Left Nut – Pigs Arse

Right. Straight off the bat I am going to say I did not pay money for this. I’m ripping it as its so absolutely fucking bad it needs to be archived as one of those ‘wtf’ moments

of Perth music history. I saw this bands name around all the time in the mid to late 90’s. Almost unavoidable. I couldn’t work out if it was a serious band or not and never saw them live.

This recording sounds like it was performed by a year 9 school band, complete with awesome meandering pointless solos and some amazing 1 finger casio keyboard melodies throughout the songs.

Generally I can’t be arsed to photograph or scan cover art if I can’t find it online but in this case, I have.

Apparently they also won a WAMI because they drove around collection a large amount of copies of X Press and mailed in a stack of nominations, voting for for themselves. Genius.


Download this pile of crap here. It’s absolutely worth the 31 megs.

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  1. HAHAHAHA – sounds about right to me. We were dubbed “perth’s most hated band” at one stage. Far from serious, just a dumb 3 chord punk band. Do yourselves a favour and don’t listen to it.

  2. Another classic review, possible cult status? 😛
    Certainly not the worst. Fair call too, but Delores and Creatures were great fun to play.

  3. I picked this up in a second hand store I think in freo. I got this and VOID (a follow up to SLY, if you haven’t heard of these guys it’s andy fisendens super jazz groups) lets just say very different. I got weirdly interested in your history, do you still play, gig you have any gigs, what bizare music

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