I don’t know anything about this band. Feel free to send me something to put here if you do.

Here is a 5 track self titled EP. Dirtbag – Dirtbag.

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  1. just stumbled on this site looking for some Thermos Cardy lyrics.

    Anyway I liked Dirtbag. The two Heng brothers studied hard and have smart jobs somewhere or other. I have an album somewhere if you are interested – pretty sure it’s in my itunes somewhere. “In the belly of a pelican, there’s a man with a shotgun” is a lyric comes to mind, and a song “Silly people in my silly brain.” Hollywood SHS product… weren’t they all?

  2. Hey there. Woke up this morning with some of their songs in my head. I only had the EP on cassette tape, if anyone still has a cd copy or digital cope I’d love to get my hands on it. Cheers

  3. Started around 1990-91 by school mates from Hollywood High + 1 older brother Will. Charles and Will were brothers(orig from Sydney), plus the Heng twins(orig from Singapore) and Josh Paparo on guitar(deep South Bunno import). Gigged at the Shents, Orient, Beaconsfield and played the ’96 Big Day Out. Live soundtrack to many Freo houseparties. (Rod Aravena 19th a stand out) Associated acts: Beaverloop, Spank, Freud’s Pillow and Prawns with Horns (managed by Marty Prawn for a while). Elvin Heng drew the cover art for the self titled CD. 2 sets of brothers made for familiarty and knowing eachother well, but also occasional contempt. Split up after some members headed to Melbs, Sydney or UK. (Influences: Soundgarden, AIC, Regurgitator, Allegiance, Sepultura, Hole, Primus, GnR)

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