No Flowers, No Wedding Dress

In the early 90s NFNWD struck up a musical partnership inspired by their high school musical heroes.

Deciding there was way too many band names starting with The, for a name they settled upon No Flowers No Wedding Dress. A line from the Bruce Springsteen song The River.

That musical partnership has seen out the 90s, been through some line up changes, spent a month touring Spain, lost the Wedding Dress part of its name, and has seen the band perform countless gigs and build an impressive catalogue of music and achievements.

While never officially splitting up the band has not played a gig since 2001. All members continue to play music in other projects.



Shaun Corlson: Vocal Guitar

Shaun Hoffmann: Drums Vocals

Nigel Parry: Guitar Vocals

Tim Keady: Bass Vocals

Todd Walker: Keyboards

Greg Butcher: Bass Vocals

Derek and Gary: Vibes


1996 EP ‘One Day Closer’. Click the cover to download.



1998 LP ‘Broken Head’. Click the cover to download.




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Beanbag – Cold At Heart

Not much info on this one. A rockin’ 5 track EP from 1996. Cover art scan to come shortly.

Cam Brown – Guitar/Vocals

Danny Ross – Guitar/Vocals

Paul Ellery – Bass

Jarrod Opie – Drums

Recorded at Revolver Studios.

Never saw these guys play, any info would be great.

Download here.

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First post from this band. From their wiki :

Schvendes are a band of brothers and sisters from Perth, Western Australia. They write stories about murder, mayhem, love and loss upon a background of gentle Rhodes piano, pounding drums, screaming guitar, soaring cello and vocals, which have been described as both sweet and terrifying. With an emphasis on lyrics depicting small disasters and celebration of everyday existence, their music is a blend of country, dirty blues and rock.

Members :

  • Rachael Dease – vocals, bass
  • Tristen Parr – cello
  • Matt Maguire – drums
  • Tara John – rhodes piano
  • Ant Gray – guitar

The record I’ve uploaded is their LP ‘Sweet Talk Your Enemies.’ Breaking my own rules somewhat as they are still listed as being active, but this record just nudged 7 years old so I thought it would be nice to share it. There is a fantastic review of it by Dom Allessio here.

Click the cover artwork to download it.




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Mountain Hope

Thanks to Troy for sending in these 2 records.


“Mountain Hope were Perth’s answer to Jane’s Addiction only better.

Mountain Hope:

Ryan Grady – vocals

Troy Reany – bass

Dan Collins – drums

Geoff Sweeting – guitars

Chris Wood – violin/percussion”

Here is a write up by Adam Connors from the West Australian’s ‘Revue’ back in 1995. This talks about their last show.

Mountain Hope; Botticelli’s Angel
November 3, 1995

The ‘Botts’ have long held up Perth’s end of the more energetic live music available, their stand-alone and credible local reference to the funk metal genre has been with us for near on five years now.

It is funny to talk of a band with such longevity in terms of tightness, but on Friday night I finally saw Botticelli’s Angel pull it all together – the creative timing, the sudden pauses within songs, Barry’s ligament damage – into a coherent mosh in extremis.

The Botts motored through a range of largely new, faster songs replete with Brad Gill’s ‘Barry White’ backing vocals and Declan Barry’s maniacal pacing, as usual, stealing the attention. Big bass speakers became the gymnastic floorboards of Barry’s arena, his screaming runs through the crowd threatening to squash any indie kids busting to catch their last glimpse of Mountain Hope.

But the threat to life and limb was worth it, comrades. Mountain Hope put forth one of the best sets I have ever seen from a band in Perth … sorry, a band? A lot of people would agree t’was a religious experience with an undeniable mysticism abounding.

Commencing with Riverside and continuing do delve into their fantistic debut album (from 1993) A Toast to Absent Family, every individual element of Mountain Hope’s last hoorah was both spellbinding and infinitely saddening. Lead vocalist and spunky glove-wearer Ryan Grady’s comments before most songs of “this will be the last time you hear this live” cut home to everyone in the club.

Through stages of disrobing, Grady, forever the frontman, was astounding but never drew attention away from the meticulous, enveloping sound of the rest of the band, though guitarist Geoff Sweeting’s hiding in the shadows was a tad mysterious, maybe a touch sadder because of the occasion.

By the time My Madchen was played, the title track of the “hope to be released” second album, followed by a Misfits cover and finishing with Souls, eyes were wiped while the dancing slowed throughout the crowd.

Mountain Hope are a true loss to music, though this gig cemented their spot in people’s musical minds forever.

Adam Connors

We have their 2 recordings for you to download, together in one zip. Their 1993 LP ‘A Toast To Absent Friends’ and the unreleased ‘My Madchen’. Click HERE for the music. You can also say hi to them on their Facebook page here. 

10368415_10152594287546667_473851300596726450_n 10389009_10153102291136667_7536220937139471831_n 10460318_10152596119836667_5386739267624721683_n 10682174_10152769503326667_5315465129083383839_o 10958334_10153102291141667_3935991235578342136_n 209168_10150210867091667_1131092_o 307621_10150384755046667_702139254_n 524263_10151134238446667_565944160_n 1012986_10153102285391667_173912133960685015_n10500265_10152594288711667_5286553615591038586_n


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dyslexic fish

1997 was a great year, not only did the nuclear holocaust predicted in the Terminator movies not actually happen, but two young boys in year nine got their first taste of sweater-meat after their fledgling band played Louie Louie during their first show at a church piano recital.

And that’s pretty much how Dyslexic Fish was born… Fast forward a few years and it’s late 2005 and one of those same two boys (we’re not naming names) is standing at a urinal next to The Living End’s Chris Cheney in awe and unable to pee.

In between, the band has released an album, received plenty of critical acclaim, been on the radio all over the country, played with a shitload of national and international touring artists, won awards and has even been on TV! 2006 has seen the band take time out to knuckle down and record the follow up to their 2003 album Mission: Inappropriate in their own studio, but as recording winds down the band are getting ready to make an all out assault on the airwaves.

One day (and one day soon) you’ll be standing at a urinal next to one of Dyslexic Fish, only this time, it’ll be you in awe and unable to pee… Notable Achievements 1. Coke Live 05 Unsigned Artist Winners 2. Nova 937 WA Made Artist 3. WAMi Award Winners 4. WAM Song of the Year Finalists (2005) 5.

Here we have their ‘Bad Ass’ EP. Click the cover to download.



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I’ve nicked this bio from Something Old, Something new which has some awesome stuff uploaded and is well worth a look.

Superscope play a great mix of heavy guitar riffs and power-pop. The band formed in Perth in 1994 and despite a brief period playing as Rueben Kinkaide have been consistent performers in the Perth band scene since that time. Superscope have also been dogged by regular line-up changes, their only constant being guitarist, vocalist and lyricist Kevin Borruso.

Kevin originally made his name in the early 1990s as a member of The Stonemasons with Joe Algeri before forming his own band in Superscope.

Here is their 1995 EP ‘Generally Electric’. They put out another EP and an LP but I don’t own them.

Click the cover to download.


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New upload today from a band I know little about.

This is a 1996 EP by the band ‘Scout’ called ‘Honey’. It’s quite a beautiful thing filled with acoustic guitars, haunting female vocals and pianos.

Some information from Gavin Criddle from out Facebook page :

Scout were people from Proof, and they became Subject to Flooding If I’ve got my order right – Kate Andrews also had some solo stuff around. And they finally ended up as Razorlily.

Other links from Proof were the bands Patterns In Glass, Looking For Lester and Life on Mars.

Lineup :

Kate Andrews

Subha Naidu

Gavin Crawcour

Jon Elder

Other musicians : Narelle Jones, Jeff Gray, Julie Williams, David Sandcock and Kathy Porter.

Recorded at Loop Studios.

Click the cover to download.


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Ikey Mo

Bio stolen. What a great band. Released one EP that I have here, but I’m not sure what else they put out.


IKEY MO (pronounced: eye key mo)
: cockney slang for dodgy or mischievous behavior, receiver of stolen goods and excessive gamblers.

Heres how it goes. Ikey Mo started life in June 2000, one stormy night, high above the sleeping city of Perth when a crazed nuclear physicist and his trust assistant Igor channeled the energy of lightening down to their hillside laboratory to create new life. Vocalist / Guitarist / Songwriter Chris Fuller was joined with Glen Young (Guitar/ Vocals) , David Manley (Bass guitar) and Gary Kump (Drums) in what was to become a Frankenstienesque amalgam of members of notable acts Anodyne 500, Burnside, Collide and Vinyl.

Mr Manleys shoes have since been filled by the enigma (and certified monster of rock) known as Adam Safe (ex. Wookstar). Anyone familiar with the Perth music scene over the last few years would know that this was going to be a formidable combination.

The bands debut EP Beginners Guide To Self Defence, recorded at Studio Couch by Sean O Callaghan (Halogen, Eskimo Joe, John Butler Trio) was released in October 2002 and from the early reports the public at large are going to need to defend themselves against its mind-melding charms. From the infuriatingly catchy opener Evil Knievel, to the sonic explosion that is Chemical Girl, through to the moody atmospherics of Know Who You Are, an amazing amount of musical ground is being covered over the five tracks on offer.

A short time after its release Beginners Guide.. had received rave reviews throughout Australia and Evil Knievel found its way to Triple Js hit list. If that were not enough Ikey Mo also in this time took out a swag of awards at the Music Oz Awards in Sydney including the Artists of the Year Award, Festival Publishing Award, APRA Songwriters Award and the overall New Alternative Pop/ Rock category.

2003 ? you ask Ikey Mo plan to deliver what the good rockin doctor orders a tour of the east coast of Australia in April/ May, releasing a new recording and plenty more smoldering live performances.

So there you have it. The Mo have landed. Lock up your daughters, brothers, mothers and any spare cash because no one is safe (except Adam of course), now they are amongst us! The force is strong with these ones Obi wan.

Click the cover below to download the EP.


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Aether 2 Compilation

This is a compilation of Perth electronic musicians released on the label’Kieper Records’.

I can not find any information at all online about this label or compilation! It’s quite good though. Generally it leans towards the more ambient side of electronic music, with a couple more triphop/breaks/electro cuts thrown in too. Most of these artists are new to me and I am impressed with the music generally. Definitely a nice one to grab and have on while you’re at work or whatever!

Artists include Ele-Mental, Fee*Koh, Manual Bonrod, New Sirius Project, Kane, Pablo Dali, Jaek, Heuristic, Anubis Complex, Audio Cephlon and Plastik Scene.

Click to cover for the tunes.


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T Cells

“The exciting live band to come out of Perth have been described as U2 meets Fear Factory. It’s a heavy rock rhythms collision with pop vocal sensibilities.”

Saw these guys a few times at The Lookout on lineups with bands like Mutt, Caddis, Greenroom, FSD etc.

I don’t know a lot about them so here’s the music. This is their full length called ‘Impact’.

Click the cover to download.



And here is a 7 tracker called Cycotoxic.



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‘In Season’ Compilation

Thanks for Dave Fallon for this very obscure compilation.

It was released in 1996 and is comprised of young bands from the Swan View area. Not many of these names are familiar to me and I’d not seen this before. Who remembers any of these guys?

Click the cover to download.


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I Betcha Get Goosebumps

Coming right out of left field with this one.

This appears to be a kids CD, released in 1998. It features 5 super random hiphop/urban tunes and 2 of them have Perth Wildcats superstar RICKY GRACE rapping on them about ghosts and ghouls and shit like that. Why!? I do not know!

REALLY weird stuff. Thank you Cash Converters Mandurah for this, it was absolutely worth $1.

Click the cover to download.


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Fatal Array

Thanks to Scott B for sending this in. I will update the bio shortly.

Here is their 1993 self titled LP. Click the cover to download.



Last line-up

Peter Burke

: Guitar

Wayne Russell

: Bass

Dave Thomas

: Drums

Mark Thomas

: Vocals

Glen Thomson

: Guitar

Past members

Others bands/comments
Glenn Robinson : Vocals
Roger Melville : Guitar
Alan Ch’ng : Guitar Suffrance
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The Western Front compilation

This is a early 90’s compilation put out by Western Front, WAMIA and supported  by the Department For The Arts.

According to a short description I found,

  • This compilation CD is an initiative of W.A.M. – the Western Australian Music Industry Association. The name “Western Front” was quite purposely chosen, with all the war-like images it evokes, to signify the struggle that artists from this side of Australia often face in marketing and distributing their product and furthering their careers.

Artists featured are Allegiance, Storytime, The Mars Bastards, Vivid, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, Hogfodder and Favourite Game. This is the first time some of these bands have featured on the site which is awesome! Thanks to Charley for submitting this CD. I believe there may have been a few of these released over the years?

Click the cover to download it.


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Black Alice

This found its way to my inbox a while ago. I’ve pasted the entire bio as this is a little before my time though. Pretty awesome stuff if like early 80’s rockkkkk!

Black Alice was a Perth heavy metal band from the early 1980s that sounded like Judas Priest.

The album was financed by West Coast Records, Perth, of which was managed by Gary Keady who at the time had an output deal with Powderworks Records in Sydney and Powderworks were an independent distributed by RCA. RCA sponsored their recording session in Singapore and released the album internationally before it was made available in Australia.

Powderworks never released the album, only the single ‘In the Hall of the Ancient Kings’. The album was only ever released in Europe with a deal done by Gary Keady with John Glover of ‘Street Tunes’, who owned the library of Paul Kossoff.

Black Alice were badly done by. The album Endangered Species was excellent and totally original, a little ahead of it’s time for Australia. Even Kerrang voted it in 1984 as one of most original albums to come out of Australia. Like a lot of Australian albums at the time ‘Endangered Species’ got caught up in the independent ‘hassle’. Because the album was made without major record company support and because the band was from Perth, there was little chance of getting a deal direct with a major and thus no hope of gaining promotion to promote the album and the band. It was not a particular success and Black Alice effectively ceased to be shortly afterward.
In 1988 Page and Hartley revived the band with help from Cichon and Johnston from Rose Tattoo to provide the soundtrack for the film Sons of Steel in which Hartley starred.

Page formed Trilogy in 1984 with two former members of Saracen and later did extensive session work including two Angus McDeth albums and in the mid-90s formed a cover band called Black and Blue that evolved into Black Steel.
01. Wings Of Leather, Wings Of Steel
02. Psycho
03. Hell Has No Fury Like Rock ‘N’ Roll
04. Place Of Slaughter
05. In The Hall Of The Ancient Kings
06. Roll The Dice
07. Running Hot, Running Wild
08. Rat Catchers Eyes
09. Power Crazy
10. No Warning

Rob Hartley (vocals)
Jamie Page (guitar)
Vince Linardi (bass)
Joe Demasi (drums)

Click the cover to ROCK!


Endangered Species

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A request for some Bordello came in via our Facebook page earlier this week. I had a look in my collection and found a couple of records.

From the Waterfront Records site : “Bordello formed in W.A. and after achieving everything possible on the local scene, they gravitated to the thriving diversity of Melbourne. Brothers Ben (vocals/ samples) and Josh Johnstone (guitar/ vocals) are the core members of Bordello. Their live performance is energetic to the point of being manic. They write the songs, produce the unique sounds and samples are the creative force behind Bordello.”

This first one appears to be a prize awarded to the band for winning the Soundworks band competition. I vaguely remember this. A recording and CD release, awarded to the winner. The result is a 5 track self titled EP.


The other record I have is a full length LP from 2002 called ’21st Century Funk’.




I’ve packaged them together, so click either cover to download them both.

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The Butterfly CD

This is a live compilation record in December 1994. Recorded on the roof of the fabulous Grovesnor Hotel over a 12 hour period it features some of the greats from that period such as Effigy, Yummy Fur, Lamia, etc.

I had not seen this until now so many thanks to Dave Fallon for sending this in. Click the cover to download.




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I am pilfering this directly from Wikipedia as its a great bio.

The genesis of Rhibosome began in 1998 when two members began playing in a street theatre percussion group called Whak. Later that year they toured to festivals in Canada,SingaporeDarwin and Melbourne.

Dave McKinney reminisces “We had a machine each, like a bike, sorta like a Sulo bin filled with wheelchair batteries and a chassis bolted to the back. It had wheels on the front and back, and you could steer the whole thing with a joystick. It had loads of percussion instruments and foam and stuff.”[1]

Once back from overseas the duo commenced their next project, writing a live electronic soundscape for urban circus company Bizircus. These songs soon morphed into a live set.

The groups’ debut release came via Perth’s Offworld Sounds label, a 12” single titled “Impulse”, which attracted much praise both in Australia and internationally.

They also became one of the stalwarts of the Fremantle scene, regularly performing under their main name, but also as the Big Ear DJs at popular venues in the port city.

Rhibosome also performed at many of the bigger dance festivals, including Vibes on a Summer’s Day, Gatecrasher, Science Fiction,


The Rhibosome collective was made up of:

  • Clayton Chipper
  • Chad Hedley
  • Andrew Selmes
  • Dave McKinney
  • Ryan Grieve
  • George Nikoloudis (live sound engineer)


  • “Impulse” (single) – Offworld Sounds
  • Rhibosome (selftitled LP) – Hydrofunk (2002)
  • “Get Ready” (single) – Hydrofunk Records (2002)

Here is the self titled LP, click the cover to download.


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Here is a couple of releases from the talented funk band Proton. I assume they are no longer playing, their domain has lapsed and honestly, try googling ‘proton’ and finding anything but horrible little cars for sale!

This is their 1999 LP ‘Here Beneath The Big Top’.

The lineup for this record was :

Pete ‘Buzzy’ Miller – Bass/Vocals

Jason McGann – Drums
Paul Malone – Turntables
Tom Shore – Guitars/Vocals
Joe Schultz – Keyboards
Ozzy Rae – Vocals

Click the cover to download.



And here is a cd single of ‘The Wrong Beat’, self released on their own label in 2001.

Click the cover to download.


The lineup for this single was :

Lineup is :

Pete ‘Buzzy’ Miller – Bass/Vocals

Chris Horan – Drums

Toby Gosfield – Keys

Jo 19 – Percussion

Duane Davidson – Sax

Dj KL – Turntables

Tom Shore – Guitars/Vocals


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Totally amazing thrash band from the late 80s and early 90’s.

The band consisted of Tom Scutt (vocals), Lachlan Gurr (guitar & vocals), Paul Sloan (drums, vocals), Anthony Isaacs (bass).

Almost before my time to be honest. I do remember seeing a hilarious Xmas gig poster titled ‘Turd In My Stocking’ while being dragged to a restaurant in Northbridge by my parents around 1991.

I am aware of 3 recordings. 2 tapes entitled ‘Shopping with Mum’ and another called ‘Blind Spasm’ and a CD EP called ‘Snort’ which was released by Dada Records.

If you go down to Dadas you may find that incredibly they have some of the Snort CD’s left in the basement. The tapes however, I have not been able to find but thanks to a contributor we have digital copies of them.


Here is the ‘Shopping With Mum’ tape from 1989. Click the cover to download.




And here is the ‘Blind Spasm’ tape from 1990. Click the cover to download.




Here we have the Snort EP from 1993. Click the cover to download.



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