Apartment 25 / 99

A big thankyou to Brett for these 2 tape rips. Seemingly impossible to come by, he has ripped a couple of recordings from his collection.

A brief rundown of their inner workings, again from Brett and a comment he left on my Plutonic Girl upload.

”Apartment 99 was Simone, Lily, and Todd.
Todd left and joined Turnstyle, leaving them with Apartment 25.
Carla joined and became Plutonic Girl.
Paul from Red Jezebel joined then left to go on tour with Jebediah instead.”

So here we have 2 tape rips in one zip file. The first is a single track promo of sorts called ‘The Art Of Conversation’, the second is their ‘This Is A Home Recording’ album.

Sadly the first few tracks from this are a little muffled due to coming off tape, but they get better as the album progresses. Side B is perfect.

Get them both here.









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  1. I never really liked these guys back in the day, but after downloading these I think I’ve mellowed. nice.

  2. I have a digital master of the Apartment 99 album. Does anyone want me to get permision from the others to upload it?
    AKA Todd Griffiths
    AKA DJ Grandmaster Casio
    AKA Toddy G
    AKA Todd Arthur

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