Non Intentional Lifeform was born out of the ashes of Botticellis Angels and Rothgar. They relocated to Melbourne so I guess you could question why they’re in this blog. Whatever. They were a strong act and had a hit with the single ‘Living Or Existing’, from the Uisce LP. From what I gather the entire band left to do other things (personality clash perhaps) and Declan Barry continued on with a whole new lineup.

You can say hi to Declan on myspace here.

Heres their 1997 LP Uisce.

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  1. NIL’s awe-inspiringly brilliant EP, “Air Left Vacant” and above album, “Uisce” are also available through Bandcamp.

  2. I downloaded this & a few others on my phone & I can’t open the file. Or do I need to download it on my laptop?

  3. I have the Air Left Vacant EP and the 2 singles if you wanted copies of those.

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