dyslexic fish

1997 was a great year, not only did the nuclear holocaust predicted in the Terminator movies not actually happen, but two young boys in year nine got their first taste of sweater-meat after their fledgling band played Louie Louie during their first show at a church piano recital.

And that’s pretty much how Dyslexic Fish was born… Fast forward a few years and it’s late 2005 and one of those same two boys (we’re not naming names) is standing at a urinal next to The Living End’s Chris Cheney in awe and unable to pee.

In between, the band has released an album, received plenty of critical acclaim, been on the radio all over the country, played with a shitload of national and international touring artists, won awards and has even been on TV! 2006 has seen the band take time out to knuckle down and record the follow up to their 2003 album Mission: Inappropriate in their own studio, but as recording winds down the band are getting ready to make an all out assault on the airwaves.

One day (and one day soon) you’ll be standing at a urinal next to one of Dyslexic Fish, only this time, it’ll be you in awe and unable to pee… Notable Achievements 1. Coke Live 05 Unsigned Artist Winners 2. Nova 937 WA Made Artist 3. WAMi Award Winners 4. WAM Song of the Year Finalists (2005) 5.

Here we have their ‘Bad Ass’ EP. Click the cover to download.



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