Yuppify or Die compilation

I think I was sent this from the people behind the Dullsville blog.


This is a 2 hour, 60 track cassette tape compilation put out by Stumbles from Rupture in 91. It consists of demo tracks, live recordings and unreleased material from Perth punk and hardcore bands from the early 80s through till 1991. A lot of junk, but there are some real gems in there.

I believe this is also the first recording I have of the band Thou Gideon on this site. Other notable mentions are a live recording of ’21’ and ‘Doctor Who’ by Cinema Prague from 1990 and a whole bunch of other fast/loud/noisy stuff from bands I’ve featured on this site such as Storm Of Perversion, Rupture, Black Sheep, Threshold Of Pain etc.

Get it here.

cover (1)

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Kayjun – Storm

Remnants of a website here. I stole all the info from there as I did not see them play personally.

Kayjun formed in 1996 on the foundation of strong friendships between all members of the band. Kayjun was the first band for each of the members, and in the early days found its feet by playing covers of their favourite bands, like Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and the Screaming Jets.

Kayjun’s early performances were enjoyed by all, and within months the band began playing at parties for friends and strangers alike.

After almost a year of playing covers, Kayjun decided that their musical future lay in writing and performing their own songs. In late 1997 the song-books were cast aside and the long, hard road of original song writing began in earnest.

Kayjun were the “most popular band” at Gozzy Rock, an annual, regional band competition, in each of 1997 and 1998, and were also the overall runner-up in both years.

Kayjun were semi-finalists at the statewide Next Big Thing competition in 1998. This competition is open to music of all types, and Kayjun were commended on their performances by judges of wide musical persuasions.

Kayjun were one of four nominees for Perth’s Best Original Heavy Metal Band in the 1999 WAMI awards.

They called it quits in 2001 and guitarist Anthony Wong went on to play axe for Syzygy.

Here is their EP ‘Storm’. Release date uncertain, I think around 1998 or 1999.

scan0047 scan0048


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dropsick injektors

Awesome. Thoroughly awesome.






Click the cover and get downloadin’.

And HERE is another Dropsick LP. Unreleased, untitled, and fucking rockin’!@! Thanks to Figg for this!!


Thanks again to Figg, heres some footage of their first show at the wonderful Hyde Park Hotel.




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I stole this bio from Rabbit.

Whitechapel was made up of ex-members of the now legendary Perth bands Love Camp 7, Boredumb, and Billings Method, and have fast attained, not only through their past associations but on their own merits, the kind of reputation that is all too rare in this current musical climate…that of creativity and originality.

As an almost revolutionary response to the inane and mindless musical trends of the past five years, Whitechapel stand as a genuine alternative to the mass-marketed, mass-consumed drivel that has been force-fed music fans since the mid `90s.hailing back to the time when alternative music was fuelled by passion, not money, Whitechapel are the very opposition to what has become music’s motivation:image over content

The band’s clearly ironically-titled debut is a subtle introduction to the band, featuring the more direct and simple songs from their repertoire, and is a breath of fresh air from the bombardment of comical retro-rock clones, perfectly manicured punk, andstuck-in-a-time warp metal that seems to be all major labels have to offer the world.Catchy and immediate, with a distinctly dark edge, the band’s songs fall into no genre of any specificity, and highlight the artistic maturity of these seasoned songwriters.

Consisting of five songs and four bridges (the CD flows from song to song without stops) ‘image over content’ is the first step in the journey of a very important band.

Image Over Content was unleashed on 15 December 2003.


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Martian Radio aka Wasted Youth

Here we have a LP from Martian Radio, who were at one point known as Wasted Youth. Due to their being 2 fairly well known UK/USA bands with that name already I guess

they decided to change their name. This seems to have been AFTER they pressed up this record as the disc itself has Wasted Youth on it, yet the rest of the artwork is all Martian Radio.

12 tracks of surf/rock/punk-esque jams. Never saw them gig personally..

Here it is. 


scan0044 scan0045 scan0046

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Treadmill Management sampler

This is a very interesting sampler produced by ‘Treadmill’, apparently a management and promo company which started in 1993.

The sampler includes music from Perth bands Flanders, Avid Grey and Bucket and it also features music from the Sydney band ‘Knievel’. There is no date on it but if I had to guess I’d say late 95 or 96.

I think what is most interesting about this sampler is the tracks from Bucket. According to the liner notes it says Bucket signed a 4 album deal with American label

‘Radical Records’ and their debut LP was slated for release in 1998 with 3 of the tracks on that LP featuring on this compilation. Well I’ve got the 2 Bucket EP’s in a post here but as far as I am aware the LP this sampler is talking about never actually ended up being released. As such this means we’ve got 3 unreleased tracks here, great!

HERE it is!

I’ve left the Knievel stuff in there because I really REALLY liked their record ‘We Fear Change’ and the tracks on this sampler are quite hard to find. They’re from their 2nd LP ‘Steep Hill Climb’.

scan0040 scan0041 scan0042 scan0043



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The Pimps

I must admit that I don’t know a terribly great deal about The Pimps. I shared a stage with them a couple of times but

I wasn’t into the older style punk as much as I was the 90’s stuff so the memory of their years of existence is hazy.

Anyway Sam from the band uploaded a torrent of their material about a year ago. It took me about a year to actually complete the download and rather than rely on

someone seeding it, I’m posting it here.

All material (C) The Pimps, who were:

Mark “Beardo” Colaizzi – Vocals
Sam “Pizza Hendrix” Murray – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Zane Jeffries – Bass
Corky – Drums (A night at the hydie)
Glen Bogan – Drums (Self Titled)
Steve Steamtrain – Drums (Tafe Demo)

This file contains their Self Titled release as well as 2 live recordings, one from the Hydey and one from Tafe.

Someone has also put a chunk of their music on youtube, with some amazing Perth punk photos to go with it.

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The Next Big Thing – 10 year anniversary dvd.

Thanks to Leo for sending this disc to me!

I was not aware that this organisation was no more and that is a definite shame. The Next Big Thing kicked off in 1996 and was responsible

for the promotion of countless Perth bands through shows, releasing compilation cds and helping artists out  in many ways.

This disc contains a huge amount of music as well as a bunch of interviews with musicians, promoters and journalists from Perth and regional Western Australia.

Heres the music. It’s 489 megs in size and is all of the 130 odd tracks from the annual NBT CD’s 1996-2006. Well worth the download.

And here is the artwork for all of the cd’s. 26 megs.

Heres part 1 of the DVD :

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Channel 31 – Filter

A fantatic VHS conversion thanks to Figg featuring a pretty healthy cross section of the Perth scene in the year 2000.

It features interviews and footage of No Wonder, Capital City, The Rats,  Turnstyle, Brett Rowe (that hair!!),  DJ’s

Echoic, BJam, Krank, Dan Stinton and some of Perths record store staff at the time.



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Freuds Pillow – Pleasure Puppy



I’ve been looking for this FOREVER. Thanks to Senton again for this submission.

From last.fm :

Before Eskimo JoeLittle Birdy and One Horse Town, there was the high school band which started it all.
In the beginning: Joel Quartermain, Simon Leach and Stuart Leach were all year 12 students from Hollywood High School, who decided to form their own band and asked friend Kav Temperley to join them. They managed to release only one EP titled Pleasure Puppy in 1997, featuring a collection of songs Kav had written as a teenager. One song on the EP, “Mr Hoek”, was written by Kav’s friend Stuart Macleod. The EP is now extremely rare to find but highly sought after by fans.

The band played to mediocre success, playing in various gigs in Perth but eventually disbanded when Kav decided to form his own band with Joel and Stuart, which would become Eskimo Joe. Simon Leach eventually joined Little Birdy in 2002 and Stuart went on to form One Horse Town.

Click HERE for the download.


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The Next Big Thing Volume 3

Presented by Healthways, Drinksafe and Respect Yourself, this is a compilation from 1998. It features 12 tracks from acts such as John Butler,

Wide Open Spaces (aka Halogen), Idle 55, The Dirty Whitler but to name a few.


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The Mission Blue – Project 1

The Mission Blue was formed out of the ashes of a band called Freuds Pillow, a band consisting of Joel Quatermain,  Kavyen Temperly, and the brothers Stuart and Simon Leach.

The band disbanded in 1997 when Temperley and Quartermain together with MacLeod, won the National Campus Band’s Competition as Eskimo Joe. Stuart and brother Simon went on to form The Mission Blue with Jodie Tesoriero (National Campus Band finalists in 1998), releasing an EP Project One in 2000.

Here it is :


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squadcar 96

They existed from 1995-1998. Each year they changed their name, from Squadcar 95 in 1995 and so on until 1998. They released one 7” split-EP with the band Bright Eyes and an album called Sububstance.

Here it is.


And it seems Andrew Sousa was also in Lost who I have a record from on the site, here.  He’s also making music in the UK with Jerome Maz, formerly of Yummy Fur. 


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FOE – Freedom Of Expression (1998)

Due to their currently being about 14,000 bands that have existed throughout time with the same name as this band and their album,

I found it quite hard to find out anything about them online. My memory is a blur about FOE. I know I saw them but don’t remember much more than that.

This record is what you’d best describe as a metal/rock/funk hybrid.

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Deluge – Human Traits

Str8 outta Bunbury, mid 90’s. Couldn’t find a thing about this online apart from some metal archive links.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Russell Collins at Phoenix Media Labs, Bunbury 1996.

It has a kinda metal/rock/backyard party/emubitter/90’s vibe.

Scott Kinsella : Guitar

Glen Boulden : Drums

Jason Fardig : Vocals

Daren Kinkella : Bass

Denzil Maher : Guitar


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Volatine (1995)

This is a self titled EP by Volatine that came out in 1995 on Salmonberry Records. Sorta reminds me of Pearl Jam.

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Breakfast Beats Your Bongo – 1994

I am pretty happy to have come across a physical copy of this disc after a trip to the hellhole that is Mandurah Cash Converters earlier this year.

This is another CD compiled on Idaho Records by Bob Gordon from XPress and it is the follow up to the 1993 compilation ‘Bedtime Beats You Brainless‘.

Featuring 14 tracks from a fairly varied cross section of the Perth live scene in 1994 it includes acts such as Verona, Lamia, Bucket, Header, Circus Murders amongst others.

A great little compilation and well worth the download. Grab it here.

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mach pelican

Stolen straight from their wiki.

Mach Pelican were a punk rock band formed in Perth, Australia in 1996. In 1998, they relocated to Melbourne, Australia. They announced their farewell tour in July 2007, and played their final show in Tokyo, Japan on 17 September 2007.

The band was formed by three Japanese students who were studying English in Perth in 1996. After touring extensively, Mach Pelican moved to Melbourne in 1998. (Did they???)

In eleven years, Mach Pelican played 800 shows.

The band’s split in 2007 was a result of personal differences and immigration problems.

On 17 May 2009 they re-formed for a one-off performance at the Tote Hotel as a support for The Gimmes.

On 10 April 2011 the band reformed and played at a benefit concert for victims of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami at the Esplanade Hotel in Saint Kilda.

Here is their 1998 debut EP ‘Blue Sky’.

Here is their 1999 debut, a self titled LP.

Heres their 2002 LP ‘Pulsate to the Back Beat’.

Here is their 2006 LP ‘Radio Action’.

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Punkrock 101

Good times.

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Rabbit Records

The lovable Rabbit Records has recently thrust itself into the digital age thanks to the help of Bandcamp which allows artists and labels to sell their wares directly to the world.

You can pay as little or as much as you like for the releases which is a great idea. Don’t be cheap. Rabbit needs a new pair of shoes.

Grab the music here.

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