I found these in a second hand store in London of all places.

Ammonia 11th Avenue

Ammonia rocked. Definitely one of my favourite bands from W.A.

Heres their wiki entry :

And their myspace fanpage :

Click the album art to download.


Added Mint 400 finally. Click album cover below to get it.


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  1. yep. gimme a week and ill put it up. or you could buy a copy on ebay for 6 bucks with free postage.

  2. It’s so awesome to see other ppl talking about this forgotten gem of 90s music! Mint 400 was such an incredible album all around!

  3. Managed to find Mint 400 a couple of years ago at a garage sale, but never did get Eleventh Avenue. Thanks!

    Such a great band.

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