Begerk + Rage

Stolen from Dr Al’s Begerk Recordings facebook page, and well worth the repost.

Way too many hours spent watching Rage over the years has given me an unnatural love of filmclips. Yep, luv em. Anyway, I’ve got a playlist on youtube featuring all the clips I could find from past and present Bergerk! clients but if I’ve missed anyone let me know and I’ll add it in.

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Cremator – Fist Of Dredd

Love youtube. So hard.

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This was actually the first post on Perth Music Blog in about 2007. Storytime are a massive reason why I started this site in the first place. I’ve edited this post many times through the years and the most recent edit is below, from June 2016.

THEY’RE BACK!! New music, remasters of their records, new video, gigs in the diary supporting Shihad!

They have remastered versions of their records on their bandcamp HERE.

Their facebook page is HERE.

Welcome back Storytime.


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Perth Metal Blog

While not actually providing any music, this blog has some interesting and fairly in depth reviews of the major players in the Perth metal scene from days gone by.

I must admit I did have a laugh when I saw the line ‘Find a copy if you can, you won’t regret it’ to describe a SFD tape from 18 years ago. Luckily you can download it from here!

I don’t know who owns it but I’d sure like a few of the releases they have up there.

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Pretty stoked to have these tape rips. Used to see them play live all the time, they were awesome.

Thanks to Dr. Al for this one. This is their 1992 tape ‘Dematerialize’.




Recorded in 1993 this is ‘Destruction Of The Youth’.






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They have a pretty detailled myspace up still

Great writeup here. Click the cover for their 1994 album ‘Crawlspace’.













And this is their follow up album from 1995 ‘Control’.







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Heavyweight Champ

Sadly they called it quits at the end of 2007. Super talented band.

Here is their debut EP ‘Two Triple Zero’.










Two Triple Zero is the debut release from Perth heavy rock band Heavy Weight Champ. It was recorded in January 2000 at Subiaco’s Pinnacle Studios in three days. Some additional mixing and mastering was completed at Watt (or iFAAT as it was then known) Studios before the band launched the record to a sold out Amplifier Bar in Perth on 25 August with Long-Bo Tom, Karnivool, Caddis and Full Scale Deflection in support. “Two Triple Zero” went on to chart in the Australian Independent Record Companies Association Chart Top 20 for almost a year.


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faces of death

They got a fairly pic heavy facebook page here. Existing in the Perth metal/grind scene from 92-98 it seems they’ve recently reformed and plan on releasing some new stuff.

Amazing youtube videos here too.

Self titled LP here.


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A Bus Crash Decapitation

Some crunchy thrash/grindcore from the left coast.




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Perthquake Compilation

This great compilation is from about 2001 and features Boredumb / Billings Method / Caddis / Downsyde / Jed Whitey / Negative Reply / CPS / Dropsick Injektors / The Dirty Whittler / Ballpoint / No Wonder / Matty B / PC Thug and Fourstroke.

Awesome stuff. Get it here.




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W.A Grade Compilation

This is a great 2003 compilation by PCW Records featuring some of the best hardcore/punk/pop punk bands the city had to offer at that time.

The label was also responsible for another compilation ‘Perthquake‘.


This one has tracks from :  3 Days Later / AIDS / Alleged / Capital City / Change of Face / Eleventh He Reaches London / Fool The World / From The Ruins / Homicides / Jed Whitey / Kerb / Killed In Action / Last Years Hero / Local Pricks / Miles Away / Nailed Down / Negative Reply / PC Thug / The Coffins / The Critics / The Dead Ends / Times Up / Waste Of Space / Whitechapel ..

Get it here.



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The Dirty Whittler

Here’s an awesome website of theirs which I hadn’t seen til now :

And thanks again to Andris for these 3 records :

Dirty Whittler – Flossing With Meat

Dirty Whittler – GCAGBDRFS

Dirty Whittler – Here It Is









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Subtruck is a heavy groove rock band that was formed in 1998 in Perth, Western Australia by singer/guitarist Phil Bradley, previously of The Jackals.


Debut self titled 3 track EP ‘Subtruck’.


Added another release as it does indeed seem they are not no longer playing.

From 2002 this is the LP ‘Songs To Whistle At War’. 












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Finally I have the Downer tape ‘Swell’ to add to the site. I’ve had their album ‘Greater Scrape’ since it came out but never had the tape. Thanks to Senton from forums for the tape, he said he was given a cd copy from Joey K (The Devil Rides Out, iNFeCTeD). Great effort.

Stolen from Perth Metal  : Once upon a time in Perth lived a band called Dumptruck. In this time Death Metal was gaining some serious momentum in Perth, Nebula, Grimoire, Suffrence and FOD were just a few of the bands of this genre in 94, but Downer would have been the biggest. After some years of local attention they became noticed by a US band of the same name and after threats of litigation were pretty much forced to change their name. Thus Downer was born.

So heres two Downer releases in one package.


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PC Thug

The hardest thrashin’ fuckers Perth ever did see. Collectively the members made up some of Perths best bands, both before and after PC Thug (apart from Cam who was in Prickle apparently).

Download 3 EP’s in one bunch  (1999 High Energy Comment, 2001’s Product of the Times, 2003’s Warn the Others)






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Closet Panic Sniveller – Communicallous

I saw these guys play quite alot actually. Usually with Swapmeat, who they released a split LP with called ‘Lickety Split’ (which I will put up sometime).

Hard to escape the Bungle comparisons on this one. I just don’t think Perth really ever ‘got’ what they were about and as such they were relegated to the wasteland that was saturday nights

at The White Sands and the occasional metal show. I quite like this EP now.

From 2002 this is ‘Communicallous’.

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Angus McDeth


Ultra-cult Venom-style thrash metal features on both this man’s albums. The music is bad and the lyrics are cheesy beyond belief, but whether this is intentional or an accident is uncertain, either way its AWESOME.

And he used a drum machine!

First up, ‘Evil Empire’ from 1993.

And ‘The Great Horned Beast’ from 1995.



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Stoneface – Deep Fried

Don’t recall ever seeing them live. They have a website of sorts still online here.

Seems they had 3 releases. This is ‘Deep Fried’ from 1995.

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What a fucking band. Took me ages to find these records (and a tape) which is a shame as they were a huge band by local standards. There is a lot about them on youtube.

Heres 2 albums, Skinman and Destitution.

This is their 1992 Demo ‘Torn Between Two Worlds’.

This their live CD ‘Time To React‘, recorded in December 1994 at ther Triple J studios in Perth.


I’ve stolen a bunch of pictures from around the web and from their myspace etc as these things have a habit of disappearing from the internet.


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Atomsfear were quite competent musicans and obviously played live quite a lot. I seem to recall the singer being responsible for the SLAM gigs often held at the Newport and other venues and those gigs did a lot of good for up and coming bands so hats off to him.

Atomsfear – Sharon Stone. (1998). Click the artwork to download..

Next is the 1996 LP ‘Pop Sick Kill‘.



And also from 1996 another LP called ‘Stash‘.



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