A list of the compilation albums featured on this site. There is quite a few more I have in my collection and will be adding them periodically.

44.1 – Showcasing Perth Electronic music producers such as Switch vs Rhythm, Animal Intelligence, Facter, Radium, Hutcho, Kynac, Bard. Released in 1999 by Invurt.

Aether 2.  This is a compilation of Perth electronic musicians released on the label’Kieper Records’. Artists include Ele-Mental, Fee*Koh, Manual Bonrod, New Sirius Project, Kane, Pablo Dali, Jaek, Heuristic, Anubis Complex, Audio Cephlon and Plastik Scene.

Bedtime Beats You Brainless. 1993 compilation on Idaho Music, complied by Bob Gordon. Calhoons, Ammonia,  Jigsaw etc.

Breakfast Beats Your Bongo. 1994 follow up to ‘Bedtime’. Features Verona, Lamia, Circus Murders, Header etc.

Eat More Perth Homegrown.  Features tracks from some of the best bands on the Perth circuit in ’99, this is a pretty nice collection of music containing numbers from Eskimo Joe, Anodyne 500, Team Jedi, Penelope, Turnstyle, Beaverloop, Adam Said Galore, Red Jezebel, Jebediah, Avid Grey, Flander and The Tigers.

In Season – released in 1996 this is a compilation featuring bands from the Swan View area. Includes acts such as Cordite, Sportzgirl, Oedipus, Crimson Joy, Minor Detail, Paranoid Delusions, Penelopy, Brown Dwarf and Animated Activity.

Kiss My Wami – since 1997, WAM has released a compilation CD to showcase a cross section of talent from W.A. I have uploaded nearly every year from 1997 til 2012 and will add the rest as I locate them. There is a massive amount of music here and it is a great insight into the sounds coming out of Western Australia each year.

Light The Fuse. A 2005 compilation featuring  The Volcanics, The M-16′s and Fourstroke.

Live At The Cornflakes. A 1997 compilation released by RTRFM featuring live performances by Thermos Cardy / Cinema Prague / Molasses / Ilan Zagoria & Martin Phillips / Humbug / Bucket & The Muddle String Quartet / Circus Murders / Mardi Picasso / Animal Kingdom / Mrs Yummy Fur & Friends / Valvolux / Spank / Team Jedi / Aisling / Wooden Fische / Gretta & Mo / Psychodrama / Wormfarm / Sugarchild.

Live At Mojos. This is a compilation released by Mojos Bar in conjunction with the Artists For Old Growth Forest.Recorded in the year 2000, it features live recordings from a wide range of artists including Prawns With Horns, Spank, Delicatessen, John Butler, The Automasters, Proton and Rhibosome. Apparently its quite hard to find this particular John Butler song anywhere.

Perthquake. 2001 compilation featuring Boredumb / Billings Method / Caddis / Downsyde / Jed Whitey / Negative Reply / CPS / Dropsick Injektors / The Dirty Whittler / Ballpoint / No Wonder / Matty B / PC Thug and Fourstroke.

S.L.A.M – Supporting Local Original Music – 1999 compilation featuring Wax Tadpole / Stoneface / Atmosfear / Thumb / Greenroom / F.U.L.L / Spyder Moe / Manic / Nathan Gaunt Band / Solid State / Troueman / Navarone / The Fallen / Bulimic / D’Karn / Lethargy.

Spin.  Featuring music from Jebediah / Downsyde / Karnivool / John Butler Trio / The Automasters / Alice Haines / Stephen Pilgram / The Waifs / Ziggy Bey Jan Group / Butch Maning / Jodie Ties / Sleepy Jackson.

The Butterfly CD. A live compilation from December 1995. Recorded on the rooftop of the Grovesnor Hotel, this was a benefit to combat sexual assault. Features bands such as Effigy, O!, Yummy Fur, Lamia.

The Next Big Thing 10 year Anniversary.  All of the 130 odd tracks from the annual NBT CD’s 1996-2006. Essential!!

Tides in Motion.  Drum and Bass compilation from 1999, released on Optimum Recordings by Dj Echoic. Features Echoic, Bjam, Sardi, Diamond D, JFOS etc.

W.A Gold. A 2008 compilation put together by the guys in Project Mayhem. Features bands such as Novocaine, The Devil Rides Out, Blackwater Station, The Chainsaw Hookers, Kuiloteens and Project Mayhem themselves.

W.A Grade. 2003 punk compilation featuring 3 Days Later / AIDS / Alleged / Capital City / Change of Face / Eleventh He Reaches London / Fool The World / From The Ruins / Homicides / Jed Whitey / Kerb / Killed In Action / Last Years Hero / Local Pricks / Miles Away / Nailed Down / Negative Reply / PC Thug / The Coffins / The Critics / The Dead Ends / Times Up / Waste Of Space / Whitechapel.

Western Front – Early 90’s metal and rock compilation. Artists featured are Allegiance, Storytime, The Mars Bastards, Vivid, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, Hogfodder and Favourite Game.

Yuppify Or Die. a 60 track compilation from the very early 90s featuring both recorded and live tracks from Rupture / Black Sheep / Cinema Prague / Thou Gideon / Insurrection / Storm Of Perversion etc. Material dates from 1984 – 1990. Quite interesting.


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