An unreleased Rothgar track.

It’s funny how the six degrees of separation can sometimes feel like 3 degrees, or even 2. Especially in Perth.

Long story short I was at visiting a friends place I’d not seen for many years. He puts me onto a work colleague who is on the phone. The gentleman on the phone tells me he loves this blog and he has an unreleased Rothgar track that nobody has ever heard before.

A month or two (or 5 years) passes and it surfaces in my inbox.

So here we have a track called ‘Unsaid’ by early 90’s Perth metal lords, Rothgar. Recorded sometime around late 1993 or early 1994, the track was laid down at the School of Audio Engineering when they were in East Perth. Paul Bell (Engineer and drummer from Baptism Of Hate) was present at the session and grabbed a copy on tape.

Rothgar – Unsaid. (click to download).

I have also put it on Youtube.



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