Fluid Time Carnival

Fluid Time Carnival were a funk-rock band formed in 1998 in Perth Western Australia. Members of the band were Scott Archibald, vocals, Adrian Zorzi on drums, Nick Roberts on Bass, backup vocals and decks and Chris Archibald, guitars and vocals. After releasing the Billy Was My Idol E.P. and their self titled début through Hit ‘n’ Run Records they disbanded on September 10, 2001.

This features some of my least favourite things on earth such as endless funk chops and bass slaps, vocals such as ‘funk it up’ and a whole track devoted to a ‘funk jam’.

That said they were quite competent musicans and my least favourite things may be your absolute favourites. I don’t recall seeing them play live.

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  1. Wow, thanks Kel and Wayne for the feedback, and also for the feedback in general, hilarious. Yes, alot of funk on that record but it seems that you haven’t actually bothered to listen to the whole album, which is more rock than funk. Have another listen to “Mystics” “Restraining Order” and “Out of Breath”.
    I am damn proud of this album. Always have been and always will be.
    Also, Funk Jam used to make the crowd go nuts. Bands we supported and supported us at the time were Karnivool, Downsyde, Proton, Cinema Prague and others just to name a few. Also another FYI, our debut album was Dave Parkin’s first full production as producer, and he plays some guitar on “Funk Jam” Of course, as we know his production career has been terrible. All of that being said, funny after all these years to see this here. Get some funk into ya, it will make you happy.

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