Finally I have the Downer tape ‘Swell’ to add to the site. I’ve had their album ‘Greater Scrape’ since it came out but never had the tape. Thanks to Senton from forums for the tape, he said he was given a cd copy from Joey K (The Devil Rides Out, iNFeCTeD). Great effort.

Stolen from Perth Metal  : Once upon a time in Perth lived a band called Dumptruck. In this time Death Metal was gaining some serious momentum in Perth, Nebula, Grimoire, Suffrence and FOD were just a few of the bands of this genre in 94, but Downer would have been the biggest. After some years of local attention they became noticed by a US band of the same name and after threats of litigation were pretty much forced to change their name. Thus Downer was born.

So heres two Downer releases in one package.


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