Bucket – Flounder / Muddle

I’ve had the Flounder EP since it was new (bought from TRAX Innaloo…what!). I never saw them live that I can recall!

They have a new Facebook page which is quite awesome and has been documenting some of their history.

RTRFM recently did a great history session on them too. You can stream that here.

I had never actually heard the Muddle LP until getting sent it by Dave Fallon and its great. Thanks Dave!

From 1994 this is the ‘Flounder’ EP.

And the 1995 LP ‘Muddle’.



For fans of that Swervedriver-esque 90’s shoegaze this is a must have.

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  1. pretty sure bucket had a guitarist who played left-handed, with the strings back-to-front as well.

    tried to email some stuff through to mail@perthmusicblog.com but got bounced. Let me know a contact!

    • email should be working now, i also mailed you directly with another address..!

  2. thanks so much for posting these links. been looking for these releases forever!

  3. Good on ya mate (Admin). Found heaps of vintage (Fark am I that old?) bands that I used to see with my mates live in the mid-90’s onwards. Bloody hey day of Perth before all the pubs went dance, techno and disco biscuits.
    But to confirm biznatch, yeah his name was Jeff West.
    He played a few gigs with Wilberforce after Bucket but ended up getting married and retired from gigging after a couple of shows. Last time I saw him play was at the bottom of His Majesty’s Theatre with aforementioned in the early 00’s. Also bassist from Bucket – Shane Bender played with Wilberforce for a while too. Both bloody good blokes. Anyway back to Jeff. Yep played left handed with Hendrix strings and I used to love watching the way he played. Just cruised around the stage looking like the coolest and most rhythmical guitarist I’d ever seen. If there was a guitarist I ever wanted to look like it was him…. Bloke could play and how he could get the harmonies with an upside down strung guitar still confounds me to this day.

    • My dad (Jay Sullivan) played drums in this band, back in tha day! Im like 16 and fully exploring this kind of music and stuff, really cool to see people that remember this band that i grew up listening to and learning about. Loved reading your comment Ricky! Hey check out my band Project Jurassic, we are about to do some recording this week actually…

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