I really like this band. I’m happy to have a couple of releases of theirs for the site and big thanks go to Robert for the submission of their EP ‘Shalvros’.

I don’t remember alot about their history or wether they released anything other than Slavros and ‘Fuel’. It seems someone from the band went on to play in an outfit called


Anyway here is 2 EP’s. From 1994 ‘Fuel’ an 1996 ‘Shalvros’. Right click and save as.

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PC Thug

The hardest thrashin’ fuckers Perth ever did see. Collectively the members made up some of Perths best bands, both before and after PC Thug (apart from Cam who was in Prickle apparently).

Download 3 EP’s in one bunch  (1999 High Energy Comment, 2001’s Product of the Times, 2003’s Warn the Others)






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Bedtime Beats You Brainless Compilation (1993)

I’ll let the cover art do the talking. Click either for the download.

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Missing Garden Gnomes

Everything you ever needed to know and 10 times more can be found here .

And here is their debut release ‘Socks’.

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Not Enough Rope


Their debut EP was I’ll Tell You When I See You in 1996, followed by their debut album Fingerpistol and My Way EP (both in 1998) and Paying Off My Radials album in 2001, which features a cover of The Triffids‘ “Wide Open Road“.


Matt Kealley now plays in acoustic folk rock band, Jigger, Matt Galligan is a professional photographer, Todd Lynch and Mike Lane went on to form King Brown and Shanks Pony, a group Lynch is still actively involved in. Mike now spends most of his time involved in cricket coaching and administration, playing live infrequently, as a guest player for local original artists.

Heres the first EP.

And here is their 1999 LP called Fingerpistol.



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This isn’t great. But here it is. From 1995 ‘On The Quiet’, a 4 track EP.

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Closet Panic Sniveller – Communicallous

I saw these guys play quite alot actually. Usually with Swapmeat, who they released a split LP with called ‘Lickety Split’ (which I will put up sometime).

Hard to escape the Bungle comparisons on this one. I just don’t think Perth really ever ‘got’ what they were about and as such they were relegated to the wasteland that was saturday nights

at The White Sands and the occasional metal show. I quite like this EP now.

From 2002 this is ‘Communicallous’.

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Angus McDeth


Ultra-cult Venom-style thrash metal features on both this man’s albums. The music is bad and the lyrics are cheesy beyond belief, but whether this is intentional or an accident is uncertain, either way its AWESOME.

And he used a drum machine!

First up, ‘Evil Empire’ from 1993.

And ‘The Great Horned Beast’ from 1995.



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El Horizonte – Signatures At The Crossroads

Stolen from dBmagazine.

Hailing from Geraldton, Western Australia, up and coming hard rockers El Horizonte have fused together a very angsty and energetic debut album. As winners of their state final of the 2002 National Campus Band Competition, it is clear that the energy from the album must translate to a powerful live show for an audience.

‘Signatures At The Crossroads’ is a very dark album, anger being the main emotive fuel. The production is very bass heavy – fitting with the style, of course – and as of such the lyrics are often hard to pick. The desired gloom is easily communicated however, through the varied styles of murmurs, screams and chanted choruses. Actually, despite not being my style of music at all, I have to admire the complex sound El Horizonte have created by the diversity of their songs in regards to tempo, volume and mix of instruments. “Signatures…” is simply a good taste of the potential El Horizonte have in writing creative, intelligent hard rock.

The album is consistent in its melancholic and haunting mood, which comes with both merits and shortcomings. For one thing, this is not a “user friendly” album and is difficult to appreciate on the first listen. Brash and hard hitting, it triggers a certain amount of apprehensiveness, so one really needs to be patient before realising the depth of sound and harmony that underlies. The low-budget production doesn’t help either – at high volume, the bass really is overpowering. Nevertheless, ‘Signatures…’ is a worthy debut and should El Horizonte keep exploring their talent, they should have a bright future ahead.

Their website is gone, but their myspace is still here. I’ve no idea what happened to them. Click the cover to download this album.


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Stoneface – Deep Fried

Don’t recall ever seeing them live. They have a website of sorts still online here.

Seems they had 3 releases. This is ‘Deep Fried’ from 1995.

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What a fucking band. Took me ages to find these records (and a tape) which is a shame as they were a huge band by local standards. There is a lot about them on youtube.

Heres 2 albums, Skinman and Destitution.

This is their 1992 Demo ‘Torn Between Two Worlds’.

This their live CD ‘Time To React‘, recorded in December 1994 at ther Triple J studios in Perth.


I’ve stolen a bunch of pictures from around the web and from their myspace etc as these things have a habit of disappearing from the internet.


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Air Ensemble

Rex Horan was in it along with members of Seahorse Radio. They were the ultimate jazz/funk/rock fusion band. I saw them like three times and it made me

question my desire to play an instrument as I was clearly not worthy.

I only have this record, I’m missing ‘The Message’ and would like it very much. UPDATE : Thanks to Senton we have this now too. GREAT!

Air Ensemble – The Message

Air Ensemble – Kardinya Lights


And heres some youtube videos of tracks from The Message :

And since then Rex has gone on to form Mamas Gun who are pretty incredible and have indeed become ‘big in japan’ :


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Rosemary Beads

Unfortunately the Rosemary Beads (specifically Gretta Little) do not want their music archived here.

It’s taken 10 years of running this site for anyone to take such offence at their art being remembered on this little pocket of the internet. Even though I had removed their music many months ago and replaced it with links to Citadel Records online shop where you could purchase 2 of their EP’s, this was not enough. I received this today from Gretta and have now taken down the flyers, pictures and bio that was on this post originally. The threats at the end really hit a nerve.

At the end of the day however, it is their art and how they choose for it to be consumed is up to them … to a point. If you want music to be ‘yours’ and nobody else’s – don’t release it. And don’t be a dick.







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Bucket – Flounder / Muddle

I’ve had the Flounder EP since it was new (bought from TRAX Innaloo…what!). I never saw them live that I can recall!

They have a new Facebook page which is quite awesome and has been documenting some of their history.

RTRFM recently did a great history session on them too. You can stream that here.

I had never actually heard the Muddle LP until getting sent it by Dave Fallon and its great. Thanks Dave!

From 1994 this is the ‘Flounder’ EP.

And the 1995 LP ‘Muddle’.



For fans of that Swervedriver-esque 90’s shoegaze this is a must have.

bucket album launch bucket flanders teamjedi


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Atomsfear were quite competent musicans and obviously played live quite a lot. I seem to recall the singer being responsible for the SLAM gigs often held at the Newport and other venues and those gigs did a lot of good for up and coming bands so hats off to him.

Atomsfear – Sharon Stone. (1998). Click the artwork to download..

Next is the 1996 LP ‘Pop Sick Kill‘.



And also from 1996 another LP called ‘Stash‘.



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Caddis – Use Only As Directed

A mid to late 90’s “Nu Metal” outfit, Caddis released this album in mid 1999.

Theres a great review of this on the Perth Metal blog by Jez, and I agree with every point he makes so rather than write anything of my own – read this.

Download here.

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Trench – Scarification

I almost didn’t rip this CD and post is simply because if you go into basically ANY Cash Converters in Perth you can buy a copy for a buck.

This is no mean feat seeing this record came out sometime around 1995.

The band flooded, and I mean FLOODED Cashies with their debut and perhaps only album with hundreds of copies over the years.

At one point there must have been 30 of them on the racks in the Osborne Park cashies and every other secondhand store within a 20km radius had a few as well. I went into the Mandurah store over xmas this year and they had 2 copies.

That aside this is a fairly decent 90s metal record, much in the vein of the first Allegiance album I guess. I never saw them play live that I recall but they shout the usual 90’s

metal bands from Perth in the liner notes such as SFD, Nebula, Downer, Grimoire, Choke etc.


Lead guitarist ‘Ershon’ was a year above me in high school and as far as I remember was about the most metal dude I’d ever seen by the time he was 15. Strangely this year at Churchlands High was also shared by Karl Smith from Thermos Cardy/Sodastream. You couldn’t get further apart musically if you tried.


Anyway here is the record ‘Scarification’. Enjoy.

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Yummy Fur – Fur’ther

Due to there being a Glaswegian band of the same name existing at almost the same time period its quite hard to find much online about Yummy Fur.

However, if you were going to shows in Perth in the 90’s I probably don’t need to write much about them as they were pretty

much unavoidable during that decade.

Here is their 1993 EP called ”Fur’ther”.


Whilst on a google loop I ran into this project which appears to include one of the previous members Jerome Maz :

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Glimmer – Save It Til Starlight

Thanks to ‘d’ for the comment on this post. I’ve stolen it and now we have a write up about Glimmer.


Glimmer were quite important to the late 90′s scene in that the band had Kirsty and Rob who ran Halflight Records. The band always got a high number of other bands members rock up to watch them.
Halflight released Plutonic Girl’s ‘X ray Vision’, a couple of Red Jezebel EPs, Anodyne 500s ‘Treasureway’ and also the first record by Deloris (melbourne).
They also ran a recording studio that im sure many other bands rehearsed or recorded at. (i know Jebs rehearsed some of Someday Shambles there).
They got a bit of JJJ airplay with one song off this album and when JJJ decided to eventually do a live broadcast from WA i think it was all halflight bands that played live.
After changing drummers they changed there name to Braving the Seabed.

So yeah thats something about this band!

Glimmer – Save It Til Starlight

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Light The Fuse compilation – M16’s, Fourstroke, The Volcanics.

Light The Fuse is a great compilation from 2005 featuring 4 songs from Perth’s best Rock’n’Roll bands – The VolcanicsThe M-16’s and Fourstroke. Also features 3 covers of The Bamboos, The Victims and The Bakery. It came out on ‘Out Of The Loop Records’ who have released some hot records in their time but may well be asleep now.

I stole the little write up above from Devils Rumble blog which has some great treats for your ears.

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