They had no bass player. It didn’t matter.

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In their bio, up-and-coming Perth band, Fourstroke, describe themselves as being influenced by such bands as Black Sabbath, MC5, Fu-Manchu, Queens of The Stone Age, Kyuss, as well classic Aussie rock bands, such as AC/DC, Radio Birdman and the Celibate Rifles, which, as it turns out, is quite an accurate description of their music. Heavy Metal, the band’s debut release, demonstrates maturity and ability beyond their years. The absence of a bass player doesn’t hinder the band’s sound and instead provides them with the flexibility that many similar bands lack. The lead track, Chicks Dig Cars, is particularly impressive with its heavy fuzz sounds, rocking guitar breaks and intelligent tempo changes. GoAussieGo is another particulaly strong song. The only disappointing track is the pedestrian instrumental, Dec System-10. No doubt Fourstroke have a long and successful future ahead of them if Heavy Metal is any indication of their talent.

This is 1999’s ‘Heavy Metal’. 


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  1. Actually it was Luke Margetic in Fourstroke. Margetic, aka Luke Mk II, joined JW circa 2002, to complement Marinovich.

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