Not Enough Rope


Their debut EP was I’ll Tell You When I See You in 1996, followed by their debut album Fingerpistol and My Way EP (both in 1998) and Paying Off My Radials album in 2001, which features a cover of The Triffids‘ “Wide Open Road“.


Matt Kealley now plays in acoustic folk rock band, Jigger, Matt Galligan is a professional photographer, Todd Lynch and Mike Lane went on to form King Brown and Shanks Pony, a group Lynch is still actively involved in. Mike now spends most of his time involved in cricket coaching and administration, playing live infrequently, as a guest player for local original artists.

Heres the first EP.

And here is their 1999 LP called Fingerpistol.



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  1. Howdy folks

    Just an update … I can be found playing dobro, mandolin, blues harp and banjo for the likes of Kim McDonald (with Merle of the Whistling Dogs or Davey Johnston) and the Jones County Saviours.

    I’m also attempting to resurrect my on again off again band, The Latelys for gigs late in 2011. Stay tuned on this one …


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