Air Ensemble

Rex Horan was in it along with members of Seahorse Radio. They were the ultimate jazz/funk/rock fusion band. I saw them like three times and it made me

question my desire to play an instrument as I was clearly not worthy.

I only have this record, I’m missing ‘The Message’ and would like it very much. UPDATE : Thanks to Senton we have this now too. GREAT!

Air Ensemble – The Message

Air Ensemble – Kardinya Lights


And heres some youtube videos of tracks from The Message :

And since then Rex has gone on to form Mamas Gun who are pretty incredible and have indeed become ‘big in japan’ :


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  1. Sadly the link to ‘The Message’ is just another link to ‘Kardinya Lights’.

    Have a great memory of seeing Air Ensemble play a cafe in Freo.
    Rex played while on the bar.

    That boy never could stand still.

  2. Awesome, thanks for this! Been trying to track down Kardinya Lights ever since someone borrowed it from my house & never brought it back! Man these guys rocked the show like no-one else quite has since. Remember an amazing gig at the bar above the Regal in Subi, they’d run out of songs, the crowed bayed for more & they just started jamming out with audience participation, still a highlight no matter who else I have seen.

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