Begerk + Rage

Stolen from Dr Al’s Begerk Recordings facebook page, and well worth the repost.

Way too many hours spent watching Rage over the years has given me an unnatural love of filmclips. Yep, luv em. Anyway, I’ve got a playlist on youtube featuring all the clips I could find from past and present Bergerk! clients but if I’ve missed anyone let me know and I’ll add it in.

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This was actually the first post on Perth Music Blog in about 2007. Storytime are a massive reason why I started this site in the first place. I’ve edited this post many times through the years and the most recent edit is below, from June 2016.

THEY’RE BACK!! New music, remasters of their records, new video, gigs in the diary supporting Shihad!

They have remastered versions of their records on their bandcamp HERE.

Their facebook page is HERE.

Welcome back Storytime.


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Andrew Ewing from Thumb was nice enough to send me 3 of their CD’s. Thank you very much Andrew!

‘Combining ‘60’s blues and ‘70’s rock influences with a contemporary grunge immediacy, Thumb’s brooding sound was captured on two highly acclaimed albums. “Nitros City” was their rock beast, while “Strange Kept Plain” saw a move towards a more diverse sound, drawing further back to Beatlesque art-pop and blues-tinged acoustic folk. This more stripped back style revealed what those close to the band had known some time – behind the bombastic delivery, there were seriously good songwriters at work.’



and here is their self titled EP – Thumb.


Check out Andrews solo project here and the band he’s currently playing in The Devil Rides Out



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According to their facebook, Moth were a progressive/punk band active in Perth in the 90’s. They took a 3 week break around 1996 which continues to this day.

Here is their 2 EP’s, ‘Neigh’ and ‘Edicus’.




A big thank you to Michael Lawson for sending these in.



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Domination Theory – Bad Ass Ass Assassins

This is hilarious. You need this.


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Bang! Records

I stumbled across this label recently while looking for some Asteroid B612 stuff and could hardly believe my eyes.

Bang! Records is based in the basque country of Spain. It’s catalogue however couldn’t be further from its location as it seems to release and re-release fairly obscure and often out of print music by Australian artists, with a good helping of W.A bands and artists.

Theres stuff in their catalogue that was never EVER released, even in Australia. They put out an amazing double 12” from Gutterville Splendour Six, a compilation of all of the Proton Energy Pills music (who then went on to become Tumbleweed) which was only ever available on impossible to find 7″ inch releases, they’ve got a great record by who I assume is the owner of the label doing a couple of tracks with Kent Steedman from the Celibate Rifles and they’ve just put out a unreleased record made 15 years ago by Kim Salmon and Mudhoney. Incredible stuff. I wanted to snap my credit card after finding this site.

For those into Aussie rock vinyl its an absolute gold mine. Check them out HERE.

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Gutterville Splendour Six

Holy balls this is amazing. I hadn’t heard this for like 10 years til being sent it this month. Thanks Andris, who has been providing the site with some great uploads.

The Gutterville Splendour Six is an alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia. After forming in 1995 their only release was their critically acclaimed self-titled EP, whose most notable fan was the late and great John Peel. After disbanding in 2000 the band’s members have gone on to form many renowned acts including The Drones, Kill Devil Hills, MF And His Truckload Of Hope, and The Volcanics. The band plays bluesy, stripped back rock, and are known for their loud and intense live performances.

This is their Self Titled EP. Click the cover to get downloadin’.













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Bung Orkid – Lipstick Collision

Recorded in 97/98 at Pet Rock this is the LP ‘Lipstick  Collision’ from Bung Orkid. Kinda rock/funk.












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Change Of Face

From A CHANGE OF FACE are more than “just a punk band”. Their promotional CD Structures Built in TIme is a release of technical punk that belies their time together, and also their age. A CHANGE OF FACE formed in March 2001, 2 guitarists Chay and Luke, aswell as Ryan still only 16 at the time.
A big leg-up for the band was in early July when local mangement and booking agency, eightysix music, picked them up. Since then A CHANGE OF FACE have gone on to play frequent shows around WA, including an all ages show with Australian hardcore giants Mindsnare.

Here is two of their releases. From 2003 ‘Jealousy With A Halo’ and from 2002 ‘Drive On’. Both of these appear to be recorded with original drummer Ryan De Rozario who was replaced by Will Irving. De Rozario went on to play with Calerway. Guitarist Chay Robinson was also a member of The Critics.





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I don’t recall anything about this band. Will add some info if I remember anything. Heres their demo from 2000.

Helena – Demo

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Heavyweight Champ

Sadly they called it quits at the end of 2007. Super talented band.

Here is their debut EP ‘Two Triple Zero’.










Two Triple Zero is the debut release from Perth heavy rock band Heavy Weight Champ. It was recorded in January 2000 at Subiaco’s Pinnacle Studios in three days. Some additional mixing and mastering was completed at Watt (or iFAAT as it was then known) Studios before the band launched the record to a sold out Amplifier Bar in Perth on 25 August with Long-Bo Tom, Karnivool, Caddis and Full Scale Deflection in support. “Two Triple Zero” went on to chart in the Australian Independent Record Companies Association Chart Top 20 for almost a year.


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They had no bass player. It didn’t matter.

Stolen from here :

In their bio, up-and-coming Perth band, Fourstroke, describe themselves as being influenced by such bands as Black Sabbath, MC5, Fu-Manchu, Queens of The Stone Age, Kyuss, as well classic Aussie rock bands, such as AC/DC, Radio Birdman and the Celibate Rifles, which, as it turns out, is quite an accurate description of their music. Heavy Metal, the band’s debut release, demonstrates maturity and ability beyond their years. The absence of a bass player doesn’t hinder the band’s sound and instead provides them with the flexibility that many similar bands lack. The lead track, Chicks Dig Cars, is particularly impressive with its heavy fuzz sounds, rocking guitar breaks and intelligent tempo changes. GoAussieGo is another particulaly strong song. The only disappointing track is the pedestrian instrumental, Dec System-10. No doubt Fourstroke have a long and successful future ahead of them if Heavy Metal is any indication of their talent.

This is 1999’s ‘Heavy Metal’. 


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3 Orange Whips

If I was ever faced with the dilemma of having to choose 1 single solitary CD from the history of Perth music that I was allowed to keep and had to bin the rest, it would be

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by 3 Orange Whips. It’s a riff heavy excursion into balls out rock and roll and it pretty much takes me straight back to any of their countless live shows I was lucky enough to witness. Dan Durack was the penultimate flailing wild frontman unafraid to be completely and absolutely himself even to the most uninterested audiences. Besty was always a sea of teeth and hair and seemed to be loving every moment. Graeame was quite bloody strange, yet loveable and reminded me of early 80s Donald Duck Dunn minus the pipe and afro. James was the meanest shortest elfman to ever wield a Gibson SG.

Perthsounds  has a really good recount of their time in the Perth scene, so much so that I think you should just read that.

Then watch The Whips as they play a horrendous lunchtime show to the little bastards that made up Esperance SHS that year,  no doubt who all went on to become habitual breeders and facebook status updaters. Honestly if you’ve ever been in a band that got sucked into doing a WAMI highschool appearance you will cringe along with me, this is painful. Credit to Music Is Crap.

Anyway I love this record and I loved this band.

Click here to download Three Orange Whips – Ladies and Gentleman 

And thanks to big site contributor Andris here is some more recordings.

Three Orange Whips – It’s Mirrorballs

Three Orange Whips – Keep It Unreal






And you can hear the soothing sounds of Dan Durack belting it out in London with his band ‘Thee Savage Kicks’.

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Fourth Floor Collapse

Dan from FFC has been in touch to let us know he’s uploaded a slew of the bands back catalogue to youtube for your listening pleasure.

Some bio details straight from him :

By way of a bio, we won the Next Big Thing in 1999, one year after John Butler, and then 10 WAMIs. We worked Perth pretty hard and were building up over east through lots of touring. Got plenty of singles on Triple J rotation (Sun, Drink Till You Drown, Made Believe etc)
We moved to Melbourne in 2005 before the third album came out and the financial crisis crippled our label in late 2008 just as the fourth album came out, we did a national tour but the album didn’t get label support.

We added a track ‘Worn Out’ to the Gotye remix album Mixed Blood, taking a 30 second song and writing the rest of the song around it. This ‘new material’ was the only reason Wally was eligible to win an ARIA in 2007.

As for the end/are we still operational? The label situation hurt us badly on the fourth album. In 2009, Rhys Kealley left the band to go overseas and it was really time for us to take a break. Michael Miller did an EP as Microsleep and has done an album with The Monkey Bars. Me and Michael are still working on songs but we’re not quite sure what form any new band will take but it’s now doubtful we’ll call it FFC, so I guess the last tour was the last tour.

Weird facts:
Long time bass player Scott O’Donoghue went on to play with Little Birdy, but other bass players in the band have been Nathan Gaunt, Sean Pollard of Split Seconds and Leigh Miller of Sleeping Giant among many others he’s played for.

You can find the music here.



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W.A Grade Compilation

This is a great 2003 compilation by PCW Records featuring some of the best hardcore/punk/pop punk bands the city had to offer at that time.

The label was also responsible for another compilation ‘Perthquake‘.


This one has tracks from :  3 Days Later / AIDS / Alleged / Capital City / Change of Face / Eleventh He Reaches London / Fool The World / From The Ruins / Homicides / Jed Whitey / Kerb / Killed In Action / Last Years Hero / Local Pricks / Miles Away / Nailed Down / Negative Reply / PC Thug / The Coffins / The Critics / The Dead Ends / Times Up / Waste Of Space / Whitechapel ..

Get it here.



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Lost – 4 Weeks

Assuming the Dadas sticker is right, this is from 1996. Their name had a yin-yang in it! Wow.

Lost – 4 Weeks


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The Dirty Whittler

Here’s an awesome website of theirs which I hadn’t seen til now :

And thanks again to Andris for these 3 records :

Dirty Whittler – Flossing With Meat

Dirty Whittler – GCAGBDRFS

Dirty Whittler – Here It Is









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Subtruck is a heavy groove rock band that was formed in 1998 in Perth, Western Australia by singer/guitarist Phil Bradley, previously of The Jackals.


Debut self titled 3 track EP ‘Subtruck’.


Added another release as it does indeed seem they are not no longer playing.

From 2002 this is the LP ‘Songs To Whistle At War’. 












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Prawns With Horns

I saw these guys once at Yac It Up in Melville, I think anyway. I was really into ska and had no idea they existed before that fateful day around 1999. I was kinda bummed too, like I’d missed out on a local band with a horn section who could actually play. I never saw them again after that day either, go figure. They were a ‘wacky’ party band of sorts. That time I saw them was the first time I saw anyone ever use a real theremin on stage, it ruled.

Annyway it seems they toured outside of Australia quite alot, no mean feat for a pre-internet band from Perth. I’ll let their website do the rest of the horn blowing for them.

Here is their 1999 LP ‘Ampersand’.

And their 1996 LP ‘Cisco And His Disco’.



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Avid Grey

Heres an awesome 7 tracker from 2000 called ‘A History of Inglorious Failures’. Thanks again to Robert for the submission.

Seems someone from this band is also in Shimmergloom, or maybe someone from Verona was in Avid Grey too. Google tells me nothing.

Click the cover to download.

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