One of Perths best punk/hardcore bands. Fronted by Simon Lee who sadly passed away in May 2008. Really makes me upset when I hear his

voice nowdays, but its amazing music all the same. Dion Waterman also deserves enourmous props for his tireless efforts promoting punkrock music

in Perth. Cheddar was on the drums and went on to play for Kerb.

This contains their EP ‘A Testament to the Superficial’, and their split EP with Beergoggles.


And here is an interview stolen from the ancient Australianpunk site. As it was on geocities back in the day I fear its archive will disappear one day, so I’m copying it here!

This interview was done with Dion Feeble (not his REAL surname!!), bassist from Perth punkers Boredumb, in November 1999.

How did your Melbourne trip go??
We thought the trip to Melbourne went really well considering we were virtually unknown by 99.9% of the crowds there. The whole point of the trip was to play support spots with bigger ” name ” bands which means more people would see us than if we just headlined the shows ourselves. Hopefully when we return on our own headline tour the people that liked us when they saw us opening for other bands will come see us again.

What bands impressed you over there?? Why??
I was blown away by a couple of bands we saw there.. Sommerset from New Zealand, just because of the passion and emotion the singer was showing. Ditto Mindsnare for their unbelievable energy and stage presence. A band that we played with that i also liked alot was Brave Face who were the quietest meekest most polite guys but played the most intense HC ala Sick of it All.. The Beer Goggles ruled too.

Do you think you were well received by the Melbourne crowd??
Yeah we were recieved pretty well over there. We didn’t get told to get the fuck off stage or anything..People kept saying to us how different we sounded to Melbourne bands cos over there its either Bodyjar styled pop punk or Mindsnare styled HC with no one really doing the melodic HC like we were..For a proper answer though you’d have to ask someone from Melbourne, as if we would tell you if they thought we sucked!!

What was your favourite venue and how do they compare to the venues in Perth??
The Arthouse was really good cos we were staying there and didn’t have far to go for shows!! Its also Melbournes ” Home of HC ” and was just a cool punker friendly place..Goo was cool too, a surreal stage set up with the bands playing in front of the big glass window with all the lasers and shit from the dance floor below going off behind you. Most of the band rooms there were alot smaller than the ones in Perth which made the gigs seem alot more intimate, with a crowd of 75 odd people in a small room you got a really good vibe.

Sell heaps of copies of No Cause For Alarm in Melbourne??
About 60 odd which was nice.. no one had really heard of us and they bought the CDs after hearing us play which means they must of thought we were okay.

Plans on going back soon or even venturing to Sydney??
Oh yeah, we want to get back as soon as we can. Hopefully we will be going to Adelaide early in the New Year to hook up with the Beer Goggles and then Melbourne again a few months after that. From what we have heard over east Sydney is a complete waste of time. Maybe one day though.

What were the highlights of the trip??
Geeez.. highlights… Meeting the TFB crew who were kind and giving to us like you wouldn’t believe, amps, drums, beer you name it they gave it to us.. Much props and respect to all of them. Other highlights were playing with a stack of cool bands, drawing on Campbell, giving Campbell nicotine poisoning and finding this rad curry place over the road from where we were staying.

How do you think your album launches went?? What about the turnout at them??
We were pleased with the turnouts, it was a pity that the CD wasn’t ready for the 18+ one though.. Oh well we kept in with a Perth tradition of not having your CD ready for the launch.

Happy with the way your album is selling??
Yeah, its selling at a steady rate. We’re just pleased that its selling at all. Seeing ballpoint and us one and two in the charts was cool as well.

How did your Guttermouth supports go, happy with your performances??
We thought we played one of our best shows at the 18+ gig.. we even played a brand new song with out stuffing up so that was cool. The all ages show was cool too but the kids din’t seem to into us. They just wanted Guttermouth no ifs or buts.

Shit Simon sure did have faith in the crowd at the front (at all ages) cause there weren’t many of them where he stage dived to??
I think he was actually jumping on them with the intent of hurting them cos they were just hanging over the railing like limp little fish.. I didn’t see how he landed i just saw kids scatter cos he scared the piss out of them..Maybe next time kiddies you’ll move around a little and Simon won’t have to attack you.

Where do you see the Perth scene at the moment?? How do you think it can be improved??
A few people do alot.. and a lot grumble about the state of the ” scene ” but don’t do much bar whinge or pat themselves on the back for paying 5 bucks to see a band.With more and more venues closing things are going to get worse if people don’t realise its DEEDS not WORDS that get things done. Band wise things are great, now we just need to create a network of other things that help live music to thrive, zines and e zines like yours, newsletters, mailing lists etc.. Thats what supporting the scene is not telling all and sundry how great you are just cos you go to shows.. Be proud of what we have and contribute, even if its in the smallest way like helping out with the door at shows. Just do something other than whinge.

Who comes up with lyrics and music or is a team effort??
Its a team effort, with Simon and i taking care of lyrics and Stu and Jim doing the music.. Cheddar than sets the tempo and the structure etc.. And then we argue for ages. Eventually we get a song.. At some stage however, all of us have written riffs and lyrics, we just don’t see the need to divide up each song. Everyone contributes something to every song that the others couldn’t so its a team effort all the way.

What are your lyrics mainly dealing with??
Mine usually deal with the general fucked up, selfish and shallow nature of our fellow humans and the results of our self centred views.. I’m not sure about Simons but i think his are along the same lines with social issues getting a decent look in as well..

Biggest achievement for the band??
Definitely our tour to Melbourne that we booked and finannced entirely ourselves.. DIY all the way. Playing with Guttermouth was pretty damn good as well.

Favourite release of 1999??
At this very moment my favourite releases for 99 would have to be : Sommerset/28 Days split, Ballpoint ” Magnetik, AFI ” Black Sails In The Sunset “, Toe To Toe ” Consolidated “, Good Riddance ” Operation Phoenix ” and Hot Water Music ” No Division ” nearly everything else i’ve bought has been older stuff i’ve been chasing down.

What would be your dream band(s) to support??
I like this question alot!! Here goes ( in no particular order ) AFI, Toe to Toe, NOFX, MYC ( reunited ), Throwdown, Boy Sets Fire, Shai Hulud, H20, Gorrilla Biscuits, The Vandals, Hot Water Music, Snapcase, Good Riddance, SNFU, Better than a Thousand ( also reunited ), Mindsnare, Bad Religion.. It would be a big festival and we would play first and then i would spend the rest of the day running around like a fool to my favourite bands.
That’d be the best festival ever, you’d probably die from running around so much Dion!!

Who do you think are the main forces on the local scene apart from Boredumb??
Clearly ballpoint, cos the CD sales don’t lie. Also gyroscope with the kiddies, ditto Love Camp 7, and PC Thug and No Wonder seem to have the numbers with the older crew.. Billings Method would be kings of the kids if they ever got of their arses too..

What’s happening in the Boredumb camp over summer??
Not a great deal bar alot of beer drinking and loafing by the pool. Hopefully heading to Adeliade to play with the Beer Goggles or them heading here.. Maybe try and drag ourselves into the studio to record another CD..? I dunno.

Any final words?? Stories to tell?? Gigs to plug??
Final words..hhhm? Stories? Campbell got sick but still went hard. Big shout out to the TFB crew, The Beer Goggles, Marty, Kelly, Bel, Carly and all in Melbourne who went so far out of their way to help us while we were in your fair city. Much props to you as well Adam for doing this page and giving smaller bands a chance to be heard and have a say. If more people did pages or zines like this the scene would be so much stronger… Thanks for doing this interview with us.. Later.. Dion Feeble..

Thanks to Dion for taking the time to do this interview with me.

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