I stole this whole bio. It’s spot on though.

Rock band The Externals were formed in the Perth suburb of Swanbourne in 1991 by vocalist/ guitarist Anthony Moffitt, Bass player Matt Stevens and Drummer Shane Toppin, all soldiers in the Australian Regular Army.

The band played a raw guitar driven rock’n’roll style heavily influenced by other Australian rock acts, in particular The Celibate Rifles and Midnight Oil. The Externals had an affinity with surfing and the Australian beach culture, this being evident in the raw guitar melody and surfing themes of their music. The Externals also found inspiration in the ‘Seattle’ sound in their formative years, influenced by bands such as Mudhoney, Pearl Jam and Greenriver. The band’s later material did include more political themes and influences.
The core members of The Externals, being Anthony Moffitt and Matt Stevens remained throughout the bands tenure. Shane Toppin departed in 1992 after moving to Melbourne. Adam Hodges played drums in the period 1992-1994. It was in 1995 that the band evolved into its current five piece format (like that of its inspirational Australian counterparts) with Andy Leopardi on rhythm guitar, Tony King on Lead Guitar and Kev the Head on Drums. It was at this time that The Externals signed with Sydney Independent record label “Phantom Records”, distributed through Mushroom Records.
The Externals home venue was the now demolished Swanbourne Hotel. The band played regularly at the Hotel with many sold out performances to manic crowds of beer and sweat drenched surfers and soldiers in search of the ‘four on the floor’ style guitar charged rock music the band passionately played. The Externals still hold the record attendance numbers for a local Perth Band record release to this date (release of CD Anastasia’s Hand in 1994). The band toured the East Coast with this line up in 1996 playing at ‘Homebake’ and supporting other bands such as The Cosmic Psychos, The Celibate Rifles, Hellmenn and Front End Loader from Brisbane through to Melbourne. 1997 saw another line up change with Tony King departing and Killian Albrecht, a WA conservatorium trained musician, joining the band on lead guitar. Kev the Head also departed with another Perth conservatorium trained musician Shane Bolton joining on drums. The Externals toured extensively that year both on the East and West Coast’s of Australia, culminating in playing at the ‘Big Day Out’ in 1997. Andy Leopardi, Killian Albrecht and Shane Bolton would later leave the band and Nic Frichot (rhythm guitar), Damien Jimbazi (lead guitar) and Dave Leach would later join to continue the band’s line up until 2000. Damien and Dave both from Perth rock band “Dystonia’.
The Externals have four releases all soon to be available online via the www.theexternals.com.au website. (note – no longer exists)
• Dog Beach — 1993 (4 track EP)
• Anastasia’s Hand — 1994 (4 track EP)
• Toolshed — 1996 (album produced by The Celibate Rifles’ Kent Steedman)
• Sale — 1999 (album)
The Externals stopped playing regularly in 2000 due to conflicting work schedules and the overseas relocation of some band members. Most recently, The Externals played a show on Australia Day 2009 in Swanbourne, Western Australia to a large packed crowd of loyal surf loving and beer guzzling followers on the beach at Sunset. It is highly likely that the band will play further shows in Perth during 2010 and 2011.

So there you have it. I really don’t need to say much more other than I loved watching these guys down at the Lookout or Swanbourne Hotel back in the day. Those classic lineups of Storytime, Mutt, Botticellis Angels, Externals etc. It was a great time of my life as a Scarborough surf grom and I am sure glad I had a panel van to sleep in.

Heres their record ‘Sale’ and the EP ‘Anastasias Hand’. Click either cover to download.




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