Love Camp 7



I’ve been waiting a while to put this one up as I wanted to do it right and cover everything this fantastic band did in their time in the Perth scene.

Love Camp seemed to find their way into the hearts of people within every sub-scene that Perth had. It was not uncommon to see them playing a 10 band punkrock show at the White Sands, and the next night playing the Grovesnor frontroom with Perths indie pop mainstays. They played live prolifically throughout their time in the Perth scene and were hilarious to watch on stage.  Once things ended with Love Camp, members went on to form bands such as Whitechapel and The Order Of The Black Werewolf.

Their old auspunk website still exists by way of a ‘reocities’ mirror, and you can find it here.  They had another website hosted on which seems to have been killed in between me finding it and writing this blog entry, typical.

For now I’ve stolen the bio they had up there for your reading pleasure.

Love Camp 7 are a 3 piece Perth band who are a bit of a mixed bag, including funk, metal, pop and punk in their music. They are regular giggers on the Perth scene since their debut in May 97 and have supported such bands as Rancid, No Fun At All, MXPX, Sprung Monkey, Custard, The Porkers, Pollyanna and Frenzal Rhomb. They have also played at Warped 99 (local stage), Yac It Up ’99 plus supported local Perthites Three Orange Whips and Wax Tadpole for their respective cd launches. They shared their own cd launch in Nov 98 (for Oddly Slightway) with buddies Cochineal even though the cd wasn’t ready until two weeks later.

During 99 they have played a huge amount of gigs considering they have been in the studio recording their debut album Clean ‘Em All, an 16 tracker plus also a split 7″ with the Three Orange Whips. Played a heap of local Kiss My Wami gigs at the end of July. Mid year Yianni (from fellow Perth band, Billings Method) filled in for vocalist/guitarist Ant as he was studying and this didn’t harm LC7 one bit.

They supported Bordello for their album launch in early December and played a big festival type thing at City Farm on December 19th. Their long awaited debut will be launched to coincide with Three Orange Whips’ release, with 100 or so albums released early in December before the proper release in early 2000. Ant returned to the band in 2000 and they played at the Seekret Army cassette launch aswell as on the green stage of the Perth Big Day Out. Unfortunately in mid February drummer Chris decided to quit the band as he wanted to start playing the guitar again. In March supported 28 Days at the City Of Stirling Festival. The guys split up in late 2000 when Mike decided to head to Melbourne.

And now for the music in order of release :

November 1997 ‘Chicha’ demo – this isn’t uploaded here.



December 1998 ‘Oddly Slightway’ ep



January 2000 ‘Clean ‘Em All’ CD LP. This was called ‘Smell The Glove for a while, later changed to Clean Em All.



Proposed artwork when it was still known as ‘Smell The Glove’. Can not be unseen!




Thank you for the music Wafer, Agostini and Ant. You were loved and cherished.


wam1 wam2 firstflyer lc7 lc72 lc73 snipcover

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The Pimps

I must admit that I don’t know a terribly great deal about The Pimps. I shared a stage with them a couple of times but

I wasn’t into the older style punk as much as I was the 90’s stuff so the memory of their years of existence is hazy.

Anyway Sam from the band uploaded a torrent of their material about a year ago. It took me about a year to actually complete the download and rather than rely on

someone seeding it, I’m posting it here.

All material (C) The Pimps, who were:

Mark “Beardo” Colaizzi – Vocals
Sam “Pizza Hendrix” Murray – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Zane Jeffries – Bass
Corky – Drums (A night at the hydie)
Glen Bogan – Drums (Self Titled)
Steve Steamtrain – Drums (Tafe Demo)

This file contains their Self Titled release as well as 2 live recordings, one from the Hydey and one from Tafe.

Someone has also put a chunk of their music on youtube, with some amazing Perth punk photos to go with it.

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The Next Big Thing – 10 year anniversary dvd.

Thanks to Leo for sending this disc to me!

I was not aware that this organisation was no more and that is a definite shame. The Next Big Thing kicked off in 1996 and was responsible

for the promotion of countless Perth bands through shows, releasing compilation cds and helping artists out  in many ways.

This disc contains a huge amount of music as well as a bunch of interviews with musicians, promoters and journalists from Perth and regional Western Australia.

Heres the music. It’s 489 megs in size and is all of the 130 odd tracks from the annual NBT CD’s 1996-2006. Well worth the download.

And here is the artwork for all of the cd’s. 26 megs.

Heres part 1 of the DVD :

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Channel 31 – Filter

A fantatic VHS conversion thanks to Figg featuring a pretty healthy cross section of the Perth scene in the year 2000.

It features interviews and footage of No Wonder, Capital City, The Rats,  Turnstyle, Brett Rowe (that hair!!),  DJ’s

Echoic, BJam, Krank, Dan Stinton and some of Perths record store staff at the time.



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Freuds Pillow – Pleasure Puppy



I’ve been looking for this FOREVER. Thanks to Senton again for this submission.

From :

Before Eskimo JoeLittle Birdy and One Horse Town, there was the high school band which started it all.
In the beginning: Joel Quartermain, Simon Leach and Stuart Leach were all year 12 students from Hollywood High School, who decided to form their own band and asked friend Kav Temperley to join them. They managed to release only one EP titled Pleasure Puppy in 1997, featuring a collection of songs Kav had written as a teenager. One song on the EP, “Mr Hoek”, was written by Kav’s friend Stuart Macleod. The EP is now extremely rare to find but highly sought after by fans.

The band played to mediocre success, playing in various gigs in Perth but eventually disbanded when Kav decided to form his own band with Joel and Stuart, which would become Eskimo Joe. Simon Leach eventually joined Little Birdy in 2002 and Stuart went on to form One Horse Town.

Click HERE for the download.


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The Next Big Thing Volume 3

Presented by Healthways, Drinksafe and Respect Yourself, this is a compilation from 1998. It features 12 tracks from acts such as John Butler,

Wide Open Spaces (aka Halogen), Idle 55, The Dirty Whitler but to name a few.


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FOE – Freedom Of Expression (1998)

Due to their currently being about 14,000 bands that have existed throughout time with the same name as this band and their album,

I found it quite hard to find out anything about them online. My memory is a blur about FOE. I know I saw them but don’t remember much more than that.

This record is what you’d best describe as a metal/rock/funk hybrid.

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Breakfast Beats Your Bongo – 1994

I am pretty happy to have come across a physical copy of this disc after a trip to the hellhole that is Mandurah Cash Converters earlier this year.

This is another CD compiled on Idaho Records by Bob Gordon from XPress and it is the follow up to the 1993 compilation ‘Bedtime Beats You Brainless‘.

Featuring 14 tracks from a fairly varied cross section of the Perth live scene in 1994 it includes acts such as Verona, Lamia, Bucket, Header, Circus Murders amongst others.

A great little compilation and well worth the download. Grab it here.

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mach pelican

Stolen straight from their wiki.

Mach Pelican were a punk rock band formed in Perth, Australia in 1996. In 1998, they relocated to Melbourne, Australia. They announced their farewell tour in July 2007, and played their final show in Tokyo, Japan on 17 September 2007.

The band was formed by three Japanese students who were studying English in Perth in 1996. After touring extensively, Mach Pelican moved to Melbourne in 1998. (Did they???)

In eleven years, Mach Pelican played 800 shows.

The band’s split in 2007 was a result of personal differences and immigration problems.

On 17 May 2009 they re-formed for a one-off performance at the Tote Hotel as a support for The Gimmes.

On 10 April 2011 the band reformed and played at a benefit concert for victims of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami at the Esplanade Hotel in Saint Kilda.

Here is their 1998 debut EP ‘Blue Sky’.

Here is their 1999 debut, a self titled LP.

Heres their 2002 LP ‘Pulsate to the Back Beat’.

Here is their 2006 LP ‘Radio Action’.

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Punkrock 101

Good times.

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Rabbit Records

The lovable Rabbit Records has recently thrust itself into the digital age thanks to the help of Bandcamp which allows artists and labels to sell their wares directly to the world.

You can pay as little or as much as you like for the releases which is a great idea. Don’t be cheap. Rabbit needs a new pair of shoes.

Grab the music here.

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Begerk + Rage

Stolen from Dr Al’s Begerk Recordings facebook page, and well worth the repost.

Way too many hours spent watching Rage over the years has given me an unnatural love of filmclips. Yep, luv em. Anyway, I’ve got a playlist on youtube featuring all the clips I could find from past and present Bergerk! clients but if I’ve missed anyone let me know and I’ll add it in.

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According to their facebook, Moth were a progressive/punk band active in Perth in the 90’s. They took a 3 week break around 1996 which continues to this day.

Here is their 2 EP’s, ‘Neigh’ and ‘Edicus’.




A big thank you to Michael Lawson for sending these in.



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Bang! Records

I stumbled across this label recently while looking for some Asteroid B612 stuff and could hardly believe my eyes.

Bang! Records is based in the basque country of Spain. It’s catalogue however couldn’t be further from its location as it seems to release and re-release fairly obscure and often out of print music by Australian artists, with a good helping of W.A bands and artists.

Theres stuff in their catalogue that was never EVER released, even in Australia. They put out an amazing double 12” from Gutterville Splendour Six, a compilation of all of the Proton Energy Pills music (who then went on to become Tumbleweed) which was only ever available on impossible to find 7″ inch releases, they’ve got a great record by who I assume is the owner of the label doing a couple of tracks with Kent Steedman from the Celibate Rifles and they’ve just put out a unreleased record made 15 years ago by Kim Salmon and Mudhoney. Incredible stuff. I wanted to snap my credit card after finding this site.

For those into Aussie rock vinyl its an absolute gold mine. Check them out HERE.

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Rising from the ashes of mid 90’s ska/punkers ‘Not In Use’ came 2 bands. One was Lowdown, the other was Ballpoint. They existed from 1998 – 2001 and really shook up the Perth scene with how tight and precise they were musically. They dominated the Perth scene and toured Canada while they were together.

The band consisted of Ryan Sloan (Vocals), Cam Edwards (Bass/Vocals), Mike Sanders (Guitar), Ivano Rizacassa (Drums) and Tim Allen (Guitar).

They recorded 3 EP length releases, of which only 1 was officially released, the awesome ‘Magnetik’ from 2000.

Here is their first demo from 1998.

And HERE is the EP ‘Magnetik’.


Some of them then went on to form Last Years Hero.




Heres an interview between Adam Mossman (who we have to thank for the first demo posted here) and Singer Ryan Sloan. November 1999.

This interview was done with Ryan Sloan, vocalist for Perth punk band ballpoint in November 1999.

How did the band come together?
Well the band was indirectly the result of Dion (Boredumb), he knew all the guys personally and when he found out that Tim and I had left NIU, he gave us their numbers and the rest is history.

Tim and yourself came from Not In Use, did the other guys have previous bands?
Yeh we were from NIU and the rest of the fellas had a band called Racer X going.

Your favourite venue?
Favourite Venue, hmmmmm there’s not one particular one, as a whole I’d have to say the Hyde Park, Grosvenor Back room, Globe and anywhere the all ages crew are welcome.

Are you pleased with the way your album has been received?
We couldn’t be happier with the release of “Magnetik”… it’s selling well, plenty of positive response and I think it’s another notch in the belt for Perth Punk as a whole…. All the bands are starting to do some crazy stuff – we’re letting the rest of the nation know we’re here.

Are there going to be any album launches for Magnetik?
Launch wise thinks are lookin’ grim, economically the band is still recovering from recording…. but it’s still on the cards we’ll see how things go.

Biggest achievement for the band?
Biggest achievements so far would have to be the friendship we’ve all built within the band it’s unlike any other, the bigger supports we’ve had, pulling off the EP and writing music that we as individuals enjoy and respect, there is so much more but not enough time to be too thorough.

A lot of people have said ballpoint are hardcore (which i tend to disagree), are there any plans to becoming a heavier/hardcore styled band?
Being labelled as hardcore is one thing that we find strange, we are not hardcore… we dont want to be hardcore, we all love hardcore and we are influenced in certain ways by many hardcore bands but we dont have any plans to be heavier we are all suckers for melody and emotion in music… thats were we are now and thats were we’ll always be heading.

How would you describe ballpoint’s music then?
We describe our music as fast, aggresive, emotional and melodic.

Who comes up with the lyrics and music or is it a team effort?

I (Ryan) write all the lyrics but thats not to say noone else has a say, we all throw ideas around and I work from that… they are all too busy with their own instruments to be writing lyrics as well.

What is the general message in your lyrics?
Their is no one general message in our lyrics I write about my life experiences, my emotions, our personal politics and beliefs and the flaws within humanity that destroy the framework of our existence.

Plans for the near future?
In the near future – Ballpoint is off to Melbourne and Adelaide early next year, work towards finding a label suitable for the band, keep on writing new songs and stay focused on doing what we do best.

Where do you see the Perth scene at the moment? Where can it be improved?
The Perth scene has it’s up’s and down’s, there’s plenty of good bands playing good music…. there is not always enough crowd though, lack of venues hurts the scene and not enough media to represent what we all do…. Fanzines, Radio…. there is enough here to sustain the scene but thats not enough we need to expand the scene turn it into something that we can all be proud of.

Who are your favourite local/interstate bands?
Favourite local bands – PC THUG, GYROSCOPE, and BOREDUMB are like brothers to us all but we like all the bands each on their own merits.
Interstate – MYC (rip), OIP (rip), 28 Days, Mindsnare, 180 Discord (rip), Bodyjar, Caustic Soda, Oddball (rip), Toe to Toe, Sommerset and more…

What would be your dream band/s to support?
Dream bands to support would have to be…. Adhesive, Pridebowl (reunion tour, hehehe), By a Thread, Choke, Shai Hulud, MYC (same as pridebowl), Boy Sets Fire, Face to Face, Strung Out… and plenty more.

Best Release of 1999?
My favourite release of ’99 is actually from ’98, but I got it in ’99 after almost 7 months of trying… and that is Adhesive – from left to right, one of the greatest albums of all time, from one of the greatest if not the greatest band of all time.

Do ballpoint try to play gigs with bands from other genres?
We dont particularly try to play with other bands but if we are asked to play with bands from other genres then we are more than happy to…. but if we did conciously strive to play with other Genres playing with Hip Hop DJ’s and Hip Hop groups has a distinct feel to it thats an avenue we would gladly travel down e.g Friday 12/11/99 Ballpoint, Epicene, Downsyde and DJ’s at the Hyde Park, for free… plug, plug.

Favourite local gig played?
Fav. local gig played – all the gigs we have done at the Grosvenor back room they have all been great.

Good luck with the Guttermouth support.
Thanks for the questions Adam I enjoyed answering them and it’s good to see people like yourself doing things to promote the scene and the bands within it…..

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A 3 piece punk rock band from Northam who released this record in 1998. Arguably the worst cover artwork of that year, they were nice enough guys and played around town for a few years.

This is their album ‘Backdown’.














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Change Of Face

From A CHANGE OF FACE are more than “just a punk band”. Their promotional CD Structures Built in TIme is a release of technical punk that belies their time together, and also their age. A CHANGE OF FACE formed in March 2001, 2 guitarists Chay and Luke, aswell as Ryan still only 16 at the time.
A big leg-up for the band was in early July when local mangement and booking agency, eightysix music, picked them up. Since then A CHANGE OF FACE have gone on to play frequent shows around WA, including an all ages show with Australian hardcore giants Mindsnare.

Here is two of their releases. From 2003 ‘Jealousy With A Halo’ and from 2002 ‘Drive On’. Both of these appear to be recorded with original drummer Ryan De Rozario who was replaced by Will Irving. De Rozario went on to play with Calerway. Guitarist Chay Robinson was also a member of The Critics.





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White Trash

I’ve wanted this record for ages. White Trash were fuckin’ awesome. This is their LP ‘Kamikaze’ from 1996.

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I don’t recall anything about this band. Will add some info if I remember anything. Heres their demo from 2000.

Helena – Demo

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3 Orange Whips

If I was ever faced with the dilemma of having to choose 1 single solitary CD from the history of Perth music that I was allowed to keep and had to bin the rest, it would be

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by 3 Orange Whips. It’s a riff heavy excursion into balls out rock and roll and it pretty much takes me straight back to any of their countless live shows I was lucky enough to witness. Dan Durack was the penultimate flailing wild frontman unafraid to be completely and absolutely himself even to the most uninterested audiences. Besty was always a sea of teeth and hair and seemed to be loving every moment. Graeame was quite bloody strange, yet loveable and reminded me of early 80s Donald Duck Dunn minus the pipe and afro. James was the meanest shortest elfman to ever wield a Gibson SG.

Perthsounds  has a really good recount of their time in the Perth scene, so much so that I think you should just read that.

Then watch The Whips as they play a horrendous lunchtime show to the little bastards that made up Esperance SHS that year,  no doubt who all went on to become habitual breeders and facebook status updaters. Honestly if you’ve ever been in a band that got sucked into doing a WAMI highschool appearance you will cringe along with me, this is painful. Credit to Music Is Crap.

Anyway I love this record and I loved this band.

Click here to download Three Orange Whips – Ladies and Gentleman 

And thanks to big site contributor Andris here is some more recordings.

Three Orange Whips – It’s Mirrorballs

Three Orange Whips – Keep It Unreal






And you can hear the soothing sounds of Dan Durack belting it out in London with his band ‘Thee Savage Kicks’.

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