44.1 Complilation

This was a collaborative effort between Invurt and Hardline Recordings.

Featuring 13 tracks from Perth electronic music producers it covered styles ranging from Hardcore to Jungle, Gabber, Trance and Drum and Bass.

Producers on the CD were Facter, Animal Intelligence, Radium, Kynac, Hutcho, Karnage (RIP), Spec 700, Static, Violation (Petar Ceklic from Teknoscape), Illicit, Switch, Rhythm and Bard.

From what I can remember, Facter ran a very early web radio station which was known as Invurt. Fairly pioneering stuff for the late 90’s. They occasionally broadcast out of The Windsor Hotel in South Perth. Come to think of it I think I did some shows on it too! There was a CD launch for this album at the long gone nightclub ‘Fire and Ice’ on William Street.

Anyway Invurt still exists, but as a ‘an online webzine focusing on Australasian urban, street, underground, low brow and other new genre challenged contemporary art.’

Here is the compilation.

back cover inside

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