I don’t know anything about this band. Feel free to send me something to put here if you do.

Here is a 5 track self titled EP. Dirtbag – Dirtbag.

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  1. just stumbled on this site looking for some Thermos Cardy lyrics.

    Anyway I liked Dirtbag. The two Heng brothers studied hard and have smart jobs somewhere or other. I have an album somewhere if you are interested – pretty sure it’s in my itunes somewhere. “In the belly of a pelican, there’s a man with a shotgun” is a lyric comes to mind, and a song “Silly people in my silly brain.” Hollywood SHS product… weren’t they all?

  2. Hey there. Woke up this morning with some of their songs in my head. I only had the EP on cassette tape, if anyone still has a cd copy or digital cope I’d love to get my hands on it. Cheers

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