Full Scale

From wiki :


Full Scale were formed in 1998 in Perth as Full Scale Deflection. By 1999, they consisted of Ezekiel the Ox on lead vocals, Nic Frey on drums, Chris Frey on bass guitar, Forrester Savell on synthesiser, and Jimmy Tee on guitar. Matt Crute (aka Crutey) soon replaced Nic Frey on drums. Rob Kaay replaced Chris Frey on bass guitar by 2000.[1] They released the album, Symptoms of Chaos, on 11 November 2000. The band dropped the word Deflection from their name and then moved to Melbourne in 2001. Despite playing their original songs for some of their shows, they developed new music.

Kaay and Andrew McGuiness (a lawyer) formed a record label, Popstar Records, and Full Scale released their debut extended play, Black Arrows in March 2003. This was followed by a second EP, White Arrows in August.[2] There was a brief line-up change; Tee left the band, being replaced by Tristan Ross for about six months. Under the management of Kaay, the band toured the east coast extensively.

According to Allmusic‘s reviewer, Johnny Loftus, “the band’s hard-hitting, gristly sound – led by Ox’s vocal seethe – caught the interest of American majors”.[3] By the end of the year, Tee rejoined and the band moved to Los Angeleswhere they were signed to Columbia Records (SonyBMG)[4] and released their self-titled album, Full Scale, on 8 March 2005.[5] After the album’s release they toured the United States as the opening act for US rap rock band, Hed PE.[6]

Upon returning to Australia, Crutey and Tee decided to play one last show with the band and Ben Brennan (Seven, Full Scale Revolution) played his first show with Full Scale on bass guitar at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne on 17 March 2006. Ox moved on to a new group, Mammal.[5]

In January 2016 Ox and Tee announced that they were reforming the band with a new rhythm section of Chris Webber (Webbsy) and Leigh Miller. They announced February 2016 tour dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The band released a new song entitled “Jurassic Graveyard” in January 2018, and embarked on a national tour of Australia.[7] So far, no new album has yet been announced.

Here is their 2 LP’s. Enjoy.

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Here’s a bit from wiki.

Laura Glitsos formed Purrvert with drummer Nicholas Jonsson (End of Fashion, The Panda Band, Eskimo Joe), Roderick Tompkins (The Deaf Jefferies), and Troy “Spud” Anthony, in late 1999.

Purrvert gigged the Perth local circuit from 2000 to 2004, until Glitsos moved to Paris to work on the first English speaking radio station in the city, Paris Live Radio. Purrvert released two EPs entitled Tale Spinners  and Weapons of Mass ProductionPurrvert toured regionally, in Bunbury and Margaret River, and nationally, playing at St. Kilda’s Espy Hotel with Dylan Lewis’ alternative funk band Brown Hornet. Purrvert is remembered for playing in Perth with a diverse range of bands, such as The Panda BandRollerskates, Karnivool, and Spiderbait. In a 2002 Xpress Magazine review article, Brett Ladhams wrote,

The stunning Laura G anchors Purrvert to the hearts of men and the minds of girls with her strong, confident stage presence and inimitable hip hop style. While the band may be sick of hearing it, Purrvert sound unmistakably like the late, great Rage Against The Machine, which is a good thing. A little overbearing at time, Laura’s vocals combine with the often-brilliant Purrvert band to create a stage show all its own in Perth.
This is their 2005 release ‘Take Spinners’. Click the artwork to download it.
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SLAM – Supporting Local Alternative Music

This is a 1999 compilation from S.L.A.M, an organisation who put on a load of great shows around Perth in the 90’s and 00’s. I believe it was run by Steve from Atmosfear.

This one contains music from Wax Tadpole (the first thing we’ve had up from them bizarrely), Stoneface, Atmosfear, Thumb, Greenroom, F.U.L.L, Spyder Moe, Troutman, D’Karn and a whole load more great bands from the mid to late 90’s Perth scene. Some of them are making their first appearance on the site via this great compilation. Click the cover art to download it.


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Here we have 2 records from the wonderfully bizarre O! They have a bandcamp page up here.

O! was active in the Perth indi-rock scene from 1990 to 1997, part of Chapter Music’s early years. Members went on to play in bands such as Adam Said Galore, Mukaisake, Tucker B’s, Harry Smith, Umpire, 10 Bit Tonsil and Catherine Traicos and the Starry Night.

Their first LP was called Sporco and came out in 1994. Next up came ‘Morass of Shiny Cudgels’ in 1997. Click either covers to grab them both.



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Kiss My Wami

This is possibly the largest post this site will ever see and has taken years of work to compile.

Passionately committed to championing Western Australian music since 1987, WAM is the peak industry body responsible for supporting, nurturing and growing all forms, genres and levels of original contemporary music in WA.

WAM was originally formed as the Western Australian Rock Music Industry Association Inc. (WARMIA) in 1985, with its main aim to develop and run annual awards recognising achievements within the music industry in Western Australia. WAM first received project funding from the state government in 1989, and in the early 1990s the word “rock” was dropped from the title to give the organisation scope to take on a broader constituency.

And what a job they do! I’ve always been a fan of WAM and the great work they do for W.A music. Hats off to all involved throughout the years. From their annual awards shows, enormous amount of gigs they put on or help with, to sponsorship, to their work helping remote outback artists get recorded and heard, WAM and the people behind it has been a fairly integral part of the WA music scene for a very long time.

Since 1997 they have released a compilation CD that showcases a great cross section of music from all parts of the state.

I’ve managed to collect most of them over time and felt it would be great if they could be shared online. I will update this post with artwork as I scan covers of each year. I have some of them done already. Some years had up to 3 audio CD’s and a DVD. I have not included the DVD’s due to their sheer size, just the music. Click the year or the artwork to download a zip file of the music. You will more than likely need to do this from a computer due to their size. Enjoy!









1999 –  artwork to follow








2002 – artwork to follow






2004 – A very concise version of the WAM CD this year. 1 CD only, called ‘The WAM Weekender’.






Kiss my WAMi 2006


2007 – artwork to follow









Kiss my WAMi 2010


2011 (Discs 2/3 do not have artist names on the tracks. Grab the tracklist image below.)












2014 and onward……soon to come!




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Perth CD’s for sale!

Throughout the years of running this blog and collecting Perth music, I seem to have inadvertently ended up with some doubles (and triples) of some CD’s. I know physical media is oh-so-passé these days but here’s a list of some extra discs I am happy to let go to new homes. A fiver each seems fair? Let me know what you’re into and I’ll put them aside. I don’t live in Perth but I’ll be down a couple weeks and can work out somewhere for you to pick them up. Email elhornet@elhornet.com

All Washed Out
Capital City vs The Bangkok Lady Boys
Cinema Prague – Zasph!
Fluid Time Carnival
The Growl – Cleaver Lever
Gyroscope – Sound Shattering Sound
Hazel Bionic – The Princess May
Header – Sugarfix
The Homicides – Gimme Some More
Jebediah – Of Someday Shambles (2 copies)
Martian Radio (aka Wasted Youth)
No Flowers – Broken Head
No Flowers – One Day Closer
PC Thug – Warn The Others
Red Jezebel – Joyful Possibilities
Sodastream – Reservations
Team Jedi – Good Morning Last Night
Whitechapel – Image Over Content
Valvolux – Supercharger (currently spoken for)
WA Grade Perth Punk + HC Compilation
Wormfarm – You Betcha (2 copies)
WAMI 2008 and 2011

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T Cells

“The exciting live band to come out of Perth have been described as U2 meets Fear Factory. It’s a heavy rock rhythms collision with pop vocal sensibilities.”

Saw these guys a few times at The Lookout on lineups with bands like Mutt, Caddis, Greenroom, FSD etc.

I don’t know a lot about them so here’s the music. This is their full length called ‘Impact’.

Click the cover to download.



And here is a 7 tracker called Cycotoxic.



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Fatal Array

Thanks to Scott B for sending this in. I will update the bio shortly.

Here is their 1993 self titled LP. Click the cover to download.



Last line-up

Peter Burke

: Guitar

Wayne Russell

: Bass

Dave Thomas

: Drums

Mark Thomas

: Vocals

Glen Thomson

: Guitar

Past members

Others bands/comments
Glenn Robinson : Vocals
Roger Melville : Guitar
Alan Ch’ng : Guitar Suffrance
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The Western Front compilation

This is a early 90’s compilation put out by Western Front, WAMIA and supported  by the Department For The Arts.

According to a short description I found,

  • This compilation CD is an initiative of W.A.M. – the Western Australian Music Industry Association. The name “Western Front” was quite purposely chosen, with all the war-like images it evokes, to signify the struggle that artists from this side of Australia often face in marketing and distributing their product and furthering their careers.

Artists featured are Allegiance, Storytime, The Mars Bastards, Vivid, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, Hogfodder and Favourite Game. This is the first time some of these bands have featured on the site which is awesome! Thanks to Charley for submitting this CD. I believe there may have been a few of these released over the years?

Click the cover to download it.


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Black Alice

This found its way to my inbox a while ago. I’ve pasted the entire bio as this is a little before my time though. Pretty awesome stuff if like early 80’s rockkkkk!

Black Alice was a Perth heavy metal band from the early 1980s that sounded like Judas Priest.

The album was financed by West Coast Records, Perth, of which was managed by Gary Keady who at the time had an output deal with Powderworks Records in Sydney and Powderworks were an independent distributed by RCA. RCA sponsored their recording session in Singapore and released the album internationally before it was made available in Australia.

Powderworks never released the album, only the single ‘In the Hall of the Ancient Kings’. The album was only ever released in Europe with a deal done by Gary Keady with John Glover of ‘Street Tunes’, who owned the library of Paul Kossoff.

Black Alice were badly done by. The album Endangered Species was excellent and totally original, a little ahead of it’s time for Australia. Even Kerrang voted it in 1984 as one of most original albums to come out of Australia. Like a lot of Australian albums at the time ‘Endangered Species’ got caught up in the independent ‘hassle’. Because the album was made without major record company support and because the band was from Perth, there was little chance of getting a deal direct with a major and thus no hope of gaining promotion to promote the album and the band. It was not a particular success and Black Alice effectively ceased to be shortly afterward.
In 1988 Page and Hartley revived the band with help from Cichon and Johnston from Rose Tattoo to provide the soundtrack for the film Sons of Steel in which Hartley starred.

Page formed Trilogy in 1984 with two former members of Saracen and later did extensive session work including two Angus McDeth albums and in the mid-90s formed a cover band called Black and Blue that evolved into Black Steel.
01. Wings Of Leather, Wings Of Steel
02. Psycho
03. Hell Has No Fury Like Rock ‘N’ Roll
04. Place Of Slaughter
05. In The Hall Of The Ancient Kings
06. Roll The Dice
07. Running Hot, Running Wild
08. Rat Catchers Eyes
09. Power Crazy
10. No Warning

Rob Hartley (vocals)
Jamie Page (guitar)
Vince Linardi (bass)
Joe Demasi (drums)

Click the cover to ROCK!


Endangered Species

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Hailstones Kill 200

Released on Grindhead Records in 2004, this is a ridiculously heavy LP by Hailstones Kill 200 entitled “June 19 1932“.

The band featured members of Extortion, AIDS and Jed Whitey.

Click the cover for the music.


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They have a myspace and I’m stealing the bio from there as they’ve not logged in for 3 years.

Rothgar was formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1988 when the founding members Andrew Day, Michael Berry-Porter and Hywel Stoakes (all only 13 years old at the time) met each other in in their first year of high school and bonded over their common interest in metal. After a few drummer changes early in the year of 1988 they settled on Lawrence Stock. Michael recorded and produced their first album length cassette at the beginning of 1989 under the name Dark Skies. It featured songs such as ‘On the Run’ and ‘Midnight Exodus’. A second session that year was unfortunately unfinished due to analogue tape problems. A name change followed again and their second (this time a concept) album length tape emerged under the band name Insania in 1989. After this they finally settled on the name Rothgar and in 1990 finished “Where Chaos Reigns” with new drummer Adam ‘Pedro’ Pedretti taking up the drummer role. This cassettte showed a marked improvement as the songs were getting more mature and complex. It was nominated for a WAMI award and the band, still in their mid teens were starting to get attention on local metal shows leading to their first gig. They soon became regulars on the Perth scene, playing with bands such as Allegiance, Infected, Downer, SFD, Fury. In 1991 another cassette “Sea of Fire” was released to the public. 1992 saw the release of “Inside the Glass Confines” the band’s last completed recording. They continued to gig and write new material into 1993 but unfortunately the new songs were lost in history after a studio session was stolen and the band broke up shortly afterwards. ..

All these recordings have been ripped from 20 year old cassette tapes, so as you can imagine the quality is not outstanding. The music however is remarkable and shows the skill of these musicians who were all very young at the time.

Here is the tape ‘Where Chaos Reigns’, recorded April 1991. (Click cover to download).


And here is ‘Inside The Glass Confines’ and the ‘Sea Of Fire’ demo tape.

Also HERE is an unreleased Rothgar track called ‘Unsaid’ that was recorded in 1994 and did not surface until 2013.


And HERE is a great review of one of these tapes on the Perth Metal blog. Truly great.


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Intricut – Not Over On Amber

I picked this up at Dadas earlier this year. Price sticker says November 2005.

Not much info to be found online at all. It’s a fairly decent EP best described as rock/metal/funk fusion. I quite like it! I know nothing about the band themselves. Perhaps someone can shed some light.

Click the cover to download.


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Yuppify or Die compilation

I think I was sent this from the people behind the Dullsville blog.


This is a 2 hour, 60 track cassette tape compilation put out by Stumbles from Rupture in 91. It consists of demo tracks, live recordings and unreleased material from Perth punk and hardcore bands from the early 80s through till 1991. A lot of junk, but there are some real gems in there.

I believe this is also the first recording I have of the band Thou Gideon on this site. Other notable mentions are a live recording of ’21’ and ‘Doctor Who’ by Cinema Prague from 1990 and a whole bunch of other fast/loud/noisy stuff from bands I’ve featured on this site such as Storm Of Perversion, Rupture, Black Sheep, Threshold Of Pain etc.

Get it here.

cover (1)

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Kayjun – Storm

Remnants of a website here. I stole all the info from there as I did not see them play personally.

Kayjun formed in 1996 on the foundation of strong friendships between all members of the band. Kayjun was the first band for each of the members, and in the early days found its feet by playing covers of their favourite bands, like Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and the Screaming Jets.

Kayjun’s early performances were enjoyed by all, and within months the band began playing at parties for friends and strangers alike.

After almost a year of playing covers, Kayjun decided that their musical future lay in writing and performing their own songs. In late 1997 the song-books were cast aside and the long, hard road of original song writing began in earnest.

Kayjun were the “most popular band” at Gozzy Rock, an annual, regional band competition, in each of 1997 and 1998, and were also the overall runner-up in both years.

Kayjun were semi-finalists at the statewide Next Big Thing competition in 1998. This competition is open to music of all types, and Kayjun were commended on their performances by judges of wide musical persuasions.

Kayjun were one of four nominees for Perth’s Best Original Heavy Metal Band in the 1999 WAMI awards.

They called it quits in 2001 and guitarist Anthony Wong went on to play axe for Syzygy.

Here is their EP ‘Storm’. Release date uncertain, I think around 1998 or 1999.

scan0047 scan0048


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An unreleased Rothgar track.

It’s funny how the six degrees of separation can sometimes feel like 3 degrees, or even 2. Especially in Perth.

Long story short I was at visiting a friends place I’d not seen for many years. He puts me onto a work colleague who is on the phone. The gentleman on the phone tells me he loves this blog and he has an unreleased Rothgar track that nobody has ever heard before.

A month or two (or 5 years) passes and it surfaces in my inbox.

So here we have a track called ‘Unsaid’ by early 90’s Perth metal lords, Rothgar. Recorded sometime around late 1993 or early 1994, the track was laid down at the School of Audio Engineering when they were in East Perth. Paul Bell (Engineer and drummer from Baptism Of Hate) was present at the session and grabbed a copy on tape.

Rothgar – Unsaid. (click to download).

I have also put it on Youtube.



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The Next Big Thing – 10 year anniversary dvd.

Thanks to Leo for sending this disc to me!

I was not aware that this organisation was no more and that is a definite shame. The Next Big Thing kicked off in 1996 and was responsible

for the promotion of countless Perth bands through shows, releasing compilation cds and helping artists out  in many ways.

This disc contains a huge amount of music as well as a bunch of interviews with musicians, promoters and journalists from Perth and regional Western Australia.

Heres the music. It’s 489 megs in size and is all of the 130 odd tracks from the annual NBT CD’s 1996-2006. Well worth the download.

And here is the artwork for all of the cd’s. 26 megs.

Heres part 1 of the DVD :

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Channel 31 – Filter

A fantatic VHS conversion thanks to Figg featuring a pretty healthy cross section of the Perth scene in the year 2000.

It features interviews and footage of No Wonder, Capital City, The Rats,  Turnstyle, Brett Rowe (that hair!!),  DJ’s

Echoic, BJam, Krank, Dan Stinton and some of Perths record store staff at the time.



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The Next Big Thing Volume 3

Presented by Healthways, Drinksafe and Respect Yourself, this is a compilation from 1998. It features 12 tracks from acts such as John Butler,

Wide Open Spaces (aka Halogen), Idle 55, The Dirty Whitler but to name a few.


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FOE – Freedom Of Expression (1998)

Due to their currently being about 14,000 bands that have existed throughout time with the same name as this band and their album,

I found it quite hard to find out anything about them online. My memory is a blur about FOE. I know I saw them but don’t remember much more than that.

This record is what you’d best describe as a metal/rock/funk hybrid.

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