Welcome! This blog is simply to share my collection of the music from Perth. Bands who may have been forgotten due to time and the fact they came from the most isolated city on earth.

I don’t tend to post anything you can buy in a store or anything from bands who are still gigging currently.

If you have any requests or anything to share (PLEASE!!) send us email here.

Or hit the facebook. We also have a twitter account and have been uploading periodically to a youtube account too.

If you download something please make a comment on the post. It gives us an idea that all the work going into this archive is for the right reasons. Hosting a collection like this falls within a grey area in terms of copyright/legality but we’ve never had a band ask for anything to be taken down to date.  It’s great when people share their thoughts and experiences on the fantastic music of Perth as we have by creating this site, so hit the comment box!

The site is now over 100 posts in length, so keep hitting ‘older entries’ down the bottom to find more and more Perth gems. Alternatively there is a search bar up the top.

Lastly – this site is designed to be used on a computer rather than your phone. The links to the music are generally compressed files such as .rar or .zip, and you will need to download these and extract them to enjoy the music. If you don’t know how to do that well you’re in luck, you made it this far so you’re already on the internet and you can look up how to do it 😉


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  1. Hey! we came across a post you did on our band idle55. it’s always heartwarming to know someone remembers/cares you exist! Em and I are still slogging away here in Melbs and working on our new album. Thanks for your post. Grant


  2. Hi,

    I am a fan of what i call shred music eg. Jeff Loomis, Jason Becker, Joey taffola, Rusty Cooley, John 5, Paul Gilbert, satch, vai etc… basically rock/metal songs that are pretty much a never ending guitar solo. I was just wondering if there were any bands like this in perth? if not why not?


  3. Hey Hey,

    Have you got any more Boredumb EP’s? The older ones? or Flip 5/0’s stuff?’

    Love your work


  4. wow trip down memory lane!
    me and my best friend use to go to all the local gigs… our faves were love camp 7, red jezabel, anodyne 500, adam said galore, beaverloop, eskimo joe, halogen, mach pelican, team jedi, the tigers, turnstyle, ammonia and penelope
    go perth!

  5. Great site, and a great flood of cool memories just coming back to me now. I used to hit up all the venues and see as many bands as I could each week (the same ones as Renee above). It was such a good time of my life.

  6. Thankyou so much for providing this awesome collection of local music. There are so many albums I wish I’d bought back in the day but always thought I’d get them ‘some day’. Unfortunately these albums don’t stay in print forever.

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