Behind The 8 Ball

This post is courtesy of Bendog over at Westska the best place for all your Perth ska needs, but he seems to update the facebook more frequently.

Behind The 8 Ball were a pretty decent ska/punk band, the main difference between them and other bands playing that style of music was they actually had a horn section. I played with them a couple of times an really enjoyed their stuff.

Their bio here is quite in depth. They recorded an album called ‘A New Love For Summer’.

They have a myspace and some great photos here. 

Behind the 8 Ball rocked socks and inspired insubordination about Perth for 5 years. Formed during school days at Como High, the band went on to play a heap of shows and sell more than a few copies of their cd ‘A new love for summer’. Some of the highlights included drunken parties and school balls, cd launches and countless gigs at liscensed venues while underage. They don’t play any more, which sucks, but a few of the members have new ventures. Leonard MC’s and produces for his hip-hop outfit ‘The Anonymous’. Josh, Pete and Josh play for ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and have formed a new band, ‘Burning Fiction’. Thanks to everyone who helped with the good times, we hope you enjoy the leftovers!

For those into the Asian Man records kinda sound you will dig this.

Download ‘A New Love For Summer’ here.















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