Terrible name aside, I liked this band. Their song ‘Anky Fremp’ is awesome.

It appears lead singer Luke Bostelman is a high school teacher now based on the comments.

Here is 3 of their releases.  ‘Spadework’ from 1995, ‘Small Town Big Chip’ from 1997 and ‘Mud and Five Ways To Serve It’ from 1998. Click any of the covers below to download.

They also released a posthumous compilation entitled ‘Urgency Factor‘ in 2006 on Deep Elm Records. It is essentially all of their 2nd EP and a couple of tracks from their 3rd.


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  1. Yeah, ‘Small Town Big Chip’ was really good but I actually preferred their first EP ‘Spadework’. If you like very good melodic guitar driven pop then Flanders is the band for you!

  2. Both EPs are excellent examples of the kind of quality that Perth bands were capable of in the mid-’90s. Their third EP, “Mud And Five Ways To Serve It” continued the high quality as well (plus it had a fantastic little RTR FM doco hidden at the end of it), however “Spadework” is my personal Flanders favourite, particularly the title track.

  3. Cheers, I have been looking for Spadework on and off for a while. Flanders are an obscure band, at least outside of Perth I guess. I recall they almost released an album on Deep Elm called Urgency Factor back around ’96 (essentially the Small Town and Mud EPs combined) but split up prior to this. Two of the tracks were on the very first Deep Elm sampler which is how I first heard them in the UK! The singer’s name is Luke Bostelman (a correction to the name above) and he still does the odd solo gig around the Perth area.

  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of the Spadework EP? I have Small Town Big Chip and after all these years it is still considered one of my little gems in the collection. Love it. Would also love to hear Mud if anyone can help? Didn’t realise they had recorded these.

  5. ooopsie, just realised the download for Spadework……but would still love to hear Mud..

  6. Luke Bostelman- the lead singer- used (till very recently, before moving on to Hale school i think?) to teach history at St Hildas all girls school 🙂

  7. From the who’s who of Australian Rock Derek and Luke Bosteman were both members

  8. Hi,

    During my last trip in Australia I bought the cd “Small town in big chip”. I live in Flanders – belgium, so why this this name ? Is there a connection with this part of the world ? Where can I foind more info about them ? Are the othe cd’s still available ?
    Thanks for answering.


    • Greets Paul,
      It kinda means ‘small town, big attitude’, but not so much in a good way. I guess the best way to describe ‘big chip’ is “slechte houding”.

      Not an easy band to find a lot of information about now and the CD’s are very hard to find. I would suggest ebay.com.au… But we have the mp3’s here 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure the name Flanders is taken from the Simpsons character Ned Flanders

  9. I had Small town and Mud years ago and thrashed them. Shame for Flanders that they were hardly known outside of Perth. The link for Spadework seems to be dead. Anyone able to download it?

  10. Been searching for a copy of Spadework for ages! Have the other 2 EPs on disc, but lost the Spadework disc years ago….

    Flanders were one of the first live bands I ever saw, I have good memories of a gig they did upstairs at 78 records…they signed my copy of spadework on the day and everything…

    Cheers for putting the mp3s up, been a sweet trip down memory lane!

  11. Flanders has been one of my fave Aussie bands of the last 20 years, such a shame they had a short life. Thanks for the uploads I only have the last 2 ep’s myself, looking forward to listening to Spadework.

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