Caddis – Use Only As Directed

A mid to late 90’s “Nu Metal” outfit, Caddis released this album in mid 1999.

Theres a great review of this on the Perth Metal blog by Jez, and I agree with every point he makes so rather than write anything of my own – read this.

Download here.

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Trench – Scarification

I almost didn’t rip this CD and post is simply because if you go into basically ANY Cash Converters in Perth you can buy a copy for a buck.

This is no mean feat seeing this record came out sometime around 1995.

The band flooded, and I mean FLOODED Cashies with their debut and perhaps only album with hundreds of copies over the years.

At one point there must have been 30 of them on the racks in the Osborne Park cashies and every other secondhand store within a 20km radius had a few as well. I went into the Mandurah store over xmas this year and they had 2 copies.

That aside this is a fairly decent 90s metal record, much in the vein of the first Allegiance album I guess. I never saw them play live that I recall but they shout the usual 90’s

metal bands from Perth in the liner notes such as SFD, Nebula, Downer, Grimoire, Choke etc.


Lead guitarist ‘Ershon’ was a year above me in high school and as far as I remember was about the most metal dude I’d ever seen by the time he was 15. Strangely this year at Churchlands High was also shared by Karl Smith from Thermos Cardy/Sodastream. You couldn’t get further apart musically if you tried.


Anyway here is the record ‘Scarification’. Enjoy.

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Light The Fuse compilation – M16’s, Fourstroke, The Volcanics.

Light The Fuse is a great compilation from 2005 featuring 4 songs from Perth’s best Rock’n’Roll bands – The VolcanicsThe M-16’s and Fourstroke. Also features 3 covers of The Bamboos, The Victims and The Bakery. It came out on ‘Out Of The Loop Records’ who have released some hot records in their time but may well be asleep now.

I stole the little write up above from Devils Rumble blog which has some great treats for your ears.

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More from AL @ Begerk

Members: Luke Marinavich – Vocals and Guitar, Jamie Hamilton – Drums, and Conor Cairns – Bass.

This is 8 songs recorded in 1998 at Dream Rehearsal Rooms by me when Bergerk! was a mobile studio. These guys played dirty distorted rock and I’m pretty sure these songs were never released. Connor left the band pretty soon after this recording and I’m not sure if they found another bass player or not. Luke went on to form Jed Whitey and Jamie went on to drum with Outstation, two amazing rock bands.

I’ve given these songs a good re-mastering so check them out.


Get it here.

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manic finster

This is their album ‘Spread’ ripped from tape.

Thanks again to Biznatch for this.

Get it here.

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Heres their 5 track EP. Thanks to Biznatch for the tape rip.

Also thanks to Senton here is their LP ‘Radioactive Theme Park’.


Heres some info added by Devo:

dystonia were a killer 3 piece. members were andy and 2 others that i cant remember names :( it will come to me. i skated in one of their film clips in perth city. they closed off king street carpark and we chased a guy dressed as a monkey (singh) who had a briefcase of banana’s. then went to forrest chase from memory.

Also the 3 from dystonia made up the band behind Domination Theory.

Thanks to Devo for sharing this!

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circus murders – west street

I honestly can’t remember any information about this band.

Circus Murders – West Street.

Heres a bit of insight from Moe:

Circus murders were made up of Roly Skender, who played in the band Skender, and more recently won the 2008 WAM song of the year as Roly Skender and the Tonics , Mat Cheetham, now with Downsyde, and one of the Horan brothers – other brother Rex horan played with Cinema Prague. The title of the album, West St, refers to a very short street in west perth, where members of the band lived in shared houses, along with members of cinema prague and a number of other bands in the 90s. Highlights of this album: confusion in a spanish blind man, harry’s cafe and Lockjaw

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cachexia – forkin baldies

Gotta love the title of this.  They were quite well known round Scarbs where I grew up. One of those bands you’d see jamming out at backyard parties. I miss that shit.

All you need to know is on their myspace :

It appears that Carl Planz and Gaul from this band now make up Crossbones.


Heres their 1994 demo ‘Forkin Baldies’.

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botticellis angels

I was indifferent about this band. Saw them a few times at The Lone Star(!!!) with SFD and Storytime. Declan Barry was a crazy fucker on stage, that much I remember. He went onto for NIL and moved to Melbourne.
Here we have an LP and a EP, both 94/5ish?

A Bullet for Your Thoughts and Mad Cow Disease EP.


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I was sent this by Dr. AL at Begerk, who I assume recorded this band.

4 songs of instrumental metal from Retaliator. These songs may have been released in 92 or 93 on cassette, I’m not 100% sure. I did see them live a few times and they were awesome muso’s, one of those rare bands that could really pull off intrumentals. Again, the studio notes are lost so I can’t remember their names but these songs were recorded by me at SAE in 92. I’ve given the songs some re-mastering and they scrub up alright.

Retaliator December 1992

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I probably don’t need to write anything here other than my copy of Supercharger still has the $15.95 sticker on it from Trax. It’s been to at least 15 countries with me and looks like I spilt a cup of sick on it at some point.

Valvolux – Chopper Squad

Valvolux – Supercharger

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