Idle 55

This band has had quite a remarkable history which I had no idea about until I went to rip this CD I recently acquired from Dadas.

I saw them once in 1998 and whilst not my cup of tea, their name stuck with me.  Here is their website. The bio section is a pretty amazing read and gives a great account of their lives

as 20-something musicians travelling through Europe and the UK spreading their music as best they could. Quite admirable in a pre-internet world.

This is their self titled LP from either 98 or 99.


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  1. Hey, I work at dada. There’s a box of old local stuff you can take what you like from. It’s the same sort of stuff that you’ve got here, but now it’s free.

    • Right on! A lady called ‘Roz Davies’ will come and visit you soon as I live abroad. Can you let Chris know too? Muchly appreciated.

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