TU – And don’t leave out yourself there mate!!
Adam laughs
Adam – Yeah I guess I have done a little bit aswell, cheers!!
Sean TU – Yeah as long as people keep supporting the shows we will hopefully have more and more good bands coming through over here.
Tim TU – It’s awesome to see everyone getting involved cause I think that’s the way it should be.
Adam – So what should the East Coast people expect when you tour?
Tim TU – Just fun, hopefully they will like what we do, we will jump around a lot anyway, and Homsey will release a few kicks.
Adam laughs
Adam – Well I am sure the East Coast people will enjoy what they see.
Tim TU – Thanks
Sean TU – An energetic show is always good to get people into it and a few drinks is also good aswell.
Adam – Can’t go wrong with a few drinks and a good band like yourselves.
Adam – I reckon you guys could get old grannies off their seats… or at least for them to get a better look at Sega!!
Sean TU laughs yeah all those grannies should rock out more often.
Adam – You guys got any shoutouts before we finish up?
Tim TU – All right thanks heaps for the interview Adam.
Sean TU – Thanks Adam for the interview and Kat for organising a lot of stuff for us and also Dion and Todd for helping us out as well!!
Tim TU – Yeah definately a shoutout to Eightysix music who are doing heaps in Perth at the moment, yeah our manager Kat you does heaps for us and everyone that comes to the shows.
Adam – Well good luck with your upcoming release guys and I will catch up with you soon. Cheers boys.
Tim TU – Thanks later
Sean TU – Thanks mate, later.

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Yuppify or Die compilation

I think I was sent this from the people behind the Dullsville blog.


This is a 2 hour, 60 track cassette tape compilation put out by Stumbles from Rupture in 91. It consists of demo tracks, live recordings and unreleased material from Perth punk and hardcore bands from the early 80s through till 1991. A lot of junk, but there are some real gems in there.

I believe this is also the first recording I have of the band Thou Gideon on this site. Other notable mentions are a live recording of ’21’ and ‘Doctor Who’ by Cinema Prague from 1990 and a whole bunch of other fast/loud/noisy stuff from bands I’ve featured on this site such as Storm Of Perversion, Rupture, Black Sheep, Threshold Of Pain etc.

Get it here.

cover (1)

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44.1 Complilation

This was a collaborative effort between Invurt and Hardline Recordings.

Featuring 13 tracks from Perth electronic music producers it covered styles ranging from Hardcore to Jungle, Gabber, Trance and Drum and Bass.

Producers on the CD were Facter, Animal Intelligence, Radium, Kynac, Hutcho, Karnage (RIP), Spec 700, Static, Violation (Petar Ceklic from Teknoscape), Illicit, Switch, Rhythm and Bard.

From what I can remember, Facter ran a very early web radio station which was known as Invurt. Fairly pioneering stuff for the late 90’s. They occasionally broadcast out of The Windsor Hotel in South Perth. Come to think of it I think I did some shows on it too! There was a CD launch for this album at the long gone nightclub ‘Fire and Ice’ on William Street.

Anyway Invurt still exists, but as a ‘an online webzine focusing on Australasian urban, street, underground, low brow and other new genre challenged contemporary art.’

Here is the compilation.

back cover inside

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