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I first remember seeing this band at the campus bands competition, maybe 1997? They were up against Freuds Pillow and other bands I don’t recall. Freuds apparently ‘won’ the round, but pretty much everyone in the crowd thought this was bullshit and went off on the judges demanding FT got a wildcard into the finals. The finals was another eventful night at the Planet which I was also at. I really liked this band and they rocked the shit out of Planet that night. I have no idea who won. Team Jedi maybe?

Anyway, Carl from Flashing Tablet was kind enough to get in touch with us.

My first band was Violet Slide (circa 92/93) which most people have forgotten (I wish I could forget) but we played many gigs supporting The Rainyard.

The other band was Flashing Tablet who garnered a certain degree of notice and notoriety in the mid 90′s to late 90′s.

FT released a CD called ‘Venus Casino’ in 199….7 I think it was….
Here’s some links to FT related stuff that still exists on the web …..to jog the memory…it jogged mine!





Cheers and keep up the fine work

Carl P
Ex Flashing Tablet


Flashing Tablet – Venus Casino

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  1. Flashing Tablet were easily (in my view) THE BEST rock band in Perth at that time. (96,97) A Standout. Great rhythm section also….and PYROTECHNICS!!
    The Venus Casino EP is still a really good listen and has not dated at all, and is still a benchmark recording.I am still listening to it!
    Rob Grant at Poons Head did a great job in recording, mastering and production too.

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