3 Orange Whips

If I was ever faced with the dilemma of having to choose 1 single solitary CD from the history of Perth music that I was allowed to keep and had to bin the rest, it would be

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by 3 Orange Whips. It’s a riff heavy excursion into balls out rock and roll and it pretty much takes me straight back to any of their countless live shows I was lucky enough to witness. Dan Durack was the penultimate flailing wild frontman unafraid to be completely and absolutely himself even to the most uninterested audiences. Besty was always a sea of teeth and hair and seemed to be loving every moment. Graeame was quite bloody strange, yet loveable and reminded me of early 80s Donald Duck Dunn minus the pipe and afro. James was the meanest shortest elfman to ever wield a Gibson SG.

Perthsounds  has a really good recount of their time in the Perth scene, so much so that I think you should just read that.

Then watch The Whips as they play a horrendous lunchtime show to the little bastards that made up Esperance SHS that year,  no doubt who all went on to become habitual breeders and facebook status updaters. Honestly if you’ve ever been in a band that got sucked into doing a WAMI highschool appearance you will cringe along with me, this is painful. Credit to Music Is Crap.

Anyway I love this record and I loved this band.

Click here to download Three Orange Whips – Ladies and Gentleman 

And thanks to big site contributor Andris here is some more recordings.

Three Orange Whips – It’s Mirrorballs

Three Orange Whips – Keep It Unreal






And you can hear the soothing sounds of Dan Durack belting it out in London with his band ‘Thee Savage Kicks’.

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  1. No sooner uploaded by you as downloaded by me. Thanks for this fantastic resource. I’m in Chiang Rai, Thailand, these days and I’ve just downloaded 26 recordings from this site, with another 3 coming my way as I type. Cheers!

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