Left Nut – Pigs Arse

Right. Straight off the bat I am going to say I did not pay money for this. I’m ripping it as its so absolutely fucking bad it needs to be archived as one of those ‘wtf’ moments

of Perth music history. I saw this bands name around all the time in the mid to late 90’s. Almost unavoidable. I couldn’t work out if it was a serious band or not and never saw them live.

This recording sounds like it was performed by a year 9 school band, complete with awesome meandering pointless solos and some amazing 1 finger casio keyboard melodies throughout the songs.

Generally I can’t be arsed to photograph or scan cover art if I can’t find it online but in this case, I have.

Apparently they also won a WAMI because they drove around collection a large amount of copies of X Press and mailed in a stack of nominations, voting for for themselves. Genius.


Download this pile of crap here. It’s absolutely worth the 31 megs.

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Trench – Scarification

I almost didn’t rip this CD and post is simply because if you go into basically ANY Cash Converters in Perth you can buy a copy for a buck.

This is no mean feat seeing this record came out sometime around 1995.

The band flooded, and I mean FLOODED Cashies with their debut and perhaps only album with hundreds of copies over the years.

At one point there must have been 30 of them on the racks in the Osborne Park cashies and every other secondhand store within a 20km radius had a few as well. I went into the Mandurah store over xmas this year and they had 2 copies.

That aside this is a fairly decent 90s metal record, much in the vein of the first Allegiance album I guess. I never saw them play live that I recall but they shout the usual 90’s

metal bands from Perth in the liner notes such as SFD, Nebula, Downer, Grimoire, Choke etc.


Lead guitarist ‘Ershon’ was a year above me in high school and as far as I remember was about the most metal dude I’d ever seen by the time he was 15. Strangely this year at Churchlands High was also shared by Karl Smith from Thermos Cardy/Sodastream. You couldn’t get further apart musically if you tried.


Anyway here is the record ‘Scarification’. Enjoy.

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Yummy Fur – Fur’ther

Due to there being a Glaswegian band of the same name existing at almost the same time period its quite hard to find much online about Yummy Fur.

However, if you were going to shows in Perth in the 90’s I probably don’t need to write much about them as they were pretty

much unavoidable during that decade.

Here is their 1993 EP called ”Fur’ther”.


Whilst on a google loop I ran into this project which appears to include one of the previous members Jerome Maz : http://www.thesixtyone.com/sushalini/#/sushalini/

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Glimmer – Save It Til Starlight

Thanks to ‘d’ for the comment on this post. I’ve stolen it and now we have a write up about Glimmer.


Glimmer were quite important to the late 90′s scene in that the band had Kirsty and Rob who ran Halflight Records. The band always got a high number of other bands members rock up to watch them.
Halflight released Plutonic Girl’s ‘X ray Vision’, a couple of Red Jezebel EPs, Anodyne 500s ‘Treasureway’ and also the first record by Deloris (melbourne).
They also ran a recording studio that im sure many other bands rehearsed or recorded at. (i know Jebs rehearsed some of Someday Shambles there).
They got a bit of JJJ airplay with one song off this album and when JJJ decided to eventually do a live broadcast from WA i think it was all halflight bands that played live.
After changing drummers they changed there name to Braving the Seabed.

So yeah thats something about this band!

Glimmer – Save It Til Starlight

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Light The Fuse compilation – M16’s, Fourstroke, The Volcanics.

Light The Fuse is a great compilation from 2005 featuring 4 songs from Perth’s best Rock’n’Roll bands – The VolcanicsThe M-16’s and Fourstroke. Also features 3 covers of The Bamboos, The Victims and The Bakery. It came out on ‘Out Of The Loop Records’ who have released some hot records in their time but may well be asleep now.

I stole the little write up above from Devils Rumble blog which has some great treats for your ears.

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I love it when a band has a wikipedia entry I can steal from!

Sodastream were an Australian duo consisting of Karl Smith (vocals, guitar) and Pete Cohen (double bass, backing vocals).They have toured widely in Australia, US, Europe and Japanand have had national rotation on Triple J.

The band began in Perth in 1997,recording and releasing their debut EP Enjoy. In 1998 the band relocated to Melbournewhere they recorded and released their second EP Practical Footwear.

In 1999 Sodastream undertook their first tour of Europe including shows in Holland and England. The band then signed with UK label Tugboat Records. Later that year they returned to Europe to play the Crossing Border Festival.

The following year they recorded and released their first album, Looks Like a Russian, toured Europe again and had their first shows in Australia outside Perth and Melbourne.

In 2001 Sodastream recorded and released their follow-up album, The Hill For Company, undertook two national Australian tours and another tour of Europe.

This was then followed by another two tours of Europe in 2002 and 2003 including a live performance on Italian MTV, two national tours of Australia and the band’s first tour of Japan. 2003 also saw the recording and release of the band’s third album A Minor Revival.

In 2004 Sodastream undertook their first tour of the United States,with further tours of Europe and Australia. The following year saw the recording and the release of the EP Take Me With You When You Go and in 2006 the release of the album Reservations. This was followed by an extensive European tour.

The band announced their break-up on 18 February 2007. Their final show was at Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club on 2 March 2007.

Born from the ashes of  Thermos Cardy came Sodastream. A little too lo-fi and jangly for my own personal tastes at the time they achieved quite a lot

of notoriety outside the bleak confines of the Perth scene and attracted small yet passionate audiences  on their frequent international tours.

You can still buy their music in both cd and mp3 (via iTunes) from their official site here. A very in depth discography of their career exists here.

I’ve decided to put up 2 things from them, their first and their last releases. I guess it shows quite clearly their evolution as a group and Karl Smith even demonstrates

a rare exercise in distortion pedal on their 1997 debut ‘Enjoy’.


The EP ‘Practical Footwear’ from 1998 contains some awesome extra content including a video and some photos. These are below.

Sodastream – Neon

Their Youtube channel has some other videos here

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Team Jedi

A mainstay of the Perth indie pop scene through the 90’s and 00’s was Team Jedi.  They released several EP’s and one LP through their 9 year lifespan before calling it quits in 2004,  strangely not long after the release of their debut LP , ‘Good Morning Last Night’.

Whats left of their offical website is here, and a super cute and very 90’s angelfire/geocities fan page is left here.

Here is three of their releases.

Good Morning Last Night ultrakeen

You can hear drummer Kris Dimitrof singing backing vocals on the new Umpire single.  He also fronts the band Russian Winters who have a record due in September 2011.

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Crippled Children on Youtube.

Jason Driver, vocalist from the long gone 90s punkrock favourites The Crippled Children has recently started uploading some very rare gems from his past onto Youtube.
I’ve got some recordings on the site already but alot are incomplete.

Check his Youtube profile for some goodness!


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Party Fears Zine

I found this bookmarked tonight and thought I’d share it.

According to the author  – “Party Fears was a Perth indie rock fanzine that ran from December 1985 to March 1993. Award-winning, no less. I thought it would be nice to put copies up on the Web for posterior’s sake*.”

I’ve had a flick through some of them and they’re awesome. Complete with old club ads from long gone venues such as The Red Parrot (James St / O2 / Rise), and Meccanos upstairs at the Old Melbourne. Way oldschool.

Find it here : http://davidgerard.co.uk/pf/

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More from AL @ Begerk

Members: Luke Marinavich – Vocals and Guitar, Jamie Hamilton – Drums, and Conor Cairns – Bass.

This is 8 songs recorded in 1998 at Dream Rehearsal Rooms by me when Bergerk! was a mobile studio. These guys played dirty distorted rock and I’m pretty sure these songs were never released. Connor left the band pretty soon after this recording and I’m not sure if they found another bass player or not. Luke went on to form Jed Whitey and Jamie went on to drum with Outstation, two amazing rock bands.

I’ve given these songs a good re-mastering so check them out.


Get it here.

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no wonder

One of Perths best pop/punk bands. Here is their release ‘Midget Au Go-Go’.


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Non Intentional Lifeform was born out of the ashes of Botticellis Angels and Rothgar. They relocated to Melbourne so I guess you could question why they’re in this blog. Whatever. They were a strong act and had a hit with the single ‘Living Or Existing’, from the Uisce LP. From what I gather the entire band left to do other things (personality clash perhaps) and Declan Barry continued on with a whole new lineup.

You can say hi to Declan on myspace here.

Heres their 1997 LP Uisce.

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manic finster

This is their album ‘Spread’ ripped from tape.

Thanks again to Biznatch for this.

Get it here.

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This was a band that rose from the ashes of ska/punk ‘Not In Use’. Louise (of SHIP TO SHORE fame!!) went one way and it seems the guys went the other, forming the thoroughly awesome ‘Ballpoint’.

I don’t know what to make of this EP. Around this time I was right into my ska/punk and this just didn’t hit a chord with me.

Anyway here we go : Lowdown – The Green EP


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Kerb were awesome. Probably what could have been one of Perths biggest punkrock exports of the time…but sadly never were.

Rumour had it they were offered a major label deal and some of the members decided to pursue religious interests instead. I remember they were very church oriented guys, some of them got married real young and they played constantly at church gigs. I used to whinge that it was impossible to actually catch them in a pub and their gigs were few and far between.

They had a lineup change and last I heard Cheddar from Boredumb was on the skins.

Here is their 1999 LP.. Like girls, it’s rad.

Kerb – Nobody Here But Us Walruses.




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grim fandango

Seem to be quite prolific still. http://www.myspace.com/grimfandangomusic

Heres their demo.

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I know nothing about this band however their myspace may well tell you things!


Fondula – Our Gardens At Night Time

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flashing tablet

I first remember seeing this band at the campus bands competition, maybe 1997? They were up against Freuds Pillow and other bands I don’t recall. Freuds apparently ‘won’ the round, but pretty much everyone in the crowd thought this was bullshit and went off on the judges demanding FT got a wildcard into the finals. The finals was another eventful night at the Planet which I was also at. I really liked this band and they rocked the shit out of Planet that night. I have no idea who won. Team Jedi maybe?

Anyway, Carl from Flashing Tablet was kind enough to get in touch with us.

My first band was Violet Slide (circa 92/93) which most people have forgotten (I wish I could forget) but we played many gigs supporting The Rainyard.

The other band was Flashing Tablet who garnered a certain degree of notice and notoriety in the mid 90′s to late 90′s.

FT released a CD called ‘Venus Casino’ in 199….7 I think it was….
Here’s some links to FT related stuff that still exists on the web …..to jog the memory…it jogged mine!





Cheers and keep up the fine work

Carl P
Ex Flashing Tablet


Flashing Tablet – Venus Casino

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Terrible name aside, I liked this band. Their song ‘Anky Fremp’ is awesome.

It appears lead singer Luke Bostelman is a high school teacher now based on the comments.

Here is 3 of their releases.  ‘Spadework’ from 1995, ‘Small Town Big Chip’ from 1997 and ‘Mud and Five Ways To Serve It’ from 1998. Click any of the covers below to download.

They also released a posthumous compilation entitled ‘Urgency Factor‘ in 2006 on Deep Elm Records. It is essentially all of their 2nd EP and a couple of tracks from their 3rd.


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Heres their 5 track EP. Thanks to Biznatch for the tape rip.

Also thanks to Senton here is their LP ‘Radioactive Theme Park’.


Heres some info added by Devo:

dystonia were a killer 3 piece. members were andy and 2 others that i cant remember names :( it will come to me. i skated in one of their film clips in perth city. they closed off king street carpark and we chased a guy dressed as a monkey (singh) who had a briefcase of banana’s. then went to forrest chase from memory.

Also the 3 from dystonia made up the band behind Domination Theory.

Thanks to Devo for sharing this!

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