Stolen from Music Australia:

Sugarchild grew out of the grunge era, which inspired two fourteen year old girls with bad attitudes and even worse hair to start their own band. Those girls were Katie Attwell (vocals/piano) and Joanne Dolphin (bass). They roped in Ian, Jo’s brother, who was rather good at playing the guitar, and an early incarncation of Sugarchild was born.

Sugarchild commenced gigging 1995 and soon became noteworthy in the flourishing Perth original music scene. Reviewers likened them to the Sundays, Portishead, the Cranberries and U2. They praised the “haunting pop tunes”, “powerful melodies” and “rich intertwining guitars”.

Sugarchild’s early career featured a number of high profile gigs including the prestigious “Bang” Artrage Closing Party (1995) and the Kiss My Wami Awards (1996-2000). In 1996, the band was nominated in the categories of “most promising new band” and “most popular female vocalist”. Their song “The Problem” appeared on the 1998 Kiss My Wami CD. The track “Sad 80’s Pop” was included on RTR FM’s Live at the Cornflakes (1997).

The band were state finalists in the 1996 NAD Campus Bands competition, where reviewers praised their “glorious muse…simple, thoughtful delivery” and “excellent form of indie pop”, “a set filled with catchy rhythms and angelic melodies…the most impressive set of the night”. They also appeared at the “Totally Frocked” Women in Music gig and RTR’s “In the Pines” (1997) to similar critical acclaim.

Sugarchild released their self-titled debut EP on the 19th September 1998 at the Grosvenor Frontroom (Perth) to an appreciative crowd and rave reviews. The CD was recorded in July 1997 at Revolver Sound Studios, Perth, with Ben Glatzer, and mastered by Don Bartley at Studio 301, NSW. The recording received high rotation airplay on RTR FM, Perth’s top independent radio station, and was also played several times on Triple J’s Oz Music Show.




I liked this band. Initially. They mellowed at an alarming rate though and ended up a very chilled out, almost entirely acoustic or ‘alt country’ as their myspace claims.

This is their release ‘Watch The Walls’ from 2000, a single called ‘Coconut and Lime’ from 2002 as well as their 2002 6 tracker ‘Make It Happen’. Sadly I don’t have any of the earlier stuff. They had a nice track called ‘Problem’ on the 1998 Wami CD which I’ll upload at some point.

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Umpire – Green Light District

I don’t normally post new music on this blog, but I can’t stop listening to this song. You may recognise members from bands such as Adam Said Galore, O and Mukaizake.

Buy their record here. Seriously worth the purchase. It’s a measly 8 bucks for the download.



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Rosemary Beads

Unfortunately the Rosemary Beads (specifically Gretta Little) do not want their music archived here.

It’s taken 10 years of running this site for anyone to take such offence at their art being remembered on this little pocket of the internet. Even though I had removed their music many months ago and replaced it with links to Citadel Records online shop where you could purchase 2 of their EP’s, this was not enough. I received this today from Gretta and have now taken down the flyers, pictures and bio that was on this post originally. The threats at the end really hit a nerve.

At the end of the day however, it is their art and how they choose for it to be consumed is up to them … to a point. If you want music to be ‘yours’ and nobody else’s – don’t release it. And don’t be a dick.







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Charlottes Web – Short Time Straight

Thankyou to Devo for the contributions today.

First up –

Charlotte’s Web were an Australian Indie pop band, formed in Perth, Western Australia, briefly as Catherine Wheels, in 1986 with mainstay Jeffery Lowe on vocals and guitar.The band released Flies in the Face of… on cassette in January 1988 and Short Time Strait as an EP in February 1991 before disbanding later that year.

Wiki link :’s_Web_(band)

Charlottes Web – Short Time Straight


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Bucket – Flounder / Muddle

I’ve had the Flounder EP since it was new (bought from TRAX Innaloo…what!). I never saw them live that I can recall!

They have a new Facebook page which is quite awesome and has been documenting some of their history.

RTRFM recently did a great history session on them too. You can stream that here.

I had never actually heard the Muddle LP until getting sent it by Dave Fallon and its great. Thanks Dave!

From 1994 this is the ‘Flounder’ EP.

And the 1995 LP ‘Muddle’.



For fans of that Swervedriver-esque 90’s shoegaze this is a must have.

bucket album launch bucket flanders teamjedi


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Idle 55

This band has had quite a remarkable history which I had no idea about until I went to rip this CD I recently acquired from Dadas.

I saw them once in 1998 and whilst not my cup of tea, their name stuck with me.  Here is their website. The bio section is a pretty amazing read and gives a great account of their lives

as 20-something musicians travelling through Europe and the UK spreading their music as best they could. Quite admirable in a pre-internet world.

This is their self titled LP from either 98 or 99.


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Cartman – Nobody EP

Another band who I can pilfer information about from Wikipedia. This entry was clearly written by someone in the band but gives you a good insight into them.

Heres the Nobody EP from 2000.

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Atomsfear were quite competent musicans and obviously played live quite a lot. I seem to recall the singer being responsible for the SLAM gigs often held at the Newport and other venues and those gigs did a lot of good for up and coming bands so hats off to him.

Atomsfear – Sharon Stone. (1998). Click the artwork to download..

Next is the 1996 LP ‘Pop Sick Kill‘.



And also from 1996 another LP called ‘Stash‘.



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Bluetile Lounge

Man I can’t believe I haven’t put this up yet.

What a fucking band. Serious. Amazing. And I’ll come right out and get the obvious out of the way; they played slow. Real slow. And I honestly think that if they were still around now and starting their careers as a new group in 2011 they’d be huge. Singer Daniel Erickson now plays for Mukaizake who you need to check out if you haven’t already. Drummer Alex Stevens is an architect in London. I don’t know about the others.


They released 2 things. An EP called Lowercase in 1995, and the 1998 LP ‘Half Cut’. You can get both on eBay usually.

Stolen from :

Formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1991, Bluetile Lounge underwent a lengthy incubation period in order to perfect their singular sound, waiting a full two years later to debut, and even then only in the most intimate, living-room settings. These shows slowly led to dodgy pub gigs, and culminated in the creation of their debut album, lowercase. Released in late 1995 on the Summershine label via the reccomendation of Low guitarist Alan Sparhawk, the album was distributed in the US by Sub Pop.


Stolen from cduniverse:

BLUETILE LOUNGE discography. Perth, Australia’s Bluetile Lounge create one of the most delicately held-together Walls of Sound possible, which means there is something both sad and captivating about the music, with its alternately quiet and loud dynamics always unfurled at the same painstaking pace, which surely takes a few hints from the music of the Velvet Underground, or more likely that band’s prettier descendent Galaxie 500. The hushed moments act as the spaces in the music, but they seem more like musical shrouds than clarifiers; it is when the guitars, bass, and drums come crashing down that the most introspection is inspired. The sound cacophonies conjured up by the band are like epiphanies, vast, sublime vistas full of brittle chordal architecture, cities in the mind that are wholly intoxicating because they make you wait for the payoff, the end of the dream. The band’s second album, Half-Cut, is full of moments in which tension is built up like a slow-forming tidal wave, almost as if the band stores the tension in some room with the door bowing and splintering under its weight and pressure before letting it out in a great gust of breath that contains everything: frustration, pain, euphoria, bliss, all passing by interminably as objects. There is not always sufficient enough difference between the melodies, especially since many of the songs last seven minutes or longer and the vocals are more like subliminal whispers beneath the music than anything else. Certain songs, however, do rise out of the sound: “Lapsis,” a gorgeous, drowsy ballad with a gossamer web of harmonies; the three-minute bit of metaphysical noodling, “Shifty,” a listless raga; the short cosmic stomp of “Whiner.” But even if Half-Cut consisted entirely of one long, shimmering, melodic drone like the ones on this album, it would be worth it to let the half-speed beauty sprinkle down over you, like a rain shower on a warm day. Howard Healy (vocals, guitar, bass); Gabriell Cotton (guitar, piano, background vocals); Alexander Stevens (drums, percussion). Personnel: Alexander Stevens (drums, percussion).

Click the album cover to download ‘Lowercase’  from 1995.

And here is ‘Half Cut’ from 1997.


And some youtube links :


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Yummy Fur – Fur’ther

Due to there being a Glaswegian band of the same name existing at almost the same time period its quite hard to find much online about Yummy Fur.

However, if you were going to shows in Perth in the 90’s I probably don’t need to write much about them as they were pretty

much unavoidable during that decade.

Here is their 1993 EP called ”Fur’ther”.


Whilst on a google loop I ran into this project which appears to include one of the previous members Jerome Maz :

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Glimmer – Save It Til Starlight

Thanks to ‘d’ for the comment on this post. I’ve stolen it and now we have a write up about Glimmer.


Glimmer were quite important to the late 90′s scene in that the band had Kirsty and Rob who ran Halflight Records. The band always got a high number of other bands members rock up to watch them.
Halflight released Plutonic Girl’s ‘X ray Vision’, a couple of Red Jezebel EPs, Anodyne 500s ‘Treasureway’ and also the first record by Deloris (melbourne).
They also ran a recording studio that im sure many other bands rehearsed or recorded at. (i know Jebs rehearsed some of Someday Shambles there).
They got a bit of JJJ airplay with one song off this album and when JJJ decided to eventually do a live broadcast from WA i think it was all halflight bands that played live.
After changing drummers they changed there name to Braving the Seabed.

So yeah thats something about this band!

Glimmer – Save It Til Starlight

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I love it when a band has a wikipedia entry I can steal from!

Sodastream were an Australian duo consisting of Karl Smith (vocals, guitar) and Pete Cohen (double bass, backing vocals).They have toured widely in Australia, US, Europe and Japanand have had national rotation on Triple J.

The band began in Perth in 1997,recording and releasing their debut EP Enjoy. In 1998 the band relocated to Melbournewhere they recorded and released their second EP Practical Footwear.

In 1999 Sodastream undertook their first tour of Europe including shows in Holland and England. The band then signed with UK label Tugboat Records. Later that year they returned to Europe to play the Crossing Border Festival.

The following year they recorded and released their first album, Looks Like a Russian, toured Europe again and had their first shows in Australia outside Perth and Melbourne.

In 2001 Sodastream recorded and released their follow-up album, The Hill For Company, undertook two national Australian tours and another tour of Europe.

This was then followed by another two tours of Europe in 2002 and 2003 including a live performance on Italian MTV, two national tours of Australia and the band’s first tour of Japan. 2003 also saw the recording and release of the band’s third album A Minor Revival.

In 2004 Sodastream undertook their first tour of the United States,with further tours of Europe and Australia. The following year saw the recording and the release of the EP Take Me With You When You Go and in 2006 the release of the album Reservations. This was followed by an extensive European tour.

The band announced their break-up on 18 February 2007. Their final show was at Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club on 2 March 2007.

Born from the ashes of  Thermos Cardy came Sodastream. A little too lo-fi and jangly for my own personal tastes at the time they achieved quite a lot

of notoriety outside the bleak confines of the Perth scene and attracted small yet passionate audiences  on their frequent international tours.

You can still buy their music in both cd and mp3 (via iTunes) from their official site here. A very in depth discography of their career exists here.

I’ve decided to put up 2 things from them, their first and their last releases. I guess it shows quite clearly their evolution as a group and Karl Smith even demonstrates

a rare exercise in distortion pedal on their 1997 debut ‘Enjoy’.


The EP ‘Practical Footwear’ from 1998 contains some awesome extra content including a video and some photos. These are below.

Sodastream – Neon

Their Youtube channel has some other videos here

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Team Jedi

A mainstay of the Perth indie pop scene through the 90’s and 00’s was Team Jedi.  They released several EP’s and one LP through their 9 year lifespan before calling it quits in 2004,  strangely not long after the release of their debut LP , ‘Good Morning Last Night’.

Whats left of their offical website is here, and a super cute and very 90’s angelfire/geocities fan page is left here.

Here is three of their releases.

Good Morning Last Night ultrakeen

You can hear drummer Kris Dimitrof singing backing vocals on the new Umpire single.  He also fronts the band Russian Winters who have a record due in September 2011.

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flashing tablet

I first remember seeing this band at the campus bands competition, maybe 1997? They were up against Freuds Pillow and other bands I don’t recall. Freuds apparently ‘won’ the round, but pretty much everyone in the crowd thought this was bullshit and went off on the judges demanding FT got a wildcard into the finals. The finals was another eventful night at the Planet which I was also at. I really liked this band and they rocked the shit out of Planet that night. I have no idea who won. Team Jedi maybe?

Anyway, Carl from Flashing Tablet was kind enough to get in touch with us.

My first band was Violet Slide (circa 92/93) which most people have forgotten (I wish I could forget) but we played many gigs supporting The Rainyard.

The other band was Flashing Tablet who garnered a certain degree of notice and notoriety in the mid 90′s to late 90′s.

FT released a CD called ‘Venus Casino’ in 199….7 I think it was….
Here’s some links to FT related stuff that still exists on the web … jog the memory…it jogged mine!

Cheers and keep up the fine work

Carl P
Ex Flashing Tablet


Flashing Tablet – Venus Casino

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Terrible name aside, I liked this band. Their song ‘Anky Fremp’ is awesome.

It appears lead singer Luke Bostelman is a high school teacher now based on the comments.

Here is 3 of their releases.  ‘Spadework’ from 1995, ‘Small Town Big Chip’ from 1997 and ‘Mud and Five Ways To Serve It’ from 1998. Click any of the covers below to download.

They also released a posthumous compilation entitled ‘Urgency Factor‘ in 2006 on Deep Elm Records. It is essentially all of their 2nd EP and a couple of tracks from their 3rd.


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Incredibly popular Perth band who I don’t need to go on about too much, but they were awesome. Musta seen them 2o times. Considerate recycled cardboard cd packaging. Super quirky funk/punk rock jams. Instantly recognisable and loveable lineup. Yep that was them.




Heres their myspace.

Here is a link to 3 albums. Who Cares Wins, Ecopax and Nothing.


Thanks to Andris here is ‘Pelt’. 







They did some amazing video clips through their career too.

This one won the won the 1998 ‘Recovery’ video competition and the 1998 West Australian screen awards for best music video.




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Adam Said Galore

This post is for Adam Said Galores incredible debut EP ‘Domino Comfort’ from 1997.

You can buy the rest of their cds, and you bloody well should.  Click the cover to download.


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I found these in a second hand store in London of all places.

Ammonia 11th Avenue

Ammonia rocked. Definitely one of my favourite bands from W.A.

Heres their wiki entry :

And their myspace fanpage :

Click the album art to download.


Added Mint 400 finally. Click album cover below to get it.


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